Mid-South Wrestling TV #161 October 9th 1982 – Build for JYD & Olympia vs. DiBiase & Duggan Heats Up.

Mid-South Wrestling (TV #161)

October 9th 1982

Irish McNeil Boys Club: Shreveport, LA.



Bob Roop was back as our special guest colour commentator this week and after running down the show, Boyd Pierce said Roop had just returned from a vacation in Ohio and Michigan then asked what his plans were for the future. Roop noted he had actually been on two vacations and said after a gruelling year competing in Mid-South he went to relax in the Colorado Rocky Mountains for a couple of weeks. Roop stated that being a professional wrestler he was self employed and made enough money to take vacations anywhere in the world whenever he wanted. He added that he also visited his mother in Michigan for a couple of weeks, but told Boyd he would not reveal his plans and said that everyone would have to wait and see when he would return to the ring. Boyd talked about the Ted DiBiase vs. Mr Wrestling II match from last week that went off the air without a finish and he threw to the rest of the match that we didn’t get to see.


Non-Title: Ted DiBiase (North American Heavyweight Champion) vs. Mr Wrestling II (Cont. from last week).Two over in 3:16 (JIP). They picked up just before the show ended then after about 30 seconds Bill Watts said that they were not on the air anymore, but producer Oral Link made sure that the cameras were still rolling. Hacksaw Duggan hit the ring and he helped DiBiase beat down Two. Wrestling II managed to make his own comeback and fought off both heels by dividing and conquering with a bunch of Knee Lifts. Two sent Duggan to the floor then drilled DiBiase with what must have been the fifth or sixth Knee Lift and got the pin. The fans jumped up and down for joy and as the heels scurried off to the back. Watts yelled, “Look at ’em! They’ve been whipped!” – It should be noted that this match did not have a no DQ stip, so all the interference made little sense. Still, the fans were overjoyed when Wrestling II fought off both heels and pinned the North American champion.




Back at the desk. Roop said that DiBiase had himself well covered with a “contingency plan,” but he put over Mr Wrestling II for being able to overcome the odds and said that Two was “double tough.” After a break, Boyd talked about the Skandor Akbar/Buck Robley match from last week and said that the Mongolian Stomper burst on to the scene as the newest member of Akbar’s Army. They showed Stomper’s debut on last week’s show when he took out Robley with the Shinni nu Maki and beat up all the geek babyfaces.


The Mongolian Stomper w/Skandor Akbar vs. Mike Bond. – Stomper over in 2:47. Roop said that the rumour going around the locker room was that Akbar had paid the biggest fee in history to buy the Stomper’s contract from Don Carson. The heel managers’ black market strikes again! Stomper utterly destroyed Bond and did exactly one move, a Body Slam, before getting the win with the Shinni nu Maki; the rest of the match was punches, chops, kicks, and of course, stomps. – Stomper looked good here, however Bond wasn’t really the best choice of opponent. Someone with a little more experience like Jesse Barr would have done a much better job at making the Stomper look like a killer.




Buck Robley vs. The Grappler #2. – Robley over in 5:27. Mike Sharpe & Mr Wrestling II showed up at ringside and Boyd explained that they were there to make sure the Grappler didn’t interfere. The Grappler showed up but kept his distance from ringside; Sharpe & Two kept their eye on him the whole time. Match was no good. Most notable thing was Robley doing an old-school Flying Headscissors which he owed entirely to Grappler #2 for executing. Grappler #2 also worked hard to make Robley look strong and took some great exaggerated bumps. Finish saw Robley win with the Sleeper. – Tony Anthony gets more impressive each week under the Grappler #2 hood and he worked hard to make the limited Robley look good.


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Ted DiBiase (North American Heavyweight Champion) & “Hacksaw” Duggan vs. Dick Murdoch & “Iron” Mike Sharpe (Louisiana Heavyweight Champion). – DiBiase & Duggan over in 7:47. Roop put over Mid-South for actually putting their stars against each other on TV unlike other territories. Roop also told a story about some yahoo in a “honky tonk club” calling Murdoch a coward and insulting pro wrestling; he said that Murdoch sent the guy to the hospital, which I can completely believe. Murdoch had his working boots on and performed the early drop-down/tackle spots with DiBiase at an impressive speed then hit a nice Flying Headscissors. Murdoch sold briefly for the false heat then came back with a Sunset Flip on DiBiase before tagging out. Sharpe did some stuff and moved around like Frankenstein. The heels worked him over for the heat then Murdoch came back in and was awesome. DiBiase went for an Axe-handle off the top, which was of course illegal, but Murdoch cut him off in mid-air with a big uppercut. Finish saw it break down with everyone fighting in the ring. Sharpe went for a Piledriver on DiBiase but Duggan caught him with his flying NFL headbutt. Murdoch brawled with Duggan to the floor then DiBiase loaded up his black glove of doom and KO’d Sharpe to get the win. – Solid TV match. Sharpe was the weak link, however everything he did was over with the fans. The story of Murdoch trying to teach his former protégée, DiBiase, a lesson continues.




Kamala w/Friday vs. Vinnie Romeo. – Kamala over in 1:14. Kamala made his full entrance and Friday prepared him for battle. Kamala no-sold a pair of Dropkicks, slapped his belly a bunch of times and won with a Splash.


Non-Title: JYD & Mr Olympia (Mid-South Tag Team Champions) vs. Kelly Kiniski & Bob Stabler. – JYD & Olympia over in 1:41. Total enhancement win for the Tag champs. Kiniski performed one sequence with Olympia before tagging out, but he at least looked competent. I don’t know where they found this Bob Stabler guy, but he was beyond hopeless and could barely run the ropes. JYD quickly pinned him with the Thump to avoid any further embarrassment.




Jesse Barr vs. Tim Horner. – TV Time Limit Draw at 4:32. This was essentially the Mid-South equivalent of a New Japan Young Lions match. The young babyfaces traded basic holds and went back and forth until the time limit expired. Boyd Pierce hyped the big Superdome show on Thanksgiving night and also put over next week’s show with the “fine Latin star” Chavo Guerrero. Boyd also noted that in two weeks it would be DiBiase & Duggan challenging JYD & Mr Olympia for the Tag Team titles and said that “they” are trying to get a loser of the fall must leave Mid-South for 60 days stipulation added, although it had not been made official yet.


This wasn’t the most exciting Mid-South TV show, however the booking was as solid as ever. The Mongolian Stomper & Kamala looked like killer savages. Mr Wrestling II not only pinned the North American champion, but his issue with the Grapplers was kept alive during the Buck Robley match. DiBiase & Duggan got a big win before challenging for the Tag titles in two weeks, plus they managed to not give away too much of Murdoch & DiBiase during the tag match. JYD & Olympia were the dominant champions and killed two jobbers heading into their title defence. Overall, it was an enjoyable and easy show to watch.



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