Where is the Newsletter? – The October Update

This post has taken far longer to write and publish than I would have liked. Over the past few months the Cubed Circle Newsletter has gone from a weekly publication with a (kayfabe) streak of approximately 230 consecutive weeks of publication, to a sporadic mess of compilation issues, a dozen or so missed issues, and very little if any in the way of official communication as to the reasons behind this major lull after close to five years of relative consistency.


The reasons for this delay in communication and content creation are numerous. The most significant factor in my disappearance, along with the newsletter, has been course load. In short, second year second semester work has been piling up, leading not only to a huge academic backlog, but a disturbingly large pro-wres one too. My backlog is no longer composed of but the standard PWG, BASARA, GUTS World, Big Japan, CMLL, REV PRO, PROGRESS, and EVOLVE matches of years prior, but also various “major” events such as the entire G1 Climax and CWC, for instance.


Ryota Hama & Daisuke Sekimoto Best Freinds

Clearly a backlog of this magnitude has placed me in a position incapable of writing substantially about day-to-day pro-wrestling events – at least as far as actual wrestling is concerned. But even beyond this consideration, the act of writing itself has silently vanished from my weekly routine – simply due to real world necessity. And the sadistic sting of this year moves deeper still, as, by all accounts, global wrestling has been fantastic in 2016. Not only that, but there has been a great deal to write about opinion wise. CM Punk fought for the first time and lost in brutal fashion – a fight whose build and aftermath made for one of the most fascinating pro-wrestling related stories I have engaged with in years. I went on an British holiday and saw PROGRESS 35 live – a show that, with absolutely no sense of hyperbole what so ever, was the greatest live wrestling event that I have been to by several orders of magnitude. This is without the brand split, TNA drama, and a myriad of other topical points.


Unable to write much about these topics — other than a banter-rific quip on Twitter every few days — has been frustrating. Not updating you, the readership, has been worse. Frustration only harshened by the fact that, content wise, first quarter 2016 may have very well been our best.


On no site have I stated this before, but I started cubedcirclewrestling.com when I was 15 years old. I started our blogspot site when I was 14. It has been five years — hundreds of Saturdays spent worrying over completing a newsletter, which, in our formative years at least, was only read by a dozen or so people – if that. The site grew (very) slowly from there, Ben came on board early, and the ship has run (in all honesty) surprisingly well for years. This is even with the once shared hell of typing RAW notes for three excruciating, unforgiving, draining hours. Or technical difficulties that have plagued the site since its launch. It is because of this continued growth that halting the newsletter for months has been so anxiety provoking.


Of course, from the above you may get the impression that the site is bound to close, or that it has been cold for months, but this simply isn’t the case.


Between the publication of the last newsletter – issue 241 on August 2nd – and this announcement, Ben has been hard at work with content production for the site. The Pro-Wres Digest is the very best pro-wrestling news summary around – a statement which I can support with personal experience. Realistically, it has been that column that has helped the site stay alive and on the scene more than anything else this year.


The best possible ending to what was intended to be a brief disclaimer on the sites main page, would have been to announce measures to begin a new consistent, long-running release cycle, or that the factors causing these delays have been dealt with. Unfortunately, this is far from the case. Unfortunately, for the time being – a time scale of 1.5 months or so – the output from the newsletter will continue to be slow, if not, in the case of the newsletter itself, completely idle.


Before full coverage on my part can continue I would like to look back several weeks to CM Punk and to PROGRESS 35, because these honestly seem like events still worth revisiting, and are still relevant to the present and future of pro-wrestling. I would also like to get back on the Mixed Bag horse, and by God how much work that poor horse still needs to do. However, these processes may only occur gradually, as, at the same time I will make a conceited effort to clear away what has felt like a months long shackle – my academic backlog.


I don’t have an exact time-frame for the relaunch of the newsletter. It will be several weeks at the very least. However, in the interim, one of the newsletters most significant components – the Pro-Wres Digest – will be available on the site together with Ben’s Mid-South TV reviews.


What I can see with very little in the way of uncertainty is that we will be back with the full project. We haven’t disappeared, and the streak may very well be reborn in but a month and a half or so. We will also have announcements regarding the 2016 Yearbook within the next one or two months, which is something definitely worth looking out for – the 2015 edition may very well be the best single thing the website has ever produced.


Thanks for reading everyone.


Awesome image is courtesy the great @allan_cheapshot!

Awesome image is courtesy the great @allan_cheapshot!

See you (cyber-space) wrestling fan.

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