Friends of the Newsletter

Yearbook Contributors

Alan Counihan

  • Dr. Keith Presents Podcast – One of the most positive and elective pro-wres podcasts around available exclusively at
  • Greatest Wrestler Ever Project – Alan writes periodic updates for, detailing his pro-wres viewing for Pro-Wrestling Only’s Greatest Wrestler Ever Project
  • Fighting Spirit Magazine – Alan contributes frequently to FSM, the UK’s premier newsstand wrestling magazine (also available digitally with more information available at
  • wXw English Commentary – Apart from his podcast and writing related work, Alan is also a member of the official wXw English announce team, with the English edition of Shotgun available at

Andrew Pugh

  • Twitter – Andrew pro-wrestling, sports and general musings can be found on his highly active Twitter account, @Angry216.

Ben Carass

  • Cubed Circle Newsletter – As co-author of the Cubed Circle Newsletter, Ben contributes weekly news summaries, reviews, and more right here at

Bev Garth

  • Bev was unable to contribute to this year’s yearbook, but contributed some great Yosuke Santa Maria and emoji infused writing to last year’s yearbook. You can follow Bev on Twitter @BevGarth!

Bill Thompson

  • Blue Thunder Driver – At The Blue Thunder Driver Blog (Match After Match), Bill writes about great matches. 
  • Tag Rope Magazine – The Tag Rope Magazine is quite simply one of the very best sources, both in-print and online, for long-form wrestling-related writing. You can read some of their stellar content, including some of Bill’s contributions, and find out how to get yourself a print copy, over at
  • Wrestling with Words – Bill regularly writes for one of the very best review and opinion blog and podcast networks on the internet, Wrestling with Words. He is currently writing his way through the DVDVR 1001 matches list! 

Bryan Rose

  • Fire Pro Podcast – Bryan is a cohost of the fun-loving, banter-filled, Fire Pro Podcast, now on the Wrestling with Words Network. 

Chris “Mookie Ghana” Harrington


  • Lucha Blog – The most up-to-date, extensive, and well-respected English language lucha libre news site in the world. 

Daryl Surat

  • Anime World Order Podcast – For the past decade the AWO podcast has delved deep into both modern and classic anime and manga, major industry news, and much more, producing hundreds of hours of highly entertaining (and ever-green) audio available at
  • Channel of Doom — Join Daryl and others at the Channel of Doom as they watch an assortment of matches from numerous decades, countries, and promotions every week, live or on demand at
  • Otaku USA – Daryl is a long-time writer for anime, manga, and Japanese pop-culture magazine, Otaku USA. You can find his web contributions and learn more about the publication at

Dean Knickerbocker

  • Twitter – Dean co-edited the 2011 and 2012 DKP Annuals alongside Alan4L. He also provided infographics of all sorts for the 2014 Year Book, from Tomoaki Honma’s Kokeshi hit-miss ratio to the RAW ratings line graph. You can follow Dean on Twitter @dknick, where you will find his thoughts on pro-wres, football (soccer), and more. Lover of Don Fuji and Genichiro Tenryu!

Dylan Hales

  • Twitter – Dylan is a freelance writer and wrestling pundit who tweets frequently @DylanWaco.
  • Wrestling Culture Podcast – Listen to Dylan Hales and Dave Musgrave discuss everything from the careers of Ken Patera, Andre the Giant, John Cena, and Bob Backlund, to the Wrestling Observer Awards, Hall of Fame, The History of WWE Developmental, and wrestling’s wackiest gimmicks, in one of wrestling’s most thought provoking podcasts.

Jamie O’Doherty

  • DramaticDDT – There isn’t an English language DDT-related site better than JamieOD’s

Joe Gagne

  • Fun Time Arcade – Joe Gagne’s Fun Time Pro-Wrestling Arcade sees Joe review pro-wrestling video games from Pro-Wrestling on the NES to Legends of Wrestling on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in what has become a beloved YouTube series. 
  • Joe vs. the World – Joe has his own podcast, Joe vs. the World, with co-host Justin Shapiro over at, where they have been, over recent years, talking their way through WWF 1992 and on-wards, year by year.
  • Weekly Podmass – As he alluded to in his Podcast Year in Review, Joe provides a weekly roundup of major pro-wrestling podcasts in The Weekly Podmass over at

Ryan Clingman

  • Cubed Circle Newsletter – Ryan is the editor of the Cubed Circle Newsletter, and contributes reviews and columns every week right here at