Cubed Circle Newsletter Issue #44: Hardcore Justice 2012, Summer Slam Go-Home Show, SmackDown & More!

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I am indeed alive and did not land up at the bottom of the ocean, which is good. However, the newsletter is late this week, due to my AC adapter for my laptop not fitting in the plugs of the hotel or in the international adapters. This meant that I was basically in a void when it came to the newsletter, since my reports together with my templates were on my laptop. However the situation was sorted out and the newsletter is now back in business.


I had a few more things planned for this issue, but due to the aforementioned issues I wasn’t able to fit them in. These reports include coverage of the G1, NXT and Impact. However we do have coverage of RAW, SmackDown, Hardcore Justice and ROH Boiling Point. I want to thank Ben Carass for not only sending in a SmackDown report this week, but also a Boiling Point report – I wouldn’t have been able to add coverage otherwise. Although I will still be on vacation in time for next week’s newsletter, everything should be in place in regard to regular coverage.


ROH Boiling Point – August 11 2012.
Providence, R.I:  Rhode Island Convention Centre

Ben Carass.




The iPPV started out with Kevin Kelly and Nigel McGuiness at ringside; they welcome viewers’ to the show.

         Roderick Strong’s music began and The Messiah of the backbreaker made his way to the ring, along with Truth Martini. His opponent for the night, Mike Mondo came out and the two followed the Code of Honor before the match.


Roderick Strong, w/Truth Martini vs. Mike Mondo.


The pair locked up and Strong took Mondo down with a side-headlock take over; Mondo countered with a head-scissors for the escape. After trading armbars, with nice reversals from both men; the pair went back and forth with strikes and chops. Mondo caught Strong with a big boot and went up to the second turnbuckle, but was sent crashing to the floor by Roddy.

        Strong sent Mondo into the barricade and drilled him with stiff chops; Mondo fired back with a couple of head-butts to the chest. On the third occasion there appeared to be a timing error, as Strong leaned in for a chop; Mondo delivered a head-butt which caught Strong right in the face, resulting in some hardway blood. Before rolling his opponent back in the ring; Strong delivered a receipt to Mondo in the form of a vicious looking boot to the face. Mondo fought back from underneath, but was soon back on the floor; taking a shot into the ring post and a suplex on the floor.

        Back in the ring and Strong got some heat on Mondo; Roddy cut off a couple of comeback attempts, before Mondo grabbed a cravat on the apron and delivered knee strikes to Strong’s head. Mondo trapped his opponent in the ring apron skirt and delivered a big stomp, which was followed by a near fall. After taking a moonsault press, Strong rolled to the floor again and took a head-scissors into the barricade; followed up by Mondo heading to the top of the ramp and charging at Roderick with a shoulder block. Strong made it back in the ring first, as Mondo sold his arm on the floor.

        With both men back in the ring, Todd Sinclair asked Mondo if he could continue and looked about ready to stop the match; Mondo grabbed the referee and told him not to, which lead to Strong hitting a yuranagi-backbreaker for a two count. Mondo landed a spinebuster for a hope spot, prior to being caught in an omaplata with a cross-face; the crowd chanted: “Yes! Yes! Yes!” to the familiar hold. Roddy nailed a double knee gut-buster, which Mondo sold tremendously; Strong followed up with a flying knee and the sick-kick for the three count.


Roderick Strong defeated Mike Mondo at 12:38, via pinfall.


A good competitive opening match, although I would have preferred a little more of Strong working the arm towards the end. If the aim was to get sympathy on Mondo for continuing injured, then the crowd didn’t really buy it.


Caleb Seltzer from PWF joined Kelly and McGuiness for commentary. He put over the four corner survival match and said the winner would get an ROH contract. He also said Antonio Thomas was: “bringing the star power” to the match.


 I guess he was a Heart Throbs fan.


Four Corner Survival for a ROH Contract: Antonio Thomas vs. Matt Taven vs. Vinny Marseglia vs. Q.T. Marshall.


