Cubed Circle Newsletter Issue #53: Bound for Glory 2012, Glory By Honor XI, First Impact After BFG + So Much More!

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Cubed Circle Newsletter


This week’s newsletter seems to be the Issue of Glory as we are reviewing both Bound for Glory  2012 and Glory by Honor XI, then we cover RAW, The first post Bound for Glory Impact, The RAW Rating and Ben Carass reviews SmackDown and NXT.


Unfortunately there will be no Junk Yard Dog book review this week, as I had to go to hospital before press time and there really was no time for it. However, I will probably still be reviewing the book, only it will be the week after next.


I have pretty much made up my mind on what I want to do with the results from the survey and some big changes to the newsletter and site are coming up in late November. However, if you still want to contribute to the site by filling in the biannual survey you can still do so at or simply


Ryan Clingman


ROH Glory By Honor Honor XI: The Unbreakable Hope October 13th 2012

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada


Overall Thoughts


This title of this pay-per-view was extremely apropos, the Undying Hope, that was what this show was. ROH needed to pull off a great show (with no technical issues), they needed it for pay-per-view business, they needed it for moral and they needed it for their public image. And they did it; they pulled off their best show of the year when they needed it most. We had three great matches on the show, two of which will probably fall within the top 15 matches of the year. The mainevent was great and the angle at the end was a perfect way to close the show off. They ended the pay-per-view on an upswing as – much like the New Japan pay-per-view from earlier this month – we know what direction they are going in for Final Battle. Lethal will challenge Steen, Generico is set to return (if the contract situation works out),Elginwill face Strong and then they will have a good undercard.


The New Japan pay-per-view was a freak show in the sense that no other show this year will come close to topping it in terms of quality, but this show is a good second. Definitely order the replay and give this show a shot. Look at it this way, there was no Nigel McGuiness on the New Japan iPPV.


1. The Bravado Brothers vs. Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander


Kelly and Nigel talked about how the Bravados trained in the NOAH dojo.Harlemlanded some chops following a dropkick, but Alexander was able to land a head scissors and made the tag to Coleman. Coleman came in with a senton for an elbow combo for two. Alexander and Coleman landed a double team bearhug leg lariat clothesline. Alexander was distracted by Lancelot and was taken off of the apron allowing for the backbreaker fromHarlemfor two. The Bravados landed tandem elbows and tagged in and out.Harlemlanded a vertical suplex and locked in a body scissors. Alexander landed some elbows, but was cut off byHarlemwho landed a back suplex. Alexander fought out of the heel corner, but he was bridged to the outside by Lancelot Bravado. He landed a bodyslam on the outside and continued to wear Alexander down. Lancelot locked in a surfboard and chinlock combo.Harlemwas tagged back in and missed a double team splash in the corner. He finally made the tag to Coleman and he ran wild. Harlem went for a tornado DDT and Coleman landed rolling northern lights suplexes culminating in a double suplex onHarlemand Lancelot! Coleman went for a topé, he was elbowed, but Alexander landed a topé con giro on Lancelot.Harlemthen landed a Moonsault onto both men from the top rope. Coleman followed this with a pescado. Coleman got a cover onHarlemfor two and missed a corner dropkick.Harlemthen landed an unprettier for two. Lancelot landed a knee and backbreaker out of the corner for another nearfall. Lancelot then landed a huge lariat on Coleman for two. Coleman landed a springboard crossbody and made the tag to Alexander who landed a flurry of elbows and a springboard enzuigiri for two. Coleman got Lancelot up for a double foot stomp fireman’s carry slam backcracker combo for two again. Lancelot landed a big lariat andHarlemlanded a highkick.Harlemthen landed an assisted senton for two.Harlemlanded a big boot on Coleman and Lancelot landed a bridging German suplex for two. Lancelot was bridged to the outside and they landed total elimination onHarlem. Coleman then landed a strange vertical leap into a frankensteiner and Alexander landed a frogsplash for the win. This was a very good opening tag match. There may have been too many nearfalls, but it was still really good and the finish with the rope bridge made sense.



2. Mike Bennett vs. Mike Mondo


There was a backstage segment with Mike Mondo kissing Maria after she complained about how unhygienic he was. Bennett slapped Mondo and Mondo responded by landing a few strikes in the corner. Mondo landed some shots on the ground and Maria went to slap Mondo, but Bennett went after him and he slid under the ring. Mondo slid out from the other side of the ring and ran full sleep into Bennett. Mondo went for a topé con giro off of the apron, but Bennett countered it into a powerslam. Bennett then sent Mondo back first into the barricade and Mondo sold the knee. Bennett followed it up with a spear on the outside. Bennett wore Mondo down in the corner and both men battled on the top turnbuckle. Mondo got the better of the exchange, but Bennett landed an elbow and knocked Mondo down to the outside. Bennett rammed Mondo into the barricade, but Mondo threw him into the post. Bennett then landed a spine buster on the ring apron. Bennett locked in a sleeper, but Mondo fought out with a leg sweep and both men collided with crossbodies. Mondo landed some elbows on the ramp area, Bennett went for a powerbomb, but Mondo landed a back bodydrop. Mondo threw Bennett from barricade to barricade and slid back into the ring. Mondo perched the referee up on the top rope and didn’t want him to count Bennett out. Mondo went to hang Bennett up crotch first on the barricade, but he slipped and fell onto the other side. The barricade toppled over and Mondo then began to climb the steel struts on the entrance way and landed a splash from the top. He kind of jumped standing onto a standing Bennett, but the crowd really reacted to it. Bennett and Mondo then crawled to the ring at the same time and Mondo threw Bennett in and made it in himself. Maria distracted Mondo, they flirted, Bennett almost ran into Maria, Mondo got an ‘O Connor roll, but Maria slapped Mondo and Bennett landed the TKO for the win. A perfectly fine match, expect for the fact that Mondo injured his ankle. I don’t know at point in the match he hurt it, but if it was before the jump then jumping off the entrance was really stupid.

** ¾


3. Wrestling’s Greatest Tag Team vs. Rhett Titus & BJ Whitmer


Hass and Benjamin attacked Titus and Whitmer before the match during their entrance. Benjamin and Haas went after Whitmer in the ring landing a double team. They went for a double buckle bomb, but Titus came in to make the save. Whitmer landed a topé onto Haas on the outside and the referee rang the bell. Titus landed a bulldog and Haas landed a backbreaker on the barricade on Whitmer. Titus and Haas battled on the apron. Titus got the better of it, but he was rammed into the ringpost by Haas and superkicked off the apron by Benjamin. Haas landed some stomps and made the tag to Benjamin who landed a snap suplex. Titus fought back against Benjamin, but Benjamin took him down and landed a legdrop to the groin. Benjamin landed a bodyslam over the knee of Haas. Titus fought back, but Haas landed a spinebuster and made the tag to Benjamin. They continued to wear Titus down. Benjamin went for a frankensteiner, but Titus landed a crossbody. Both men exchanged strikes from the knees and worked up to their feet. Both men collided with clotheslines and both men made the tag. Whitmer ran wild. He landed a big exploder on Haas, but Benjamin broke it up. Benjamin landed some kicks, but was thrown to the outside and he and Haas exchanged “f*** yous”. Haas landed a German suplex, but Whitmer responded with one of his own. Haas then landed two of his own, Whitmer made it out of the third, but Haas landed an Olympic slam for two. Titus landed a dropkick in the corner and Whitmer landed a couple of rolling suplexes followed by a fisherman’s suplex, but Benjamin broke it up. Benjamin and Whitmer countered, but Titus came in with a dropkick. Titus went to the top rope, but Haas halted the double team and he and Benjamin landed the double powerbomb for the win. This match was a good tag match.

** ½


A recap aired of Jay Lethal versus Kevin Steen from TV and Lethal throwing a fit after the match. Lethal was then shown killing Cornette backstage. Lethal got on the mic and said that Joe Koff told him to not bring it up again. He said that the show was live so he would do it anyway. He said Steen could kiss his ass, because he spat on his parents on purpose. He said he put Cornette in the hospital, which resulted in “thank you Lethal” chants. He said ROH blamed him, but they were the same ones that told him that he needed a killer instinct. He said that Ring of Honor could also kiss his ass, but he had respect for Davey Richards. He had a lot of anger built up, so Richards would be the wrong person at the wrong time.


4. Davey Richards vs. Jay Lethal


Lethal and Richards followed the Code of Honor. Lethal slapped Richards to the mat after a push. Lethal locked in a hammer lock, but Richards fought out and they had an athletic exchange. Richards locked in an arm hold and gained a rollup, but Lethal countered and locked in the same hold as Richards. Richards locked in an Indian deathlock, but Lethal made it to the ropes. Lethal slapped Richards again and this resulted in Richards landing a kick to the gut and a headbutt. Lethal landed a dropkick for the count of two. Richards landed some strikes to the gut, but Lethal responded with a spear in the corner for two. Richards locked in a wrist lock with the leg and Richards landed a kick to the chest of Lethal. Lethal landed a leaping high kick and that sent Richards to the corner. Lethal landed a chop and knocked Richards to the mat following an elbow from Richards. Lethal locked in a head scissors, but Richards made it out and locked in a modified Indian deathlock with a bridge. Lethal landed a chop and Richards followed it with a dropkick and the big punt from the apron. Lethal landed some shots to the gut, but Richards responded with a boot to the face. Richards then landed a big boot on Lethal who was seated in a chair on the outside. He landed a missile dropkick for two. The crowd chanted “this is wrestling”. Richards landed a suplex for two and went back to the head scissors. Richards locked in a chinlock, Lethal made it out, but Richards landed a leg lariat. Lethal landed a springboard dropkick and landed a topé suicida. Lethal went for the Lethal Injection on the apron, but Richards landed a highkick. Richards went for the punt, but Lethal landed the Lethal Injection on the apron. Both men made it into the ring and faced off. Lethal slapped Richards again and they exchanged slaps. Richards landed the alarm clock, Lethal responded with a superkick, Richards landed a highkick, but Lethal landed the Lethal Combination and locked in a Koji clutch. Richards made it to the ropes and landed a suplex, highkick and bridging German for two. Richards landed a flying elbow, but Lethal responded with a facebuster also for two. Lethal went to the top rope, but Richards ran up to match Lethal. Lethal landed some shots, but Richards landed a flurry of headbutts and a superplex. Lethal got a small package, but Richards responded with the Lethal Injection, high kick and brainbuster for two. Richards followed it with a double foot stomp and went to the ankle lock, Lethal made his way out, Richards landed a punt, but Lethal no sold. They exchanged shots and Lethal landed two superkicks for two. Lethal and Richards went to the top rope once again and Lethal went for a sunset flip through the table. Richards blocked, but he was superkicked onto the table. The table only bent a little and it looked pretty brutal. Richards made it back in and Lethal went to the top and landed an elbow for two. He followed it with a full nelson suplex also for two. Lethal missed the Lethal Injection and Richards locked in the ankle lock. Lethal countered and locked in his submission, Richards locked in a cloverleaf and was caught with a superkick and Lethal injection followed by the Koji Clutch. Richards then passed out granting Lethal victory.


This was a really great match; they pulled out absolutely everything; although there were a few too many nearfalls towards the end, which is the problem with a lot of Richards matches. Still it was probably one of the best matches on the show and better than anything on the last WWE or TNA pay-per-view. Still the no selling and nearfalls got to me a bit.

