Cubed Circle Newsletter 232: WWE Payback, RAW, Dontaku, All of the News & More!

Cubed Circle Newsletter – It Lives!


Amazingly, after nearly five years of the newsletter it was not the CCN curse of technical difficulties that brought the publication down for two weeks, nor was it something altogether catastrophic or tragic (well, I suppose this is perspective dependent). No, what brought the newsletter down for a near unprecedented two weeks was a multiple choice test, but not just any multiple choice test mind you – the second MATH II major multiple choice test. However, we (and by “we” I actually mean our fearless captain, Captain Ben) are back with another regular issue of the newsletter covering all of the week’s biggest news stories, and some not so big, as well as RAW and WWE’s Payback pay-per-view with AJ Styles challenging Roman Reigns.




Whilst the Pro-Wres Digest and reviews form the backbone of the newsletter, I am sad to say that I haven’t been contributing as much as I would like opinion-piece wise. This is unfortunate, however, looming exams and constant tests, much like last year, have left me with time insufficient for the next several weeks. We have some fun things planned for the June holidays in a month, however, and upon my full return to writing I plan to cover the last two or so months worth of pro-graps in but a week or two. We also have some new (hopefully) weekly columns planned coupled with some new guest content over the next few weeks/months, and yes, perhaps even a review of the new outrageous Hot Dad album, ‘Wrestle’.

As always, thanks for reading everyone – have a great week!


– Ryan Clingman, Cubed Circle Newsletter Editor

This week’s content:

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