Cubed Circle Newsletter Yearbook 2014

It’s Here – The Cubed Circle Newsletter Yearbook 2014!

We almost always offer a text-based version of the newsletter, however, with the amount of image-based and pre-formatted content in this yearbook, a text-based version simply wouldn’t do the publication justice, nor would it be a very pleasant formatting or viewing experience. 

Cubed Circle Wrestling Yearbook 2014


2014 was a unique year for pro-wrestling, one that will undoubtedly be viewed as historically significant in years to follow. Whether it is to be reflected upon positively or negatively is not only highly subjective, but also context-specific with major occurrences transpiring across the pro-wrestling world over the last 12 months, each with its own strong, and at times far reaching, consequences. The WWE launched its much awaited Network, New Japan continued to expand, CMLL booked lucha’s biggest match in well over a decade, culminating in the country’s first million dollar gate, TNA teetered more precariously on the brink of death than perhaps ever before, Daniel Bryan won the WWE’s top prize, Dragon Gate and DDT saw continued success before their loyal niche audiences, Alberto Del Rio and CM Punk departed the WWE with one ending up in the most unexpected of places, a developing and divergent style produced some of the best indie matches of the year, the European scene flourished, the Shield disbanded, Batista returned, Daniel Bryan relinquished his championship, and the Undertaker’s streak came to an unexpected and dramatic end. These are but some of the happenings, which made 2014 the year that it was, and it is in this year-book that we look to not only recap all of these events and more, but also contemplate their relevance to the greater pro-wrestling landscape, both for 2015 and beyond


It should be stated that this year-book was inspired by the DKP Annuals that were released in 2011 and 2012, in fact, it was the absence of a 2013 annual that inspired us to produce a year-book for 2014. Whilst this is by no means a DKP Annual 2014, perhaps some may consider it a spiritual successor of sorts.



– Cubed Circle Newsletter Editor, Ryan Clingman



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