**** ¼


After the match Lethal offered Richards the handshake and he lifted Lethal’s hand. They aired a recap of the Elgin/Steen faceoff from Death Before Dishonor. They also aired some recaps from ROH TV in regard to the Elgin/Steen.


Strong came out before the match and asked Truth why he was the first match after intermission. He said that Thomas didn’t deserve to be in the ring with him. He said he quit the House of Truth. He was only there to sit in the crowd and watchElginfail. Truth then ran after Strong to the back. They rang the bell and started the count. Truth came out and brought Rhino out.


5. Rhino vs. Tadarius Thomas


Rhino pushed Thomas, but Thomas responded with a push of his own. Thomas landed some Capoeira strikes and Rhino sent Martini to the back. Thomas landed some shots and swept the leg of Rhino. Martini came back out with Rhino’s gear Rhino landed a neckbreaker and Rhino was handed his tape and started to tape his hands up. He used it as a weapon and Truth landed some shots on the outside. Rhino pushed Thomas into the barricade and locked in a bearhug. He landed a couple of stomps for the count of two and went back to the bearhug. Thomas used his head to counter some strikes and landed some martial arts kicks. He landed a baseball slide to the leg of Martini and Rhino landed a belly to belly suplex. Rhino went for the gore, but Martini interfered dropping Thomas. Rhino went for it again, but Thomas countered with a kick and got a La Mistral cradle for the win. This was a huge upset, unfortunately no one cared.


After the match Martini offered Rhino money, but he was gorilla pressed out of the ring and onto the barricade!


6. ROH TV Title Match

Adam Cole vs. Eddie Edwards


Cole and Edwards exchanged some mat holds and worked back up to the feet. Edwards locked in a hold on the arm of Cole who made it up to his feet and locked in a wristlock. They continued to go back and forth. Cole got a rollup, but Edwards kicked out and they had a faceoff. The fans exchanged chants. Cole and Edwards worked in and out of tests of strength. They worked into double bridges and back to the feet and then exchanged pins. Edwards locked in an Achilles lock, but Cole fought out and they went back to a great athletic exchange. They went to an elbow and chop exchange, they had an athletic exchange once again. Edwards went for a topé, but was caught with an enzuigiri on his way out. Edwards then landed a big boot and landed the topé suicida. Edwards landed a big flying knee to the chest, but Cole kicked out at two. Cole landed a dropkick to the knee and landed a few kicks to the leg. Edwards went after the leg of Cole. He landed a few chops, Cole landed an elbow and they engaged in an elbow exchange. Cole went for a suplex to the outside, but Edwards blocked and landed an enzuigiri. This led to Cole springing over the top rope and landing a DDT on the apron and then landing on the floor below! Cole landed a splash and then followed it with a lariat. Both men exchanged counters, but Cole landed a Hirooki Goto style fireman’s carry over the knee neckbreaker for two. Cole went to the top, but was caught with a highkick and backpack chinbreaker for two. Edwards landed a few elbows, Cole went for a knee, but Edwards landed a dragon screw and double foot stomp to the back. He locked in the Achilles lock and then landed some boots to the back of the head. Cole fought out with some boots and rolled into a figure four leglock. Cole was forced to release the hold. Edwards went to the top rope, he got Edwards up for a Fireman’s carry, but both men went tumbling to the outside because Edwards lost his balance – the result could have been much worse. Edwards went for a lariat, he was caught with a knee, but landed two superkicks and vole landed a neckbreaker and superkick for two. Cole then landed the Florida King for the win. After the match both men shook hands.


Like in Suzuki/Tanahashi I always find nearfalls involving submissions so much more economical that those of pins. Both men fought in and out of olds and the match didn’t ever feel like it overstayed its welcome – a very good match.



7. ROH World Tag Team Championship Match

S.C.U.M. vs. The Briscoe Brothers


Corino is looking really good, at least ten years younger. The Briscoes went straight after Corino and Jacobs. Mark landed a pescado on Corino and all four men fought on the outside. Mark landed a senton off the apron onto Jacobs and they continued to brawl. Finally the match settled in the ring and the Briscoes went after Corino. They worked over him in the corner. Corino was able to land a neckbreaker and get the tag to Jacobs. Jacobs knocked Jay Briscoe off the apron, they went for a double team, but Mark made the tag to Jay who teed off on Jacobs. Mark Briscoe did the tightrope walk, but was caught with a shot with a roll of coins. This put Corino and Jacobs in control. They worked over Jay Briscoe. Jay made a brief comeback, but wasn’t able to make the tag. However, he eventually made the tag to Mark who ran wild with redneck kung-fu. He landed a flying dropkick out of the corner and landed some shots on Jacobs. He landed a backbreaker on Jacobs, Corino broke it up, but the Briscoes were able to land a guillotine legdrop for two. Mark went for another double team, but Jacobs halted Jay from interfering. Corino and Jay went at it, Jay got the better of it, but Jacobs landed a spear on Jay. Mark, however flew in with a dropkick on Jacobs. All four men exchanged shots. Jay was bridged to the outside and Jacobs landed an assisted sliced bread and Corino landed a basement lariat for two. Jay landed a Death Valley Driver onto an ROH sign and Mark countered a senton getting the knees up. Mark landed the elbow for two. They went for the doomsday on Jacobs, but Corino came in with a low blow on Jay allowing for Jacobs to get a small package for the win.



Before the mainevent Kevin Steen cut a promo. Steen said that some of his demands had been met. He had been enjoying Gatorade the entire night and 80% of the t-shirt profits went to him. He said Lethal could kiss his ass and his parents would never make it inside of the arena again. He would never defend the title against Steen and they were making him a new belt. He said the package piledriver was legal so the unbreakable would get broken.


8. ROH World Championship Match

Kevin Steen vs. Michael Elgin


Steen offeredElginthe hand andElginpushed him away. Steen responded with a push and this leg to an elbow exchange. They went to a shoulderblock exchange, neither man budged, butElginlanded a side slam. Both men exchanged strikes on the outside. Steen was sent into the barricade, butElginresponded with a throw of his own. Steen strangledElginwith a Canadian flag. Nigel talked about how Steen would land up crippled one day, which I don’t dispute.Elginlanded a big powerslam in the ring and landed some shots to the back.Elginthen landed a delayed vertical suplex on Steen!Elginlanded some big lariats in the corner and a diving shoulderblock. Steen landed a draping DDT andElginslid to the outside where Steen landed a powerbomb on the apron; it was much safer than it normally is this time around, withElginlanding flush on the apron. Steen landed a splash off of the apron and this led to the crowd chanting “Ole”, I don’t know if a plant started the chant, but it was very convenient. Steen chokedElginin the ropes and he landed a chop and an elbow. This firedElginup and he landed an elbow of his own. He missed a boot and this led to Steen landing a belly to back suplex.Elginlanded some big shoulder blocks and Steen landed a knee to the gut and a senton to the back ofElgin. Steen landed a chop looking at Strong in the crowd, but then sold the handing how Strong does that. Steen gotElginup on his shoulders, butElginreversed and landed a leaping highkick.Elginlanded an elbow, Steen reciprocated and this led to an elbow exchange.Elginmissed a back bodydrop and dropkick. Steen went for a sharpshooter, butElgindidn’t allow him to lock it in.Elginlanded some big shoulderblocks and a discus lariat to the back. He landed a backbreaker for two. Steen went for the package piledriver, butElginlanded the belly to back over the shoulder piledriver.Elginwent for a powerslam, but Steen landed a backbreaker and cannonball senton in the corner. The fans dual chanted. Steen pulled at the legs ofElgin.Elginelbowed Steen off of the apron and went for a corkscrew splash, but Steen got the knees up. Steen was bridged to the outside and this led toElginlanding a topé con giro to the outside.Elginthen slapped Strong and threw him from barricade to barricade and then through the curtain. Steen gotElginup on his shoulders, butElgincountered and landed a powerbomb into the ringpost.Elginthen landed the corkscrew senton for two. Steen countered another powerbomb attempt and locked in the sharpshooter.Elginlanded some big forearms to the back of Steen’s head and locked in a crossface. Both men rested on the ropes and then went to the apron whereElginwent for a powerbomb, Steen countered and they had an elbow counter on the apron. Steen locked in a sleeper on the apron,Elginbroke it, but Steen jumped on his back and this led toElgindiving through a table with Steen on his back!Elginand Steen both collided with lariats, but Steen landed a huge spinning powerbomb for two again. Steen went for the package piledriver,Elgincountered and Steen went for the F-Cinq, butElginlocked in the crossface. Steen countered and grabbed a rollup.Elginlanded a lariat in the corner, butElgingrabbed an ‘O Connor roll for two.Elginthen landed a dead lift German suplex for two.Elginlanded some knees on Steen, but Steen spat in the face ofElginso he responded with more knees. Steen landed a codebreaker, butElginno sold landing a huge lariat for two. The fans dual chanted.Elginlanded a huge bucklebomb, but Steen popped right back up with a lariat. Both men were down.Elginlanded an elbow and went back to the knees, but Steen landed an F-Cinq again for two.Elginthen locked the crossface in, but Steen made it to the ropes. Steen landed a sleeper suplex and package piledriver for two! Nigel was freaking out on commentary. Steen was stunned and argued with Todd Sinclair who pushed Steen responding to a push and this allowed forElginto get a rollup for two. Steen landed a cannonball senton, but was caught in a powerbomb!Elginthen landed a buckle bomb and spinout powerbomb for two.Elginwas fired up and both men were perched up on the top rope. Steen then kissedElginand he landed a package piledriver from the top rope for the win!

**** ½


After the match Strong ran in with a sick kick onElginand ran to the back. Then one of the referees ran in with a box and delivered it to Nigel. He said he was given it in the case that Steen retained the title. The crowd chanted “ole” and Steen shook the box. He then opened it to reveal of all things El Generico’s mask. The crowd went crazy and the show went off the air. This was a great ending to a great show!


TNA Bound for Glory October 14th 2012

Phoenix, Arizona


Overall Thoughts


This was a solid TNA pay-per-view, but apart from the great crowd, it didn’t feel like their biggest show of the year. There were three good matches on the show namely the mainevent, tag title match and Roode/Storm matches. The other matches on the show weren’t all that great and even thoughDevonwas revealed I am still not feeling the Aces & Eights angle to any extent. Some of the title changes on the card felt questionable, like they were just done for the biggest show of the year, but as a whole none of them were offensive on any level. ThePhoenixcrowd wanted Aries to retain and that was apparent from the honest, which made it difficult for Hardy in the mainevent.


They aired a video package with everyone’s favourite Bound for Glory moments. It was good, apart from the fact that the text transitions looked like they were thrown together in Windows Movie Maker.


1. X Division Championship Match

Zema Ion vs. Rob Van Dam


The fans were really behind Rob Van Dam before the match. Ion was thrown into the turnbuckle and caught with a spring kick. Van Dam went for a dive, but Ion moved and Van Dam decided against it. Van Dam did the splits for no apparent reason and Ion landed a twisting head scissors kick of some sort following the up and over. Ion was hung up on the top rope and Van Dam caught him with a spring kick knocking him to the floor. Van Dam was caught with a shoulder block, he sold it and mouthed to the crowd “it doesn’t really hurt”, which was really strange. Ion landed a spike DDT and stomped Van Dam in the corner. He went to the top, but was pushed to the outside and Ion landed a tope con giro. Ion landed an elbow and slap to the chest and Van Dam went for a monkey flip, but Van Dam was sent into the turnbuckle with a sloppy counter. Ion landed a missile dropkick and locked in an abdominal stretch. Van Dam landed some shots, the fans exchanged chants and Van Dam threw Ion into the air and landed a dropkick, which was a pretty unique spot. Van Dam then landed the five star frogsplash for the win. Just like that Van Dam became the new X Division champion, with no build whatsoever.

