Cubed Circle Newsletter 239: Tournaments Everywhere, ROH Best in the World, Ricochet & Much More!

Cubed Circle Newsletter – Too Many Tournaments


After all of the “hiatus” discussion over the past couple of months, it seems as though our non-hiatus newsletters have been later than ever. This week’s delay was primarily due to our legendary technical difficulties – only this set of technical mishaps occurred in the muscles of my back, and not on the servers hosting the website, or my desktop computer.


Thankfully, things have improved somewhat, and so we are back this week covering all of the news from this week and last including ROH’s ‘Best in the World’ pay-per-view with an all out Corino/Whitmer blood-bath, Ricochet’s contract situation, tons of upcoming tournament news related to the G1 Climax, Cruiserweight Classic, and Super J Cup, plus Paige’s arrest non-story (spoiler: she wasn’t arrested), Punk’s UFC fight, and tons more!


Ryan Clingman, Cubed Circle Newsletter Editor




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