Thomas and Marshall formed an alliance early in the match; jumping Taven and Marseglia from behind. Q.T took a dropkick from Marseglia, which sent him through the ropes and Thomas ate a clothesline which also sent him to the floor. Taven hit a huge plancha over the top rope onto Q.T and Antonio. The Thomas and Marshall coalition didn’t last long however, as Thomas tagged himself in and came off the top rope with a cross-body onto Marseglia who was held in a vertical suplex position byMarshall.

       The highlight of the match came when Thomas swept Q.T’s legs and began to apply the Muta lock; as Marseglia charged Antonio, Thomas hooked in a fisherman suplex and took him over for a pinfall attempt, while still wrenching the leg ofMarshall; Taven broke up the pin with a big splash off the top onto Thomas.

         Later in the match, Marseglia nailed a sunset-flip powerbomb off the top on Taven, but was crotched byMarshallon the ring post. Q.T then drilled Taven with a modifiedYokosukacutter for the victory.


Q.T. Marshall defeated: Vinny Marseglia, Antonio Thomas and Matt Taven, via pinfall; at 11:04.


The match was basically a succession of moves and highspots. Although there were some entertaining moments; the match never really flowed and just hitting move after move didn’t help much. Considering these guys were from PWF Northeast, the Rhode Island crowd didn’t really care about any of them.     


Footage of Adam Cole pinning Brutal Bob from ROH TV aired.


Brutal Bob made his entrance and grabbed the mic from Bobby Cruise. Bob called Cole a: “little boy” and said: “professional wrestling is a man’s sport.” He continued to say Cole had a: “sweet, delicate little mouth; suitable for pounding.” This brought out the new TV champion, and the two followed the code of honor before the match.


Non Title Match: Adam Cole (TV Champion) vs. Brutal Bob Evans. 


The match began with a slow pace, with Cole working over Brutal Bob’s knee. Evans rolled to the floor following an exchange of shots and sent Cole into the barricade. Bob then hit a sidewalk slam on the apron; Cole made sure to fix his hair before he began selling the move.

        With the two back in the ring, the crowd chanted: “Brutal Bob”, as Evans tried to get some heat on Cole. Bob worked over the back of his opponent; the fans chanted “Cole sucks”, and Kevin Kelly said the audience were solidly behind Cole. Continuing the assault on the back, Evans grabbed a bear hug and proceeded with a release sidewalk slam. Cole fought from underneath; hitting a shining wizard for a two count, but Brutal Bob avoided a cross-body off the top and scored with a big shoulder block. Evans worked on the back some more, only to have Cole block a suplex attempt. After some weak shots from Cole, Bob hit a spinebuster for a two count. Suddenly, out of nowhere Cole landed a superkick, locked in the figure-four and got the submission victory.


Adam Cole defeated Brutal Bob Evans via submission; at 10:05.


After the match, Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis hit the ring; Bennett got some blows in on Cole, but Team Sexy were quickly run off by Eddie Edwards and Sara Del Ray. Nigel said: “Maria and Bennett were out to the ring in a flash, like someone had lit [Maria’s] tampon.”


An admirable effort with some basic psychology: Cole started out with the advantage; Bob resorted to heel tactics and worked on the back once he had control. However Cole didn’t really show any fire or make a decent comeback. Cole’s match with Kyle O’Reilly at Best in the World and his recent victory over Roderick Strong on ROH television for the TV belt didn’t seem to get him over with the Rhode Island crowd. Having the TV champion take ten minutes to defeat a 48 year old manager isn’t going to get him over much either.


The House of Truth came out next; Truth Martini demanded Kevin Kelly get in the ring for an interview. Truth called him: “Kevin Smelly” and said Kevin Steen would retain the World title later in the show because Rhino would be getting the next shot at Death Before Dishonor.Elgininterrupted Truth and said he had signed papers to face the World Champion at Glory by Honor, in October. Strong was angered and claimed Martini had promised himElgin’s title shot; Roddy then said he was going on strike from the House of Truth and walked out.Elgintold Strong he didn’t care if he was on strike, as he will win the World title at Death Before Dishonor. Charlie Haas came out to faceElgin.