** ¼


Borash was backstage with Magnus. Borash asked if it was the biggest match of his career. He said it was the biggest night for everyone. He talked about the thousands in attendants and millions at home (try one percent of that). He asked about how Joe would recover from the most embarrassing loss of his career.


2. TNA Television Championship Match

SamoaJoe vs. Magnus


Magnus landed a fireman’s carry and they had a quick athletic exchange. Joe landed a back splash and leaping highkick in the corner. He landed a flurry of shots and was reprimanded. This led to Magnus landing a shot from behind the referee’s back and he landed some uppercuts. Joe responded with a few shots, but he was taken down with a clothesline. Magnus landed a knee and followed it with a running elbow to the back. Joe landed some slaps, but was cut off with aDeath Valleydriver. Joe landed an atomic drop and followed it with a running dropkick and back senton for two. Magnus landed a shot and Joe responded with a snap powerslam. The fans chanted “this is awesome”. Joe landed a powerbomb and locked in an STF. The crowd erupted, Magnus almost made it to the ropes, but Joe locked in an abdominal variant. Magnus got his foot on the ropes and he was perched on the top by Joe. Magnus raked the eyes, but Joe responded with a chop to the chest. Joe knocked Magnus down with a headbutt, but Magnus responded with a knee and top rope elbow for two. Magnus landed some big shots, but they only fired Joe up. He fired back with some of his own and locked in the rear naked choke. Magnus countered and got a pin for two in a great nearfall. Joe got it again, but Magus got out and clipped the leg of Joe. Magnus attempted a submission, but Joe locked in the rear naked choke to retain the title. This was a really fun match and the crowd helped a lot.

*** ¼


Roode was backstage with Borash. Roode talked about how it had been building for a year. He said they hated each other for their entire careers. He said if Mo wanted to come between them he had another thing coming. He said that Storm had never beaten him and he was going to send him home forever that night.


3. Street Fight withKingMoas Special Enforcer

Bobby Roode vs. James Storm


Dixie Carter called Beer Money “the tag team that put tag team wrestling on the map” during the pre-match video package. No they were not.KingMocame out in his crown and robe, but they really could have just had him wear street clothes. Storm and Roode faced off and Storm unloaded on Roode. They went back and forth with shots in the ring. Storm landed a backdrop and was sent to the floor by Roode, but he pulled him onto the apron where he landed a knee. Roode and Mo faced off on the outside and so did Storm and Mo. Storm Russian leg-swept Roode into the guardrail and went for Eye of the Storm through the glass announce table. Roode instead countered and catapulted Storm into the steel post. Storm came up bleeding and Roode threw a trash can into the ring. Roode landed a chair shot and landed a shot to the back of Storm. Roode grabbed a Kendo stick and landed a shot, but Storm grabbed it and landed a shot on Roode. He then landed a shot into a trashcan, which Roode sold like he had just been killed. Roode threw Storm onto the entrance ramp, which was like some of the ECW shows in the late 90s. Strom avoided a trash can shot and landed a draping DDT on the ramp. Storm grabbed a crutch, landed a shot and passed it back to the fan. They exchanged shots with the lids of the steal trash can yelling “f**k you”. Storm got the better of the exchange, but Roode landed a spinebuster on the ramp. Storm landed a shot with a baking tray and took a swig of beer. Storm slammed Roode into the announce table and both men stood on the table. They fought back and forth, but Roode speared Storm off the announce table and through the time keeper’s table on the outside! Roode grabbed a two count, Roode grabbed the referee, but Mo slid in and Roode pushedMo.This led to Mo pushing Roode into the code breaker from Storm. Storm landed the superkick, but Roode kicked out in a great nearfall! Storm went for it again, but Roode countered and shoved Storm into a chair in the corner. Storm was perched on the top rope by Roode and took forever to find a chair from underneath the ring. Roode landed a shot to the back and grabbed a bag full of thumbtacks. Roode went for a superplex, but Storm fought him off and pushed him into the thumbtacks. Storm then landed an elbow drop for two. Roode landed a low blow and went to the outside. He grabbed a case of beer took a swig and went for a shot, but Storm landed a low blow and grabbed a bottle. He took a swig of his own and landed a shot with the bottle. Storm then landed the superkick and Roode landed in the thumbtacks for the win.


This was a very good street fight. It made sense to have this as the end of the feud and although the build wasn’t all that stellar the match paid off and made sense. The addition of Mo really wasn’t necessary and it was apparent from this match. I would compare it to Storm vs. Harris, although it wasn’t really on that level. Still, both men worked really hard and had a very good match.

*** ¾


Borash was backstage with Joey Ryan. He said the truth was he should have been handed a contract. He became a worldwide trend. He would become a fulltime member of the roster. He called Snow disgusting and he called himself good looking. He said he was from the west coast and it meant he had home town advantage (not really).


4. Al Snow vs. Joey Ryan


Snow got down on his hands and knees and got the crowd behind him. He wrestled “circles” around Ryan, literally. The fans chanted that Snow still had it. Snow slapped Ryan and landed a few clotheslines. He landed a powerslam and locked in a headlock. Ryan landed a suplex for the count of one and slapped Snow. Snow landed a big clothesline and followed it with a back bodydrop. He landed a couple of headbutts and he grabbed the chest hair of Ryan. Snow landed the Snow Plow, but Ryan kicked out. Taz and Tenay made a few bad sexual innuendos. Snow grabbed Head from under the ring, the referee didn’t allow it and the ref took a bump. Ryan grabbed Head and he kissed it. Snow responded with a flurry of punches, but then Matt Morgan jumped him from out of nowhere. Ryan the covered Snow for the win. The fact that they didn’t use Morgan for the Aces & Eights reveal baffled me.

¾ *


Borash was backstage with Daniels and Kazarian. He was about to ask a Twitter question, but Kazarian went on about the wrongs of twitter. Daniels said everyone wanted what they had and they were green with envy just like his drink. He didn’t care, because they were going to eat them up and wash them down with an appletini.


5. TNA Tag Team Championship Match

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Kurt Angle & AJ Styles vs. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez


Styles and Guerrero started off. Styles landed a shoulder block and made the tag to Angle who landed a couple of shots culminating in a European uppercut. Guerrero landed an uppercut of his own, but Angle landed a bodyslam. Daniels tagged himself in and called for Guerrero to get up, but Angle simply threw him into Styles. Guerrero landed a back suplex and tagged in Hernandez. He locked in a bearhug and landed a belly to belly suplex. Styles landed a dropkick and made the tag to Angle. Angle landed a back suplex on Kazarian and Guerrero tagged himself in. Hernandez was tagged back in and he landed a backbreaker. Kazarian tagged in Daniels, but he was caught with a dropkick. Daniels and Styles made the tag. Styles landed a head scissors, but he was caught with a clothesline from the apron. Kazarian was tagged in and he and Daniels tagged back and forth on Styles. Styles landed some chops, but Kazarian landed a monkey flip. Styles landed on his feet however and landed a pelé. Daniels and Angle were tagged in. Angle landed a release German suplex and rolling Germans on Kazarian. Daniels hung on, but Angle got an ankle lock on Daniels. He released to land a German suplex on Kazarian. He ran at Kazarian, went shoulder first into the post, but sprung up to the top and landed a release German on Kazarian into Angle. Kazarian was pounded into the ropes, but Styles landed a flying forearm. Daniels landed an STO on Styles and a pescado on Angle. Hernandez however responded with a dive over the top. Kazarian went for a frankensteiner from the top rope off the apron, but Hernandez let Kazarian go somehow and Kazarian landed really badly. It kind of looked like a release powerbomb off the apron. Styles then landed a senton from the top onto Daniels, Hernandez and Angle. Guerrero started with the three amigos on Angle; Angle blocked the third and landed an Angle slam. He never pinned Guerrero and rather went to the top rope, which was stupid. He was caught by Hernandez, but Styles was tagged in and they landed double suplexes. Angle was sent to the outside by Guerrero and Angle caught him with a lariat. Kazarian landed a fireman’s carry cutter and Daniels landed the BME for two. Guerrero was back in and he landed a splash onto Kazarian. Styles landed a back  bodydrop and inverted DDT on Daniels. Styles was thrown through the ropes and Hernandez tagged himself in and he landed the border toss and Guerrero landed the frog splash for the win.


This was a great three way tag match. I was really enjoying the Kazarian/Daniels act and I hope they keep it up past this tag title loss. With so many great workers it really couldn’t have not been a good match; although it was quite spotty at times. Kazarian took such a nasty fall on his neck I hope he is okay. After the match Guerrero said it was for Eddie.



6. Knockout’s Championship Match

Brooke Tessmacher vs.Tara


Tessmacher got a crucifix pin. Tessmacher broke a matrix attempt byTaraand landed a flying head scissors. Tessmacher chased Tara around the ring andTarahid behind Terrell. This allowedTarato knock Tessmacher to the floor. Tessmacher was dropped onto the ring apron and slid back into the ring.Tarachoked Tessmacher and landed some shoulderblocks in the corner. Tessmacher got a rollup for two and locked in a camel clutch. She raked Tessmacher’s face across the mat and gained a two count. Tessmacher landed a tornado DDT. A piece of someone’s hair came out and Tessmacher landed a flurry of clothesline. Tessmacher tookTaradown and kipped up. She went to the top and landed a flying head scissors from the top.Tarawas pushed off of the top rope and Tessmacher missed an elbow.Tarathen landed the widow’s peak for the win. Yet another title change on the show, but it was used to progress the title and made sense so it was fine.



After the match she said she did it for her boyfriend and she said people possibly saw him on TMZ. She said he was bigger than “George” and “Brad” and she brought out Jesse from Big Brother. I have no idea who this man is. Tara and Jesse then kissed in the ring as the fans chanted “who are you”?


They cut to the Hall of Fame ceremony for Sting. Lex Luger was there and he gave a speech. So did Hogan and the entire TNA roster was there. Dixie Carter said she didn’t know what she would have done without him. She started crying and brought Sting up. He talked abut how he got into wrestling and thanked everyone.


7. No Disqualification Match

Bully Ray & Sting vs. Aces & Eights


Ray came out with Sting face paint! Aces & Eights came out with their own theme music. How did that work? They came out with Joe Park and went through the crowd. It was ridiculous. They then handcuffed Park to the railing and one of the Aces & Eights slapped Park, which led to a brawl breaking out. Ray and Sting had the advantage. Ray broke a board over the one guy’s head and the crowd chanted for tables. Ray was ripped into the steps and Sting missed the Stinger’s splash. This led to both men politely stepping onto the apron and tagged in and out! In a no disqualification match! Is management not aware of what that means? Sting locked in the scorpion death lock, but the one Aces & Eights guy ran in. Hebner reprimanded him – stupidity! Ray was tagged in and he ran wild. He landed a neckbreaker followed by a spear. However, he was double teamed. He responded with a double clothesline and splash. Ray was left in the ring and the one guy grabbed a chair. Ray landed a boot, however and grabbed a chair, but another member of the Aces & Eights ran in with a low blow. He spat at Park, but he broke the handcuffs. He unloaded on him landing a pounce on the entrance ramp. Ray and Sting watched, but were jumped from behind. Ray however set up the doomsday device and landed it in facepaint. Sting and Ray landed the splash in the corner and Sting called for the tabled. Sting set up a table, but another member slid in and they got the advantage. Ray was then sent through the table and this guy got the pin on Ray. This led to the Aces & Eights getting the win.

* ¾


A beat down ensued and Hogan’s music hit. They ran at Hogan and he killed them with one shot each and tore his shirt. The guy who interfered hit Hogan, but he Hulked up and landed some shots and the boot. He called to take the mask off and it was removed and he wasDevon. This led to everyone looking heartbroken and they walked off. Ray then looked into the camera with tears in his eyes and said “why?” in the most sorrowful manner possible. This led to “this is awkward” chants.


Borash was standing by with Austin Aries. Aries asked if he had a question. He said he has always said stuff he isn’t supposed to. He said Hardy had to go through the greatest man that ever lived. He had defended the title with passion, and heart, but tonight he would defend it with anger. This was just another chapter in the story of the greatest man that ever lived.


8. TNA World Championship Match

Austin Aries vs. Jeff Hardy


Hardy came out in an alien helmet. Aries locked in a guillotine, but Hardy responded with a slap. The crowd chanted for Aries. Hardy threw Aries into the turnbuckles and Aries went back to the headlock. Hardy locked in a head scissors and landed some stomps in the corner. This led to boos from the crowd. Aries landed a dropkick and choked Hardy in the corner. Aries took a victory lap around the ring and relaxed on the top rope. Hardy kicked the middle rope and hung Aries up. He followed it with a vertical suplex and landed a baseball slide knocking Aries to the outside. Hardy mocked Aries’ taunt. Hardy landed a double sledge off of the apron and Aries was sent into the steel steps back first. Aries was caught with a flying leg lariat off the stares and garnered a two count. Hardy missed the whisper in the wind and Aries responded with an elbow drop for two. He landed a bunch of knees, but Hardy responded with a legdrop from the top rope. Aries got the knees up and landed a back breaker for two. Aries went to the abdominal stretch. The fans dual chanted. Aries landed a missile dropkick to the back of a grounded Hardy and went for the brainbuster. Hardy blocked and landed a front suplex, but Aries cut Hardy off at the ropes and landed the slingshot corkscrew elbow drop. The fans dual chanted again. Aries went for the last chancery, but Hardy held onto the leg. Hardy fought back with some shots and landed a facebuster. Hardy sprung off with a clothesline and landed an atomic drop followed by the legdrop to the groin and a dropkick for two. Hardy landed whisper in the win for two. Hardy went for the twist of fate, Aries countered, but Hardy landed a head scissors and missed a pescado to the outside. This allowed Aries to landed the topé suicida. Hardy made it up, but Aries landed another topé and brought him back in for two. Aries was busted open from something – probably one of the topés. He locked in the last chancery, but Hardy made it to the ropes. Hardy was thrown onto the entrance ramp and brought Hardy up for the brainbuster, Hardy went for the twisted of fate, but Aries pushed Hardy into the ropes. Aries then landed a brutal draping neckbreaker on the ramp. Aries went to the top rope and landed a missile dropkick. Hardy and Aries exchanged strikes, Aries missed the lariat and this allowed Hardy to land the twist of fate for two. Hardy went to the top rope, but he was hung up by Aries who landed a frankensteiner from the very top. Aries landed a running dropkick in the corner and landed the brainbuster for two. Aries perched Hardy up on the top rope and landed the Low Ki esque double foot stomp. Hardy then landed a very loose stunner and twist of fate followed by the swanton for the win.



This was a good mainevent match, although the crowd really wanted Aries to win. The strange thing is that Hardy has always been the most over guy in the company, but for whatever reason the crowd didn’t react the same way; whether it was the fact that the fans sensed a title change, liked Aries more. The title change got a big pop, but you could tell that the majority of the people in the crowd wanted Aries as their champion on this night.


WWE Monday Night RAW October 15th 2012

Nashville, Tennessee


Overall Thoughts


This week’s edition of RAW was once again completely fine. However, by the time that we reached the second hour seven minute matches, like Miz versusKingstonand Barrett versus Sheamus, felt like they lasted a lifetime. The Punk/Vince segments were good and Ryback seems to be a really over challenger. However, they have pretty much booked themselves into a corner with this one. They can’t beat Punk, because that would throw off your long term booking and you wouldn’t want to beat Ryback, because the streak is what’s keeping him over. They also couldn’t do a cheap finish, because it’s Hell in a Cell. As a show this was just too long and I imagine that the matches on the later half of the show died in the ratings, because even I felt like I had stepped into a time warp.


The show opened with a graphic saying that Punk had made his choice. There was a tweet attached.


Big Show came out and he was booed. Show talked about how he had been in the ring for a debate; however it was just an attempt to make him look foolish. The people were the ones who were the fools. He showed everyone how he killed Sheamus last week on RAW when he countered the brogue kick. He talked about the “scientific challenge” on SmackDown. They showed Big Show’s PSI score. He wouldn’t be punching a machine on Sunday, he would be punching Sheamus and becoming the largest world champion. He didn’t want to hear anything else about his old reign. He was going to correct his mistake that night and the crowd chanted “45 seconds”. He called for Daniel Bryan to come out and they cut to Bryan, Kane and a bunch of geeks watching a monitor backstage.Bryansaid there was no way that he would go out. However, AJ came by and told him to get out there. Kane then proceeded to laugh atBryanand they did the no/yes thing and everyone backstage on his way to the ring shouted yes.


1. Daniel Bryan vs. Big Show


Show went straight afterBryanlanding some slaps and shots to the back.Bryanlanded some leg kicks, but Show threw him out of the ring in the same manner that he had with Sheamus. After the breakBryanlanded some fiery elbows, but Big Show locked in a bearhug.Bryanelbowed his way out, Show landed a back senton, butBryandropkicked the leg of Big Show. He landed some kicks to the chest and a high kick for two.Bryanlanded a couple of running dropkicks in the corner and went for something off the top, but Big Show landed the chokeslam for the win. This was a very fun match, it made sense for Big Show to win, but I feel that Bryan has dropped down to a certain extent.


Kane came out and he was smiling and jolly. Big Show went for the WMD onBryan, but Kane jumped in the way and Big Show left.


After the break Heyman was in the ring with the WWE championship and a photo with a tarp draped over it. Heyman went on about how Punk has held the WWE championship for 330 days. Punk was brought out in his yellow shirt. Punk talked about how he proved the person that questioned his integrity wrong. He didn’t care if it was Hart, Rock, Ross, Cena and least of all he didn’t care if it was any number of the fans. If they disrespected him physical or verbally he would put them down. Last week it was Vince McMahon. He talked about how Vince’s display last week was sad. He disrespected Punk so he slapped him in the face. He slapped the owner of the company in the face and he victimized him. Punk said Vince would never compete in the ring again and they could thank him for that. He said it took two people to save him and he got to choose who his opponent was at Hell in a Cell. He showed everyone the Hell in a Cell poster, with Punk literally looking like Satan incarnate. He said he was an angel compared to everyone there. He said devils didn’t really exist. He would pretend that they did and the devil he didn’t know was Ryback. He inserted himself in a conversation that he didn’t deserve to be apart of. The devil he did know was their hero, John Cena. He wanted to know, which man would help him cement his legacy inside the cell. He called Cena a one armed, ten time WWE champion and Ryback the next big thing. Punk would reveal the person through the covered picture. He asked for the crowd to be quite and they booed. He stalled. He said he needed a little more time and he was going to think about it a bit more. Just then Vince’s music hit.


He hoped that Punk learnt something about respect. He said he would make Punk’s mind up for him. There would be a contract signing that night and he would reveal Punk’s opponent later on. Punk’s fate was in his hands.


There was a very emotional video package from Layla talking about how her mom died from breast cancer.


2. AlbertoDel Riovs. Brodus Clay


Del Riolanded a kick and this led to Clay unloading in the corner.Del Riowas knocked to the outside with a shoulderblock, but on the way back in he landed a dropkick and enzuigiri. He went after the elbow of Clay and Clay made a brief comeback.Del Riokicked the legs of Clay and went after the arm again.Del Riowas knocked down with a headbutt. Clay missed a splash in the corner andDel Riolanded a dropkick, back cracker and cross armbreaker for the win.


Punk was talking about how unjust it was that Vince took away his shot. Heyman said he warned Punk. He said that they would never win the war against Vince. Punk said he would fight Vince again and Vince would have to beat him again. He wanted Heyman to go tell Vince about his challenge. Heyman was hesitant, but Punk chased him off.


3. The Prime Time Players vs. Santino Marella & Zack Ryder


The match was joined in progress after the break. Marella landed a stunner and made the hot tag to Ryder who unloaded on ‘O Neal. He landed a missile dropkick and flying forearm in the corner. He then landed the Broski boot, but Young broke the pin up and landed the double knee gutbuster on Marella. This led to Ryder taking Young down, but ‘O Neal landed the sky high for the win. After the match Drew McIntyre, Slater and Mahal ran out in leather jackets and jeans. This led to a beat down. They delivered some lines terribly and they did the air guitar.


A recap aired of the Punk/Vince segment from earlier in the night.


Ziggler was brought out by Vickie. He talked about how he had to earn his Money in the Bank contract. He went on about how he always steals the show and how he beat six other guys in a ladder match. He called Ryback a flash in the pan, they wouldn’t remember his name in two months, but they would remember Ziggler. If anyone deserved a title match it was him and he wanted to win both titles in the same night.


David Otunga came out and said Ryback didn’t deserve an opportunity. He said that he deserved a shot. This led to AJ coming out. She said they had a right to their opinion, but she wanted them to express it in a two on one handicap match against Ryback.


4. Ryback vs. Dolf Ziggler & David Otunga


The fans chanted “feed me more”. Ziggler landed a dropkick, but was caught with a big clothesline. Otunga was tagged in, but he was caught with a backpack chinbreaker. Ryback faced off against Ziggler who dropped off the apron and fled allowing for Ryback to land the marching Samoan drop for the win.


Vince was backstage talking on the phone when he was approached by Heyman. Heyman said that no one wanted to come up against Vince. He put Vince’s effort over from last week and suggested Vince McMahon versus CM Punk. Vince said they would have the match, but the match would be with Heyman. He than screamed for Heyman to get out of his site and said he loved being himself.


AJ was approached by Striker. He complained about what happened to him on SmackDown. He said he just wanted an apology. AJ laughed at him and said he should ask for an apology after his match with Kane. I hate it when they do this with AJ.


5. Antonio Cesaro vs. Justin Gabriel


Cesaro said that theUnited Statesneeded him in an inset promo. Cesaro landed an elbow and went for a German suplex. However, Gabriel landed on his feet and was caught with a double knee drop. Cesaro landed some shots to the gut and hung Gabriel up. He then landed a Shinsuke Nakamura style knee in the corner and stomp to the gut. He unloaded on Gabriel in the corner and landed a gut buster. He locked in a bearhug. Gabriel finally made it out with a few elbows and they exchanged some shots. Gabriel landed a moonsault into an inverted DDT and landed the 450 splash, but Cesaro got his foot on the ropes. Gabriel went for a springboard, but was caught with an uppercut and neutralizer for the win.