Michael Elgin, w/Truth Martini vs. Charlie Haas.


Haas didn’t follow the code of honor and the fans chanted: “We wantShelton”, before the bell. The two circled and locked up;Elginhad the early advantage; hitting a delayed vertical suplex and an overhead belly-to-belly suplex, which Kelly called a “German suplex”.

      Roderick Strong came back out to ringside with a chair and a case of beer; causing enough of a distraction for Haas to go after the leg ofElgin. Charlie sentElginto the outside and continued to work on his opponent’s leg; removing the knee pad and driving the leg into the ring post. Back in the ring andElginfought from underneath but was cut off by Haas, who went back to the knee.

        At ringside Strong gave a beer to Veda Scott; Nigel said she was underage. Roddy then chugged a beer, which received a big pop from the audience.

         Haas cut off the comeback and applied an Indian death lock; the crowd got behindElginand he got in a hope spot in the form of a slingshot elbow smash; followed up with some fiery clotheslines and a near fall. Haas took a German suplex and an enzuigiri before rolling to the outside; Strong hilariously offered Charlie a beer and said: “Come on, you’re my favourite wrestler!” Haas then swept the leg ofElgin, causing him to take a bump on the apron. Strong then toasted “The Outlaw” but Charlie threw his beer in Martini’s face;Elgincharged and sent Haas into Strong, who crashed into the barricade.

          Back in the ring andElginwent for a powerbomb; Strong jumped on the apron and spat beer into the eyes of his fellow H.O.T member. Haas rolled him up for the pinfall.


Charlie Haas defeated Michael Elgin at 14:42, via pinfall.


A fair effort from both guys, even if the match went a little too long and the finish has been seen countless times on TNA shows. Elgin looked strong and Charlie worked on the bigger man’s leg. I like the slow-burn approach to Elgin finally leaving the H.O.T; it’s been building for a few weeks and they even did a little tease after the match here.


Footage of the Briscoes vs. Steen and Jimmy Jacobs from a house show aired. The match looked like an out of control wild brawl; Mark Briscoe in an act of complete insanity dove off a balcony onto Steen, who was laid out on a table in the ring.


Whose idea was it to allow Mark to take that risk on an untelevised event, or at all for that matter?


The Briscoe’s music hit and out they came, receiving the biggest pop of the night by far. Steve Corino and Jimmy Jacobs, representing SCUM were next to the ring, for a grudge tag match.


The Briscoes vs. Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs.


Corino and Jay started out; the elder Briscoe quickly gained the advantage and made the tag. Mark nailed a dropkick through the ropes, after Corino had rolled to the outside. Nigel said he saw Corino: “trying to get in shape by eating chicken and broccoli”, McGuiness continued by saying Corino had previously been on the: “Adrian Adonis diet”. Mark came off the top turnbuckle with a moonsault to the floor, taking out everyone; all four men then brawled around ringside.

         Back in the ring and Mark hit a DDT on Corino, proceeded by his peculiar walking the second rope spot and a back splash. Corino was backed into the corner, but the King of Old School pulled out the subtlest of heel tactics; using the tights of Mark to send Briscoe face first into the buckle. Jacobs came in off the tag and stole Mark’s rope-walk gimmick, however the heel team didn’t keep the advantage for long as Mark made the tag. Jay unloaded with fire on the members of SCUM; only a double-team STO/neckbreaker combination shut him down. The heels made frequent tags and kept the heat on Jay; Briscoe created an opening with a downward spiral into the second turnbuckle on Corino and both men made the tag.

        Mark came in and Jacobs took his Redneck Kung-Fu routine; the Zombie Princess caught Briscoe with a boot, landed a tornado suplex out of the corner and got the tag. Corino came in and hit the Colbyshock and two backdrop drivers, before eating a jawbreaker from Mark who then tagged in his brother. Jay showed more fire; landing aDeath Valleydriver and a neckbreaker for a two count. Corino shut down Jay’s offense with another backdrop driver and made the tag to Jacobs.