6. Kane vs. Matt Striker


Somehow Striker just happened to have his gear handy. Striker got on the mic and talked about how he was now a broadcaster. He asked for an apology and told Kane to think about his therapy. He asked what Dr. Shelby would say. He said they wanted to see legitimate competition and no one wanted to see mindless carnage. Kane called striker in for a hug, pulled him in again and then locked in a bearhug. He then landed a chokeslam for the win.


Kane said it was a great effort and a highly competitive match and mimicked Striker’s interview style. He then broke into an “I’m the tag team champions” chant. A graphic aired for the Kingston/Miz talk show segment.


Miz was in the ring ready for his talk show segment. He talked about how he was challenged for his title on WWE Mainevent and he broughtKingstonout. He said that everyone had to carryKingston. He said that Miz had to be carried out on Mainevent. Miz talked about whatKingstonwould be remembered for. He saidKingstonwill always be a B-player and he would be the one that they will never forget.Kingstontold Miz that he was right and he said he would need more memorable moments like when he beats him on Mainevent. He was inspired by Miz and said he would step his game up against Miz that night. Miz accepted the challenge, but saidKingstonwould choke. He calledKingstona novelty act and said no one cared aboutKingston. He said he would only ever be a guy thatsais“Boom Boom Boom”.Kingstonthen tackled Miz and sent him to the outside. Miz attempted to run back in, but was knocked to the floor byKingston.


7. Sheamus vs. Wade Barrett


Sheamus took Barrett to the mat and went after the arm. Barrett landed a couple of shots and went after Sheamus’ arm. Sheamus landed some shots to the arm of Barrett. Sheamus landed a clothesline and went for the shots to the chest, but Barrett got out and landed a couple of shots on the ground. Barrett landed a powerslam and locked in a headlock. He landed a couple of knees, but Sheamus fought back with a lariat and rolling senton. Sheamus then landed the big shoulder block off the apron when Big Show’s music hit. He came out with a chair, but after the break he was just sitting on the entrance ramp. Barrett missed a boot and was hung up. This allowed Sheamus to drop Barrett to the outside. He went to superkick the steps into Sheamus, but Sheamus moved and landed a big knee. However, Barrett landed a superkick to the knee. Barrett landed some more stomps with both men back in the ring, followed by a knee to the gut. Barrett landed some more knees in the ropes and landed a kick on Sheamus. Sheamus was thrown into the ring and Big Show continued to stare a whole through the ring. Barrett locked in a camel clutch, but Sheamus started to beat his way out and landed the over the knee backbreaker. Sheamus landed some axe fists and landed a shoulderblock, knee and running powerslam for two. Sheamus landed some blows in the ropes, followed by a landed a suplex for two. Barrett landed a lariat and went to the top rope where he landed a top rope elbow for two. Barrett went for Wasteland, Sheamus went for the Brogue kick, but Barrett landed the spin-out sideslam for two. Sheamus landed a shot and missed the diving shoulderblock. He then landed a leg sweep and locked the cloverleaf in. Show ran to the ring, he was forced to break the hold and went for the belly to back piledriver. However Big Show bridged the ropes for the DQ. Sheamus landed the brogue kick regardless and clotheslined Show over the top rope.


Another recap aired of the Punk/Vince segment. Vince was talking on the phone and Cena walked in. He wanted to know Cena’s prognosis. He said doctors probably told Vince to not go out there, but he went out there because that’s where he belongs. Cena said he belongs out there and Vince said he would consider Cena.


8. Diva’s Championship Match

Eve vs. Layla


Eve locked in a headlock and threw Layla to the outside. She landed a kick to the face, but Layla kicked out. Eve locked in a head scissors and for some reason some people chanted “this is awesome”. Eve strangled Layla in the ropes and Layla landed a front kick for two. She landed a couple of flying forearms and a facebuster followed by a crossbody for two. Eve rammed Layla into the turnbuckle, she went to the top, but was knocked off by Eve and she had her foot on the ropes for the win.


Stephanie McMahon was shown talking about malaria. Kane was talking toBryan.Bryansaid he never saw what Kane did, because Kane laughed at him. They then argued over whether it was funny or not.Bryanthen challenged Kane to face the Big Show.Bryansaid he was the tag team champions and walked off. Vince was backstage with Ryback. He thanked Ryback for helping him out. He talked about how people say that he is cold blooded. He talked about how he was the new king. Vince asked what he thought and he simply said “feed me Punk”.


9. Cody Rhodes & Damien Sandow vs. Primo & Epico


Slater, McIntyre and Mahal were shown walking into a bar and they wanted to start singing, but they were kicked out by security. Primo and Epico attacked before the break. The bell never rang and Rhodes and Sandow complained on the outside. Cody Rhodes and Primo started off. Epico was tagged in and he landed a dropkick. Primo was tagged back in and he landed a giro. Primo grabbed a quick rollup andRhodeslanded a Hardcore Holly style kick to the gut. Sandow was tagged in and he locked in a headlock.Rhodesstomped on the face of Primo and continued to wear him down. He landed a knee and taggedRhodesback in. Sandow raked the face of Primo, he fought back, but was cut off with a drop-toe hold. Sandow still continued to wear Primo down and he finally made the tag to Epico. Epico landed a dropkick and Epico landed the rolling back suplexes. Sandow landed an elbow, but Epico missed a splash. This finally led to Sandow landing the neckbreaker for the win. This match and the Sheamus match dragged a lot.


10. The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston


Kingstonlanded some kicks in the corner and took Miz down with a takedown. Miz rolled to the outside, butKingstoncut him off with a clothesline.Kingstonlanded a shot and dropkick. He kicked Miz on the ground and followed it with some stomps in the corner. Miz gained the advantage and landed a big clothesline in the corner. Miz went to the top rope and landed a double axe handle. Miz locked in a headlock, butKingstoncountered a back suplex. Miz then landed a knee neckbreaker combo for two.Kingstonlanded a back suplex and both men were on the mat for a while.Kingstonlanded a couple of slaps and went for the boom drop, but Miz rolled out. He was caught with a kick andKingstonwent for a suplex, they countered in and out of each other’s holds, but finallyKingstonlanded Trouble inParadisefor the win – killing Miz in the process. Miz wasn’t able to get his hands up and was nearly knocked unconscious. Luckily he did not suffer a concussion.


Vince was walking backstage and they aired a package for the Rolling Stones tour. I still find this very strange.


Vince came out with the contract. He brought Punk out. Ryback was then brought out followed by Cena. Vince said that Punk wouldn’t have the “grapefruits” to make his mind up. Punk cut him off and called Vince an ego maniac. Punk said he knocked a few screws loose and said Vince took his choice away and he signed the contract. Punk said that he would break either man. Punk said both men were ego maniacs with inferiority complexes. Cena said that he respected Punk’s achievement, but he had to shut up. Vince was about to make the reveal, but Cena said he wasn’t done. Cena said that he wanted to face him at the Cell. He thought that Ryback only cared about kicking ass and he needed to get his ass whipped. Cena said that Punk would get no sleep over the next few weeks. He said that Punk’s head would be filled with the words “feed me more”. Ryback then signed the contract and Punk said that he would wrestle against Ryback. Punk mouthed Ryback off, but Ryback threw his head into the table and the crowd chanted feed me more. Ryback then landed the marching Samoan drop.


RAW Rating October 15th 2012


This week’s edition of Monday Night RAW did a 2.81 rating or 3.98 million viewers. That is the same rating as last week; however the actual viewership was down 123,000 viewers. This didn’t come as much of a surprise as they were up against decent competition with the Denver Broncos versus the San Diego Chargers, which did a 9.59 rating or 12.84 million viewers and the San Francisco Giants versus St. Louis Cardinals baseball game, which did 3.63 rating or 5.58 million viewers.


While competition was strong on Monday it actually wasn’t that much stronger than last week, with a football game that had 1.21 million more viewers than this week. The baseball game actually had 1.36 million more viewers than last week, which means that the numbers for the competition on the sports end balance out at 0.15 million viewers more than last week, which is inconsequential.


The only major notes on the show were that the show opened at a below average opening rating of 2.82 down from last week’s 3.06. The other news was that Ryback held up really well; although he was placed in good time slots, so it was difficult to tell what the cause of the gain was.


As expected the matches towards the end of the show did the worst quarter of the entire show – a 2.56, which is low, but understandable when it feels like you have stepped into a time warp. The tag match at the start of the show with Santino Marella versus the Prime Time Players also lost a lot of viewers (427,000 viewers). However things pretty much balanced out, because the Vince/Punk segment, Brodus Clay versus Alberto Del Rio and Bryan/Big Show gained a combined 234,000 viewers.


The segment that followed, Ryback versus Otunga and Ziggler gained over a half a million viewers; although it was in a traditional growth spot. Still the match, at least from my perspective, doesn’t look like a big ratings draw, but the public may have started turning a corner on Ryback.

Once again the show’s final segment did a very good gain with the contract signing between Punk, Cena, McMahon and Ryback gaining 766,000 viewers and doing a 3.10 overrun. There was a lot of star power in the segment, but still over three quarters of a million viewers is really good.

It looks like the trend of the overrun doing worse than the opening segment seems to have ended, which is good. However, the reason that the cluster of matches towards the end of the show lost so much was due to the show dragging, because of the move to three hours. Would it have lost viewers while RAW was still two hours? Possibly, however the amount of viewers lost was certainly amplified by the move.


October 17th 2012 – Full Sail University, Florida.

Ben Carass.




Byron Saxton welcomed us toFullSailUniversityand hyped a six-man tag main event, featuring: Richie Steamboat and The Uso’s vs. Kassius Ohno and The Ascension.


Alex Riley came out for the opening contest and Jinder Mahal appeared as his opponent. As this was taped in August, Jinder wore his robe instead of the extraneous leather jacket from Raw.


Alex Riley vs. Jinder Mahal


Riley applied a top wristlock but Jinder countered and took A-Ry down; Riley fought up to land an armdrag then locked in a hammerlock. Mahal broke the hold by reaching the ropes then delivered a cheap shot on the break; Jinder scored with a tackle but Riley hit a dropkick and went for the ten punch spot in the corner. Mahal escaped then shut down Riley with a knee to the stomach; A-Ry fought out of an abdominal stretch and took Jinder over with a hiptoss. After a clothesline, Riley scored a sloppy schoolboy roll up for the victory.


Alex Riley defeated Jinder Mahal via pinfall, at 3:50


Following the match, Jinder hit Riley with a knee strike before locking in the Camel clutch.


A poor match, with a worse finish. Taping these shows two months in advance causes discrepancies, such as Jinder putting Riley over in 4 minutes. Mahal is at the outset of a lower-card push on the “real” shows and losing the way he did here only confounds the concept of an incompetent, insignificant geek. Even the attempt to get some heat back with the beatdown after the bell was inconsequential, because nobody in the crowd – much less the people at home, cared about Riley at all. I realise NXT exists in a parallel universe to Raw & SmackDown so none of this – including my analysis, matters in the slightest.


A graphic hyping the six-man main event aired, followed by a graphic of Trent Barreta vs. Jake Carter.


Commercial Break.


Carter was entering the ring when we joined the show again; Barreta was already in the squared-circle, awaiting his opponent.


Trent Barreta vs. Jake Carter


The two traded holds during the early stages thenTrentmissed a crossbody and got hung up in the ropes. Carter took advantage and began the heat; Jake delivered a backdrop then fired some Vader-style body shots in the corner.

         Barreta fought up from a rear chinlock to land a belly-to-back suplex that broke the heel’s momentum;Trentfired off some shots then connected with an enziguri. Carter cut off the comeback with a big clothesline for a two count. Jake went for a belly-to-back superplex, but Barreta countered and came off the top with a corkscrew moonsault press for a near fall.

          Jake avoided a flying knee strike then executed an overhead belly-to-belly suplex that earned a two count. Carter became frustrated andTrenttook advantage, hitting a Busaiku knee for the three count.


Trent Barreta defeated Jake Carter via pinfall, at 6:21


This was a decent little match; like all good babyfaces, Trent made Carter look strong by selling pretty much from the opening bell. Keeping it short also helped conceal Carter’s inexperience, but the acclaim has to be given to Barreta, for making Carter look better than ever before.


A graphic hyping Damien Sandow aired; Saxton said he would be in action next.


Commercial Break.


Sandow’s music hit and he came out with a microphone; Damien rhetorically asked what George Washington would say about all the fans if he were alive today. Sandow stated thatWashingtonwould define the people as a, “mass gathering of ungrateful wretches”, then declared he would prove his point “via physical means” against his “ignoramus” of an opponent


Damien Sandow vs. Brandon Traven


Regal said he had high hopes for Traven and mentioned he was trained by Harley Race.  Sandow immediately executed a fireman’s carry takedown into a rear chinlock; Traven fought up and applied an armbar. After more hold-trading, Traven went for a right hand but Damien backed up into the ropes, which created the break.

             Sandow hit a tackle, dropped a knee then began to get the heat; Traven went for a dropkick, but Damien avoided the move and stomped his opponent in the corner. Traven fought out of a rear chinlock, only to be shut down by a knee to the gut and Sandow locked in the chinlock again.Brandonfought up once more to land a back elbow; Traven then went for a sunset flip, however Sandow managed to roll through. Traven scored with a dropkick, although he could not follow up, as Damien avoided a knee drop. Sandow successively hit a side Russian-legsweep, the Cubito Aequet and his straightjacket neckbreaker for the three count.


Damien Sandow defeated Brandon Traven via pinfall, at 6:06


This was fine; Damien’s heat spots seemed to drag a little, however that is down to the lack of exposure Traven has had, as nobody in the audience really got behind the young babyface. Both guys were solid though and the psychology was good enough, with Sandow controlling from the start.


A graphic hyping the six-man main event rolled.


Commercial Break.


The Ascension made their entrance and Kassius Ohno joined the sinister tag team. Jim Ross joined Regal and Saxton on commentary then The Uso’s came out with the Siva Tau. Richie Steamboat charged down to the ring and was followed by Jimmy and Jey; the babyface’s cleared the ring of the heels before the bell officially rang.


Commercial Break.


Richie Steamboat & The Uso’s vs. Kassius Ohno & The Ascension


The Uso’s double teamed Kenneth Cameron after the break, landing a double elbow drop; Jey delivered an armdrag before making the tag to Steamboat. Richie came off the top with an axe-handle, however Cameron scored with a forearm and made the tag to Ohno. Kassius avoided a chop from Steamboat then quickly exited the ring after tagging Conor O’Brian. Jey tagged in, however O’Brian took over with some shots; Jey no-sold a headbutt then danced, before landing some blows. O’Brian took Uso down with a full nelson into a body scissors and dragged Jey into the heel’s half of the ring; Uso got to the ropes then tried to reach his corner for the tag. O’Brian cut off Jey and locked in the body scissors again; Cameron made the tag in.


Commercial Break.


Jey was on the apron following the commercials, O’Brian delivered a cheap shot and Cameron continued with the heat, before Kassius tagged in. Ohno stomped Uso in the heel’s corner then applied a cravat; Jey managed to fight to the face’s corner, but Ohno overpowered Uso back to the heel’s half of the ring. O’Brian made the tag in and went for a bodyslam; Jey countered into a sloppy Samoan drop for a hope spot. O’Brian quickly took control again with a rolling side-headlock takeover then made the tag to his partner.

               Cameron continued the heat on Uso, however Jey countered a backdrop and went for a backslide; Cameron quickly escaped then sent Jey into the heel corner. Ohno tagged in and stomped down Uso; Jey fired up to nail all three heel’s with right hands then tried to make it to his partners. Ohno prevented the tag, but Jey delivered a sunset flip; Kassius rolled through into a folding bodypress, which Uso was able to slip out of, before making the hot tag to Steamboat.

                Richie was immensely fired up and drilled Ohno with some shots; Steamboat then nailed a superkick, however O’Brian broke up the pin attempt. The Uso’s sent Cameron and O’Brian over the top with duelling clotheslines; Jimmy and Jey then took out The Ascension with a pair of planchas. In the ring, Richie set up for a dive of his own; Ohno nailed Steamboat in the back of the head with his knockout elbow for the three count.


Kassius Ohno & The Ascension defeated Richie Steamboat & The Uso’s via pinfall at 11:40.


As is usually the case with NXT, this was an enjoyable main event. The story was simple, yet executed precisely with the heel’s isolating Jey and the whole thing flowed amiably. Although, Jimmy never was officially legal in the match, so I guess he was either carrying a slight injury or whoever put the match together couldn’t figure out a way for him to be involved further. The Ohno/Steamboat feud was furthered nicely by their interactions: Richie charged the ring to get at Ohno, Kassius wanted no part of a healthy Steamboat, Richie fired up on Ohno after the hot tag and Kassius scored the win with a cheap shot.

         Overall the show was decent, not quite as agreeable as previous episodes but still better than 90% of the stuff we get on SmackDown.


TNA Impact October 18th 2012

Orlando, Florida


Overall Show Thoughts


I don’t want to say that this week’s edition of Impact was terrible, because it wasn’t. However, I am tempted to say that, Impact was indeed Impact – the Impact of old. The Aces & Eights stuff just overwhelmed the show and to make matters worse the entire angle is riddled with even more potholes this week. Aries and Hardy were good, but they were overshadowed by everything else on the show. I didn’t really see the point of Storm superkicking Roode and there was only one good match on the show.Taraon ODB was abysmal and the show closed off in an absolute mess. As an overall show I was neither entertained nor intrigued and even at two hours long this show dragged.


The show started with a highlight package of Bound for Glory. Again, it felt like it was thrown together in Windows Movie Maker. The Aces & Eights were shown arriving at the building, they were let straight threw security and made their way into the ring. The leader of the Aces & Eights appeared on-screen congratulating his teammates. He thanked Devon for the help and joining the group and he then toasted toDevon.Devonthen walked on through in sun glasses and a chain – he looked great.


He told the crowd to shut the hell up. The crowd chanted thatDevonsold out. He put the Aces & Eights over as the people that had his back. They were there to pick him up. He then called the people in the crowd the most no good, ingrate, pieces of “crap” in the world. He thanked the Aces & Eights from the bottom of his heart and said if it wasn’t for the guy that “orchestrated the whole thing” he wouldn’t have been able to testify. He said they would destroy TNA and told the crowd to shut up again. He said Sting, Bubba and Hogan asked why.Devonsaid he didn’t forget about Bubba’s cheap shot and how he put his son through a table – “payback’ a bitch”. The crowd chanted “Bully’s better”. This led to Sting along with the majority of the TNA roster coming out.


Sting said it was perfect that they made it into the Impact Zone, because he wanted to introduce them to the TNA roster. This led to a big brawl breaking out. Hogan’s music hit and he came out with a bat and walked slowly towards the ring. They went to a break and TNA stood victorious. Hogan called them back and he said it didn’t work that way. He said they got full access and this meant that they had to fight. Sting wantedDevonin the ring. Hogan saidDevonwould have to get into the ring or leave for good (what?). Hogan said it was his choice and he would face Sting.


What was this? So the Aces & Eights have to fight to keep there place? Then what was the point of letting them into the building? It just made the whole thing seem so pointless. There are no words to describe this angle right now – TNA at its worse. I was actually fine with the brawl, but once Hogan made his way to the ring the entire angle disintegrated.


There was a video package that aired with highlights of the Hardy/Aries match. A graphic aired for Hardy’s celebration too. After that Aries was shown backstage, eating a cookie and he was in a fine mood. Why shouldn’t he have been in a good mood? After all he just lost the world heavyweight championship.


Hogan was talking toAndersonbackstage and said Hardy would defend the title next week against one of four men “James Storms”, two other men andAnderson. Park came out and Hogan went on about how tough Park was. Hogan then chased everyone out; Park looked distressed and said that they had to talk.


1. TNA TV Championship Match

SamoaJoe vs. Robbie E /w Robbie T


Joe unloaded with some strikes and landed a back senton in the corner. Joe landed a headbutt and a snapmare followed by a big chop and a kick. He landed a knee for the count of two and teed off in the corner. E landed a slap to the chest of Joe, Joe shook it off and sent E to the mat with a chop of his own. Joe went for the muscle buster, but T grabbed the leg of Joe. E landed some chops, but Joe landed some chops of his own and a topé onto Robbie T. E jumped off the apron, but was caught in midair with a highkick. Joe then landed a muscle buster and locked in the rear naked choke for the win. After the match Joe choked T out.


Tarathen talked to Jesse while Jesse had her up in a Gorilla press. They talked about how big they were and chased the photographer away; they kissed.


2.Tara/w Jesse vs. ODB


ODB came out talking to Eric Young on the phone. ODB landed a shoulder block and put something in her chest pocket. ODB landed a powerslam and grabbed her cell phone. She said a few words and then shoved Jesse into her chest. She was back on the phone, butTaraattacked her from behind and landed some shots.Tarapulled at the hair of ODB and threw her to the mat. She pulled ODB back up by the hair and dropped her. She kissed Jesse, which allowed ODB to take a swig of whiskey and hulk up. She spat whiskey into the eyes of Jesse and landed the fireman’s carry neckbreaker for the win. This was a God awful match. Tessmacher appeared on the entrance ramp.


Styles was speaking to Angle backstage and said how he wanted to be World Champion. Angle said it was a triple threat that night and Styles said he would see Angle later on. Angle replied by calmly saying “yes you will”. Aces & Eights were happy in the parking lot. A recap aired of the Tag Title match from Bound for Glory. Daniels was shown going crazy backstage too.


3. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Kid Kash & Gunner


Hernandez landed a double clothesline and gorilla pressed Kash. Guerrero was tagged in and he landed a dropkick on Kash. Hernandez landed a release belly to belly suplex from the bearhug. Gunner was tagged in, but Hernandez landed a bodyslam and made the tag to Guerrero. Kash was tagged in and they wore Guerrero down in the corner. Guerrero was knocked down to the mat with a clothesline and Kash and Gunner wore Guerrero down. Guerrero fired back on Kash with some elbows, Kash grabbed the leg, but Guerrero landed an enzuigiri. This led to the tag to Hernandez. He landed the pounce on Kash and tagged in Guerrero. Gunner was knocked to the outside and Guerrero basically landed the Tanahashi style high fly flow to a standing Kash for the win.