         Corino tossed Mark through the ropes and Scum went for a double team on Jay; Mark tripped Corino and dragged him out of the ring, leaving Jacobs to take a spinebuster from Jay. Corino took a suplex on the floor; Jacobs went for sliced bread on Jay, only to be hoisted onto Briscoe’s shoulders. Mark came off the top for the Doomsday Device to get the three count.


The Briscoe’s defeated Steve Corino & Jimmy Jacobs, via pinfall; at 12:45


Nobody mentioned that The Briscoe’s were scheduled to face ANX for the tag titles, or that ANX are not the champions anymore. They could have at least come up with some excuse and say they were stripped of the belts. That’s what you get when you put a belt on someone who is leaving.

       The match was good; solid performances from all four competitors. After the deliberate pace of the previous two matches, the crowd were completely into this. Even through this feud doesn’t play out on television, The Briscoe’s are so over at this point, they could wrestle absolutely anybody and have a decent match.






2 out of 3 Falls Match: Tommaso Ciampa, w/ R.D Evans vs. Jay Lethal.


Bobby Cruise said there would be a 30 second rest period between each fall; since there will be no wrestling in these periods, I will give the time of each fall, bell to bell.


R.D Evans got in the ring before the match and offered Lethal a handshake on Ciampa’s behalf, which Lethal rejected with a slap to R.D.

       Ciampa charged at Lethal, but immediately clutched his left knee; Lethal fired back shots and Ciampa rolled to the floor, holding his left knee again. After a slow chase around ringside, Lethal hit the Lethal Injection and the Lethal Combination for the three count.


Jay Lethal won the first fall at 1:55, via pinfall.


Following the rest period, Ciampa continued to take offense from his opponent; Lethal caught the Sicilian Psychopath with a hiptoss, a basement dropkick and a vertical suplex; sending both men crashing over the top rope to the floor. A brief exchange ensued, culminating with Lethal delivering a suplex on the floor to Ciampa; R.D Evans tried to get involved but also took a suplex on the outside.

       Back in the ring and Lethal continued to work Ciampa over; the pair traded reversals, until Ciampa landed a big knee strike and Project Ciampa for the fall. Nigel put over the fact Ciampa only used his right knee to deliver his finish, which was either genius psychology or protection of a legitimate injury.


Tommaso Ciampa took the second fall, via pinfall; at 5.51.


The bell for the final fall rang; Ciampa verbally berated Lethal and delivered a chop, which fired up the babyface. Jay made a comeback resulting in Ciampa pulling out the Terry Funk rope swing, while taking chops from Lethal.  Ciampa took another Lethal Combination, this time into the second turnbuckle; followed up by an axe handle smash off the top and a big neckbreaker for a two count. Lethal flew threw the ropes with a tope and took out Evans, before heading to the top rope; delivering hail to the king for another near fall. The two fought onto the apron, where Ciampa caught Lethal with a devastating air raid crash/kryptonite krunch; each man sold on the floor and made it back in the ring as the count was at 19.

       Both men traded blows, garnering the pantomime boos and cheers with each shot. Lethal nailed a superkick for a two count, at which point R.D Evans got on the apron and distracted Sinclair long enough for Ciampa to hit a low blow. Prince Nana came running down to ringside and got in some offence on Evans; Ciampa saved R.D and drilled Nana with a clothesline over the barricade. As Ciampa got back in the ring, Lethal delivered a low blow of his own and landed a modified Lethal Injection for the third fall.


Jay Lethal won the third fall, via pinfall; at 7:29.


Jay Lethal defeated Tommaso Ciampa, 2 falls to 1; in 14:35.


This was a hell of a match considering the circumstances; Ciampa tweeted on Wednesday that he slightly tore his ACL at the start of the match. During the match I thought he was working the injury; even if he was just selling, the match would have been a great piece of business. If it was legitimate, the fact he worked near 15 minutes on one leg is astonishing.  Either way, work or shoot; Ciampa looked like a stud.


Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis were next out; they got in the ring and kissed. Nigel said Bennett was a lucky man and popped when Maria removed her t-shirt. Eddie Edwards’ music hit and he and Sara Del Ray made their way to the ring.



Mixed Tag Match: Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis vs. Eddie Edwards & Sara Del Ray


The women started out the match, but Maria wanted no part of Del Ray and immediately tagged in Bennett. Edwards and Bennett traded holds and counters throughout the early stage of the contest; Del Ray made a blind tag, resulting in a double team on Bennett. Nigel said mix tag rules are usually men vs. men and women vs. women.


So this would be an intergender match.


Del Ray got some more offense in on Bennett before he cut her off with a gut shot. Maria grabbed Sara’s hair from the outside and tagged in; Bennett restrained Del Ray and Maria got the advantage. Kanellis attempted to get some heat which failed and in the process managed to completely no sell a head butt from Sara; the undercover Samoan, Maria then tagged in Bennett.

       Sara made the tag to Edwards who came off the top turnbuckle with a missile dropkick and followed up with a Kobashi chop flurry in the corner. Eddie tied Bennett in the tree of woe and landed a dropkick on the helpless Prodigy; Del Ray came in and hit some unconvincing kicks before Edwards nailed a baseball slide to Bennett’s head.

        Both men ended up on the floor after Edwards went for a flying knee off the apron, only to be caught with a spear by Bennett. Maria tagged in and gave Eddie some weak stomps before quickly tagging out again. Bennett got some heat on Edwards and the crowd chanted: “CM Punk”; Eddie hit theBostonknee party for a hope spot, but Bennett shut him down with a clothesline. In came Maria again, the crowd chanted: “CM Punk”, even louder as she went for a pin attempt.  Edwards kicked out at one and tagged Del Ray, who drilled Kanellis with a big boot; Nigel hilariously yelled: “watch out Maria!”

        Sara went for a Koppu kick, but Bennett moved Maria out of the way and made the tag. Del Ray tagged in Edwards who nailed a chin-checker and hooked in the Achilles lock; Del Ray caught Maria in the ankle lock but Kanellis escaped to the outside. Maria crawled under the ring, perused by Sara, who appeared moments later with what appeared to be the outfit of Kanellis. Nigel marked out at the thought of a naked Maria; Bennett was infuriated and distracted by Del Ray, which created an opening for Edwards to apply the Achilles lock again for the submission.


Eddie Edwards & Sara Del Ray defeated Mike Bennett & Maria Kanellis; at 13:07, via submission.


After the bout, Bennett acquired Bobby Cruise’s jacket and covered up the “naked” Maria. Two camera angles proved Maria was still wearing her tights.


I am going to choose my words carefully here; intergender matches are risky to say the least. To paraphrase Kevin Sullivan: the best way to do an intergender match is to ring the bell; have the male wrestler punch the woman right in the face and cover her for the 3 count.

      Now that is just my own opinion. The match was over with the people and I can see the entertainment value of what happened during the bout. Also the next time we see Sara, she could be doing jobs on NXT, so at least her send off was admirable.


Eddie Kingston made his way out for the main event; Nigel put over thatKingstondedicated the match to Larry Sweeney. The ROH World Champion Kevin Steen made his way into the ring, with Corino and Jacobs. During the introductions, Bobby Cruise said the match would be: “anything goes”.  Corino joined Kelly and McGuiness and said it was a conspiracy on behalf of Jim Cornette.


Anything Goes Match, for the Ring of Honor World Championship: Kevin Steen (Champion) w/ SCUM vs. Eddie Kingston


The bell rang andKingstonimmediately jumped out of the ring and drilled Corino; who sold by shouting: “he knocked out my teeth!” Steen and the number one contender then brawled around ringside, until Jacobs rakedKingston’s eyes; allowing Steen to roll Eddie into the ring.Kingstonhit a tope, taking out all the members of SCUM; he then lead Corino and Jacobs out of the arena, leaving Steen by himself.  Eddie got a chair and rolled the champion into the ring. Steen countered; droppingKingstonface first on the chair; placed it over Eddie’s face and delivered a summersault legdrop.