Hardy was shown walking backstage. Park asked Hogan to stand by him and he wanted to fight one of the Aces & Eights. Ray walked in and didn’t want Park to come in. Ray thanked Sting and hoped that he didn’t let Sting down. He said that he wanted to beat the answers out of his brother that night, but Hogan said that Sting would faceDevon. Ray would be one of the four men in the number one contender’s match and he said that Hogan had to trust him more. Sting chased after him. A recap aired of the Bound for Glory match again.


Hardy came out. He had a Jeff Hardy themed championship with him. It looked ugly. The confetti rained down on Hardy and he grabbed a mic. He said the fans had been with him all the way. He said he couldn’t wait to defend his title and Aires came out singing.


He had balloons and a plate of cookies. He didn’t want to take anything away from Hardy, because he did something that no one in the company could do – he beat Aries at a pay-per-view. He gave Hardy the balloons, but let them go. He offered Hardy the cookies, but Hardy said he didn’t eat cookies and slapped the plate from out of the hands of Aries. He commented on how the belt wasn’t the same and said that he had to be the man with the target “on his face”. Aries said not everyone could handle the pressure and yelled at the fans saying that they weren’t inPhoenix. He wanted to invoke his rematch clause, but he said he would wait for Hardy to crumble. Aries grabbed the belt and commented on how it looked exactly like Hardy. He then spat on the title and this led to Hardy going for the twist of fate, but Aries slid out of the ring.


Daniels was talking about how it looked like they were down and out, but the appletini was always half full and he would go out and beat Styles and Angle.


4. Kurt Angle vs. Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles


Styles and Angle went after Daniels. They landed a bunch of double teams and Angle and Styles then faced off. Styles landed a dropkick and shoulderblocks in the corner. Daniels landed double shoulderblocks, but was whipped into a clothesline from Angle. Angle went for a suplex, but was only able to land a bodydrop. He landed a backbreaker on Daniels and a belly to belly suplex on Styles. This was followed by a German on Daniels and Styles landed a pelé. Angle locked in an ankle lock, but Daniels broke it with a slap. Angle was thrown into the post and landed some shots on Styles on the mat. Angle was knocked to the outside and Daniels locked in a hold on the jaw. Styles made it out and Angle landed a clothesline on Daniels. All three men went at it and Styles landed a backbreaker on Daniels. He landed the springboard punch on Angle, but Angle landed a spinout powerbomb for two. Styles landed a pelé on Angle. Daniels was dropped to the outside and Styles landed an Asai moonsault. Styles was dropped to the outside and Angle landed the Angle slam for the win. After the match Styles was upset at Angle.


There was a recap of the Snow/Ryan match. Snow greeted Hogan backstage and shook Hogan’s hand. Hogan asked why Morgan “ruined the biggest pay-per-view of the year”. Morgan said he turned his back on Morgan. Hogan then went on about Morgan’s promo ability and charisma. Morgan said he would shove everyone’s comments up “Hogan’s ass” and walked off. Why would you say that this man has no charisma and promo ability on national television?


There was recap of the Sting Hall of Fame ceremony and Storm versus Roode.


Storm came out. He said what goes around comes around. He said he became the world champion a year ago and said if anyone missed Bound for Glory they missed a fight. He said he kept getting back up for his friends, family and fans. Storm pulled out his bucket list and he ticked “kick Storm’s ass” off the list and 9-2, which was drinking beer. He said number one was winning the world title back and he said he would. Just then Roode came down, limping.


He said they made good on a promise. He said they gave everything at Bound for Glory and they “kicked the crap” out of each other. They had one of the bloodiest battles in the history of the business. He said he didn’t have to kiss his ass. He finally beat Roode and that put them on nearly the same level. He said that he became World Champion, because of him. He wouldn’t have been world champion without Roode. He said that he would always be the better man. Storm responded by saying “nope” and super kicking Roode.


Devonwas shown lifting weights backstage.


5. Sting vs.Devon


Both men went straight after each other, butDevongot the advantage with a claw. He landed a flapjack and some kicks to the back of the leg. Sting missed the Stinger’s splash, but was able to land a couple of shots and gain the advantage. After the break Devon was in control of Sting and he landed a couple of shots to the back ofDevon. They exchanged shots and the crowd chanted for tables.Devonlanded an elbow to the chest of Sting and taunted the crowd. He landed a diving headbutt for two and locked in a headlock. He landed a jawbreaker and the fans dual chanted.Devonwent to the top rope and missed the diving headbutt. Sting fired back with a couple of shots and landed a clothesline. He landed the Stinger’s splash to the back, landed the scorpion death drop and locked in the scorpion deathlock. However, Aces & Eights flooded the ring and went after Sting.


The locker room ran out and a brawl ensued. Bully Ray finally ran out with a bat to close off the show.

 WWE SmackDown – October 19th 2012

FedExForum – Memphis, TN.

Ben Carass.



After the intro package and the pyro, Josh Matthews made his customary welcome to the show. The Miz was introduced by a hysterically blatant ADR line from Lilian Garcia.


Miz TV began with the host claiming Kofi Kingston’s victory on Main Event was a stroke of luck and he would be invoking his rematch clause at Hell in a Cell; Miz made a snappy segue by introducing his guests Team HellNo.

           Daniel Bryan came out first and was followed by Kane; Miz buried them for coming out separately, accusing the pair of being “egomaniacs” and “not a true tag team”.Bryantold Miz he would separate the teeth from his mouth; the former IC champion stated he was Daniel’s pro on NXT but he never got a long with him, just like AJ and Kane. Miz called Kane “the sensible one” then allegedBryanwould be the reason they lose the Tag Team Championships at Hell in a Cell. Kane informed The Miz nobody cared what he thought before alluding to his Tag Team title reigns with, The Big Show, Mankind and The Undertaker; Kane stated: “IfBryanis the problem, I’m the solution”.Bryanresponded by letting Kane know he wasn’t the problem and “The Devil’s favourite Demon would be nothing without the world’s toughest vegan”; Kane said “that’s like being the world’s tallest dwarf”.


Making fun of vertically challenged individuals? I wonder what the B.A Star people would say about that. Probably, “thanks for the exposure Vince; can we have some more money, please?”


Bryanaffirmed he is not a dwarf or a goat face then reminded everyone he beat the Big Show is 45 seconds to win the World Heavyweight Championship.

              The Big Show’s music interrupted the Tag Champ’s customary argument and the giant entered the ring; Show said he had no problem with Kane but he did have an issue with the “little man”Bryan. Show proclaimedBryan’s 45 second victory “the biggest fluke in WWE history” and assured everybody after Hell in a Cell nothing like that would ever happen again. Big Show threatened to knockoutBryanfor bringing up the humiliating defeat; however Kane stood in front of his tag team partner and told Show “we don’t have to wait until Monday”.

               Dolph Ziggler appeared with Vickie Guerrero; Dolph calledBryan’s victory over Show, “so last year” then said the only thing that matters was this year’s Money in the Bank winner. Ziggler claimed it doesn’t matter who wins at Hell in a Cell, because he will “steal the show” and cash in his title shot to become the World Champion; Dolph then speculated, “if Daniel Bryan can do it, how hard can it be?” The final statement caused everybody in the ring to start arguing until Booker T’s music put a stop to the farce.

                 Booker told the guys in the ring to “chill”, but Miz was hot at the degeneration of his show and predicted the GM would book a handicap main event of, Show, Ziggler and Miz vs. Kane and Bryan. The Booker man informed The Miz he was wrong then booked Team HellNo vs. Show and Ziggler, before announcing Miz had a match with an unnamed opponent.

                  Randy Orton’s music hit and he made his way to the ring to face The Miz. Footage of Orton’s beatdown on Alberto Del Rio from last Friday aired.


After a couple of weeks with surprisingly centralised opening segments, we’re back to the convoluted, sporadic formula of creating an issue by throwing a bunch of guys together and having the GM show up to restore order.


Commercial Break.


Randy Orton vs. The Miz


We joined the match in progress; Orton nailed Miz with a clothesline then delivered the Garvin stomp. Alberto Del Rio and Ricardo Rodriguez were shown watching the match from a skybox. Orton executed a belly-to-back suplex for a two count, but Miz scored with a knee to the gut and dropped Randy across the top rope, before sending him off the apron, into the barricade.


Commercial Break.


Orton fought out of a rear chinlock, only to take Miz’s reverse DDT backbreaker/neckbreaker combo. Matt Striker approached Alberto in his skybox for an interview;Del Riocalled Randy a “little girl” and claimed to be “the new Apex Predator of the WWE”.

                Orton fought out of a side headlock and Miz shut him down with his flying clothesline in the corner; Randy cut off The Miz on the top rope and delivered a superplex for a two count. Orton began his trademark comeback with clotheslines then followed up with a powerslam; Miz countered the hangman’s DDT by dropping to the floor.

               Back in the ring, The Miz caught Randy with a DDT for a two; Orton avoided a boot to the face and landed the hangman. The Viper set up for an RKO, however Miz reversed into the skull crushing finale; Orton rolled through and hit Miz with an RKO for the three count.


Randy Orton defeated The Miz via pinfall at 11:26.


The match started off slow and didn’t pick up much at all; to be fair, Miz worked a 20 minute match with Kofi before the SmackDown taping began and almost got his head kicked off on Raw.


After the match, Alberto stared down Orton from his skybox and Randy gestured towardsDel Riofrom the ring. Alberto got on the mic and told Orton, “We’ll do this on my terms, not yours”.


A graphic ofDel Riovs. Orton at Hell in a Cell aired.


Sheamus was in the back; he came across Teddy Long and informed the GM’s advisor he was not doing so great. Sheamus referred to his two matches with Wade Barrett, which both ended by DQ when Big Show got involved; the World Champion asked Teddy for one more match with Barrett tonight. Teddy said he would talk to Booker T and to make sure there is a winner, he would make it a lumberjack match; Sheamus gave Teddy a fist bump and walked away. Teddy sold his hand and also left; Eve appeared, lurking in the background with a scheming look on her face.


Commercial Break.


Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow came out after the break; a graphic hyping the finals of the tag team tournament aired. Josh said that match would take place on Raw. Tyson Kidd and Justin Gabriel were already in the ring.


Team Rhodes Scholars vs. Tyson Kidd & Justin Gabriel.


Gabriel hit a quick legsweep on Cody and made the tag to Kidd; Gabriel applied the last chancery and Kidd drilledRhodeswith a kick to the face. Gabriel swiftly tagged back in, to come off the top with an axe-handle on Cody; Justin went up top but Sandow pulled his partner out of the ring to safety. Gabriel scored with a topé to Damien, howeverRhodesnailed him from behind, before rolling him back in the ring.

                 Sandow tagged in and hit a side Russian-legsweep, followed up with the Cubito Aequet for the two. Damien backed Justin into the heel’s corner then tagged in Cody;Rhodestook Gabriel over with a snapmare then applied a cravat. Justin fought out and caught Cody with a spinning heel kick;Rhodesgot the tag to Damien, however our “saviour” was unable to stop the babyface’s tag.

                   Kidd came in with a springboard dropkick then knocked Cody off the apron; Tyson nailed Sandow with a dropkick to the temple and performed a slingshot sunset-flip into the sharpshooter.Rhodesmade the blind tag before Kidd rolled up Sandow and delivered the disaster kick for the victory. Damien treated us to his ****¾ cartwheel after the match.


Team Rhodes Scholars defeated Tyson Kiss & Justin Gabriel via pinfall, at 3:16


If the opener was slow then this felt like an old school ROH scramble match; the pace was almost too quick to take anything in. That said it was an entertaining 3 minute match; Kidd & Gabriel have a great chemistry, it’s too bad they have just been thrown together because nobody knows what else to do with them. Speaking of chemistry, Rhodes & Sandow look set to face Kane & Bryan at Hell in a Cell; the two have the aesthetics of a great heel tag team and are certain to win the tag team tournament. That said, this is the same company that booked themselves into a corner with Punk vs. Ryback, so we could very well get Kane & Bryan vs. Rey & Sin Cara. Here’s hoping common sense prevails for once in the booking meetings.


Eve was with Booker T in his office; Teddy Long entered and pitched the idea of Sheamus vs. Barrett in a lumberjack match. Eve claimed she came up with that idea last week and accused Teddy of trying to take credit for her idea. Book said he had a meeting to attend and had to leave; Eve left with the GM and Teddy began snooping with Eve’s iPad.


A graphic of Team HellNo vs. Big Show & Dolph Ziggler aired.


Commercial Break.


Kane’s in ring pyro welcomed us back to the show; Dolph and Show were on the outside of the ring.


Non-Title Match: Team HellNo (Tag Team Champions) vs. Big Show & Dolph Ziggler.


Ziggler got the better of the early grappling withBryanthen doing his “show off” pose;Bryandelivered an armdrag into an armbar, but Dolph hit a dropkick and tagged Big Show.Bryanlooked terrified and made the tag to Kane; Show and the Big Red Machine traded shots, with the giant taking control after several headbutts. Kane executed a slow motion drop-toehold, which sent Show into the top turnbuckle.Bryantagged back in and hit some kicks to the torso; Show blocked the head kick then sentBryanover the top with a Gorilla press-slam.


Commercial Break.


Ziggler had the heat onBryanafter the break; Dolph connected with a dropkick then tagged in Show. Big Show went for an overhand chop, butBryanmoved and hit a chop of his own; Show no-sold the blow then scored with a headbutt.Bryanavoided a splash in the corner and countered a chokeslam into a DDT; Ziggler tagged in to continue the heat. Dolph dropped a series of elbows before tagging out again.

                  Show locked in an abdominal claw;Bryanfought out and was caught with a sidewalk slam from the giant. Ziggler came back in off the tag, howeverBryanfired up and drilled Dolph then took Big Show off the apron with a dropkick to the knee. Ziggler missed a Stinger-splash andBryangot the hot tag; Kane came off the top with a clothesline and went for a sidewalk slam of his own; Dolph countered into an attempted Rocker-dropper, but Kane avoided the move and nailed a big boot.Bryantagged back in, as Kane was setting up for a chokeslam;Bryanhit his running dropkick in the corner, before going up to the top rope. The Big Show was back on the apron and caughtBryanas he came off the top; Kane prevented the chokeslam with a boot that sent Show to the floor, then blocked the Zig-Zag from Dolph.Bryanslapped the “No” lock on Ziggler for the victory.


Team HellNo defeated Big Show & Dolph Ziggler via submission at 13:04


This was a solid performance all round; of course Dolph was beaten again but what does that even matter anymore? Kane & Show’s interaction seemed to be in slow motion, which doesn’t bode well for their match on Monday.


The Tag Team Champions argued at the top of the ramp and were jumped from behind by Rhodes and Sandow; Kane was sent off the stage to the floor andBryan was stomped on the ramp.


Rhodes and Sandow simply have to win the tag tournament.


JBL and Josh were at ringside; they talked about Show vs. Sheamus at Hell in a Cell then footage of the finish from the Wade Barrett/Sheamus match from Raw aired.


A graphic hyping the Sheamus vs. Barrett lumberjack match rolled.


Commercial Break.


Antonio Cesaro came out after the commercials; footage of Cesaro outside the famous Sun Studios aired. Antonio said he was experiencingAmericanathen called all the famous musicians to have recorded at Sun, “country bumpkins, making honkin’-tonkin’, rootin’-tootin’, hillbilly music that nobody else in the world cared about”. Cesaro continued to say the building should be demolished and no longer be a part of hisAmerica.


Non-Title Match: Antonio Cesaro (US Champion) vs. Ted Dibiase


 Cesaro sent Dibiase over the top to the floor with a backdrop after the lock-up and tackle spot; Antonio dropped Teddy face first onto the apron before taking the match back in the ring and landing a clothesline.

                   Cesaro delivered a gutwrench suplex then locked in a cravat; Dibiase fought up to land a clothesline and a flying knee, followed up by a sky-high for a two count. Dibiase came off the second rope, but ate a European uppercut; Cesaro hit the neutraliser for the three count.


Antonio Cesaro defeated Ted Dibiase via pinfall at 2:44


This was nothing more than a glorified squash. I honestly think Antonio would have a better chance of getting over without the US title, nobody cares about the belt anyway and people will care even less about meaningless squashes against lower-card talent. Cesaro should be way more over than he is at the moment; the foreigner gimmick is a sure fire way to draw heat, but the US title serves only as an albatross around Antonio’s well defined neck. Cesaro is in danger of getting the “this guy can’t get over” treatment and that is simply wrong.


A graphic of Ryback and Punk from Raw rolled.


Commercial Break.


The Raw Rebound aired, followed by a graphic hyping Ryback vs. Punk at Hell in a Cell.


Let this be a lesson to all aspiring bookers; this is what happens when you book yourself into a corner and don’t have the talent depth to save you.


Heath Slater, Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal were in the ring; footage of the 3MB beatdown of Santino and Zack Ryder from Raw aired.

                 Slater said, “you are looking at the greatest group in WWE history”, Drew shrieked, “the 3MB”, Jinder added, “we make beautiful music and rule the day” and Heath closed with,”sit back and watch me beat up Brodus Clay”. The Funkasaurus made his entrance with Cameron and Naomi.


Brodus Clay vs. Heath Slater w/ Jinder Mahal & Drew McIntyre


Brodus took the early advantage with some headbutts then delivered a t-bone suplex; as Brodus charged Slater in the corner, Heath got his boot up and came off the second rope with a dropkick for a one count. Clay powered out of a front facelock then hit a second t-bone; Drew jumped on the apron to distract Brodus and Jinder did the same. Slater scored with the mind trip facebuster for the win.


Heath Slater defeated Brodus clay via pinfall, at 1:53


I’m no fan of comedy geeks as I have stated before, but the sheer facetiousness of the 3MB is hard not to find entertaining. Of course, if the matches resemble this one then I can see myself getting tired of the gimmick very quickly


Matt Striker was with Wade Barrett; Wade said the notion that Sheamus is a tough guy was false and he was stupid to ask for a match two weeks before his match with The Big Show. Barrett then stated Show would owe him a favour when he wins the World title at Hell in a Cell.


A graphic hyping the lumberjack main event rolled.


Commercial Break.


Eve joined JBL and Josh on commentary; Natalya was in the ring and Layla’s nauseating music signalled her arrival.


Layla vs. Natalya


 Nattie went for a powerslam but Layla countered with a roll up; Nattie was sent awkwardly to the floor then took a dropkick as she tried to enter the ring. Layla came outside and was distracted by Eve; Nattie hit a cheap shot from behind and threw Layla back inside.

                  Layla fought out of an abdominal stretch and delivered an armdrag; Nattie kicked out of a roll-up and hit a discus lariat. Layla scored with a chick-kick for the three count.


Layla defeated Natalya via pinfall at 1:53


Terrible stuff from Layla once again; nobody in the building cared about her, not even the commentary team who blabbed about Aksana and Kaitlyn for the entire match. I think it is safe to say the Diva’s division has not been this depleted since 1998, when we’d get Luna and Jacqueline trying to carry Sable every week.


Kaitlyn was in the back; Teddy Long approached her with eve’s iPad. Teddy said Eve had to be stopped and told Kaitlyn to do whatever she wanted with the information he gave her. Kaitlyn took a picture of the iPad and said she would confront Eve about the situation, but told Teddy to put the iPad back.


The lumberjacks made their way to ringside for the Barrett/Sheamus match.


Commercial Break.


Wade Barrett was out first for the main event and was followed by Sheamus; Big Show was shown as one of the lumberjacks.


A graphic hyping Show vs. Sheamus at Hell in a Cell aired.


Non-Title Lumberjack Match: Sheamus (World Heavyweight Champion) vs. Wade Barrett


Wade started out fast with strikes in the corner; Sheamus fired back and the two traded shots. Antonio Cesaro tripped Sheamus from the outside, which caused Barrett to take control and hit a pump-handle slam for a two count. Wade tied up his opponent in the ropes then hit a big boot that sent the World Champion to the floor; the heel lumberjacks quickly threw Sheamus back inside the ring. Barrett nailed some knee strikes and followed up with a short-arm clothesline; Sheamus landed a back elbow but was sent sternum first into the turnbuckle.


Commercial Break.


Sheamus fought out of a rear chinlock to land some axe-handles, before scoring with a Finlay-roll; The Great White drilled Barrett with his clubbing forearm spot then hit white noise. The 3MB prevented a Brogue kick by grabbing Sheamus’ foot; the World Heavyweight Champion then came off the apron onto six heel lumberjacks, taking them all out.

                 Back in the ring Wade cut off the babyface with a back elbow and delivered a superkick for a two count; Barrett went for wasteland but Sheamus escaped and sent Wade over the top rope with a clothesline. The babyface lumberjacks did absolutely nothing, so Barrett came out and began to beat up the lazy lumberjacks. This turned into a wild brawl around ringside, with all the lumberjacks battling with each other.

                Both competitors made it back to the ring and Sheamus hit the Irish curse; Kane’s pyro went off and Team HellNo ran down to join the brawl. Kane and Bryan beat up everyone in their way, in an attempt to reach Rhodes and Sandow. Cody jumped in the ring to avoid the tag champs but was sent back to the floor by Sheamus, who then scored with the Brogue kick for the three count.


Sheamus defeated Wade Barrett via pinfall at 10:55


Kane and Bryan chased the Rhodes Scholars through the crowd and Sheamus celebrated in the ring. Dolph Ziggler connected with the Zig-Zag to the World Champion and told the referee he wanted to cash in his briefcase; before the ref called for the bell, The Big Show knocked out Ziggler with the WMD.

               Big Show walked up the ramp, leaving Sheamus and Ziggler laid out in the ring. Show got on the mic and told Sheamus to take a long hard look at Dolph, because at Hell in a Cell he will suffer the same fate and lose the World Heavyweight Championship.


The main event was enjoyable enough, however I am a believer in protecting gimmicks and Barrett did not need to be beaten here. Plus the Red Rooster of gimmick matches – the lumberjack match always delivers a predictable and generic story: The heels enforce their authority on the babyface and protect the heel, or vise-versa and a wild brawl breaks out that leads to the finish.

                WWE booking mentality suggests Sheamus will retain at HIAC and Ziggler will cash in after the match, however they could just keep jobbing Dolph out for another 6 months until they decide to pull the trigger.

                The show overall was average; the first hour or so was good but quickly deteriorated after the HellNo vs. Ziggler & Show match.  


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Next week we cover the Hell in a Cell go-home show, SmackDown, Impact, which is bound to showcase further stupidity, possibly the JYD book, NXT and more.




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