      Both men rolled to the floor again and Steen hit a suplex onto the guardrail cover. The champion pulled out a table, while the crowd chanted: “Kill Steen Kill”;Kingstoncountered with a suplex through the table. Eddie went after another table, but Steen hit a baseball slide to regain the advantage. With the table upside down, Steen proceeded to create a bridge between the barricade and the ring apron; the two fought for leverage and eventually Steen delivered a powerbomb through the inverted table.

       Todd Sinclair immediately checked on the condition ofKingston; Steen attempted to pick his challenger up, but Eddie was deadweight. Sinclair told Steen to stay back and the champion appeared to buy some time; playing to the crowd while more referees ran out to check onKingston. Steen grabbed the mic and began to heel on the audience; a referee even whispered something in Steen’s ear, which prompted the champion to continue his promo. As the refs were carryingKingstonout of the arena, Steen buried them for taking Eddie through all the technical equipment near the announce table, instead of taking him around the clear side of the ring. Just beforeKingstonwas taken through the curtain, Steen said: “Larry Sweeny thinks you’re an F’N p***y”; causing Eddie to charge back towards the ring.

       Kingstonunloaded on Steen and hit a half-nelson suplex for a two count. The challenger went under the ring and pulled out two chairs, but Steen cut him off with a hangman’s DDT onto a chair; followed by a running cannonball in the corner. Steen set up another table, howeverKingstonreversed and delivered a backdrop driver through the table for a near fall; the crowd showed there appreciation with dueling: “Let’s go Eddie/Kill Steen Kill” chants.Kingstondelivered a huge backdrop driver onto a chair; Corino ran down and prevented Sinclair from making the three count. Rhett Titus came out to take care of Corino, while in the ring Steen hit Eddie with a low blow and an F5 for a near fall. Steen then set up two chairs, kissed his opponent and nailed another F5 on to the chairs for the three count.


Kevin Steen defeated Eddie Kingston, via pinfall; at 18:45.


After the match, Steen got into an altercation with two fans at ringside; he attempted to kiss one and delivered two open hand slaps to the other. ROH security and referees quickly jumped the rail to check on the fan, who appeared to be laid out on the floor. The champion then made his way to the back with Jimmy Jacobs, who looked like he couldn’t believe what he just saw.  Nigel said: “we don’t want a lawsuit on our hands”.


 I’m afraid it might be too late for that.


The match was an entertaining brawl; Kingston did a fantastic job of selling the powerbomb and the refs played their part in making the whole thing look like a shoot. Steen failed to work on the neck after Eddie chose to continue the match, but that’s a minor flaw. I’m more concerned about Sinclair Broadcasting and their reaction to Steen assaulting a fan. Here’s hoping Mr. Wrestling doesn’t incur too much heat for this.


 An underwhelming PPV overall; there were no must-see matches. If you didn’t see the show, you didn’t miss much apart from Steen practically writing his own pink slip. The World title match was entertaining, but not a patch on Steen vs. Richards; Ciampa arguably had the stand out performance of the entire show and The Briscoe’s had a solid match as usual.

       I am optimistic Cornette will have his booking hat on for Death Before Dishonor, because some of the decisions on this show were questionable at best. 


TNA Hardcore Justice 2012

Orlando, Florida


Overall Show Thoughts


This was another really solid outing from TNA and honestly they have overtaken WWE by a vast margin over the past few months in regard to booking and match quality. Hardcore Justice’s chronological rival, Money in the Bank, was overtaken by this show by a pretty large amount – and this show wasn’t even the best TNA show in the last three months. It built well towards the main event, which was a great match and the Bound for Glory series matches were all fun. My most major problem with the show was that they had too many gimmick matches on one show, but that is something that was set to happen anyway. However, they could have built to the matches better. Still, this was a very enjoyable show and three hours of pro wrestling that won’t waste your time this week.


1. Chavo Guerrero & Hernandez vs. Kid Kash & Gunner


Kash and Gunner jumped Hernandez and Guerrero to start the match off. Hernandez was knocked to the outside, but he fought off both Gunner and Kash. Guerrero landed the three amigos on Kash and he went to the top rope. However, he was hung up by Gunner. Gunner and Kash landed some clubbing blows and chops on Guerrero followed by a double shoulder block for two. Gunner landed a shot on Guerrero behind the referee’s back. The fans got behind Guerrero. Kash and Gunner landed a double front suplex for the count of two and Guerrero landed a few shots in the corner. Guerrero followed the shots with a flying head scissors, but the referee was distracted and Gunner clipped the knee. Gunner landed a clothesline for two and locked in a headlock. The fans cheered Guerrero on again, this time willing him to his feet, but he was brought down again with a big back bodydrop. Kash was tagged back in and locked in an armbar of some sort, but Hernandez ran in, which delayed Gunner’s pinning attempt. Gunner and Kash landed some more stomps in the corner and Kash taunted Guerrero. Kash landed some kicks in the ropes, Guerrero landed a forearm, but Gunner halted him with another cheap shot. Kash locked in a camel clutch – which led to Taz making an Iron Sheik reference saying that Kash was trying to humble Guerrero. Guerrero powered out of the camel clutch, but was cut off from making the tag again. The fans began to chant “Gunner sucks”. Guerrero got another few forearms, Kash cut him off, he went to the top, but both men went crashing down to the mat with a double clothesline. The tag was finally made to Hernandez who ran wild on Kash. He landed a big shoulder block on Kash and landed one on Gunner for good measure. Hernandez landed a big splash on Kash in the corner and landed an inverted Gory bomb, but it was broken up by Gunner. Hernandez overpowered both men. Hernandez got the big splash on Gunner, which allowed him to tag Guerrero in midair. Guerrero then landed a frogsplash on Kash for the win in 09:38. This was a simple, yet fun and effective tag match that had the fans invested in the match. The finish was also pretty unique.

** ¼


The really good video package with all of the men in the BFG series talking about Hardcore Justice was shown again. The Pope never came out for his match and they went backstage where the Aces & Eights destroyed Pope’s arm. Mr. Anderson, who came out third talked about Pope and said that he didn’t care because “there was one less b*tch” to worry about”. This was all done in a “wrestling is real” shirt.



2. Falls Count Anywhere Match For 20 Points In The BFG Series

Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus vs. Mr. Anderson


Magnus knocked Van Dam down to the outside while he was pandering to the crowd, which resulted in Van Dam hitting his head on the steps – it looked like it was no fun. Magnus got a quick cover, but Van Dam slid back in to break it up. He landed a windmill kick on Magnus and monkey flip onAnderson. He followed this by taking Magnus to the outside and landing a front suplex on the guardrail. He went for the guillotine leg drop, but he was pushed off of the apron onto the rail byAnderson. Anderson and Magnus brawled on the outside. Magnus sentAndersoninto the steps. He proceeded to grab a chair, butAndersonducked.Andersonwent for a DDT on the chair, but Magnus countered and got a cover on the outside for two.Andersonwas hung on the guardrail by Magnus, but he was caught with a flying chair from Van Dam who landed a big guillotine legdrop onAnderson. Van Dam taunted again on the ramp, but he was cut off again (you think that he would have learnt). Magnus mimicked Van Dam’s taunt and locked in aBostoncrab on the entrance way.Andersonbroke it up and rolled Magnus into the ring where both men exchanged strikes. Anderson and Magnus both went down with a double clothesline. This led to Van Dam climbing the top rope, butAndersonhung him up.Andersonwent for a superplex, Magnus went for the powerbomb tower, but he was kicked off byAnderson. Van Dam landed the frog splash, but Magnus pulled Van Dam out of the ring landing a suplex on the ramp. Magnus attempted to grab a chair from under a fan, who wasn’t having any of it, he then proceeded to shout “where’s a f****** chair”. He finally found the chair, but he was caught with a Van Daminator on the ramp for the win in 09:03.

** ¾


Borash was backstage and he informed everyone that security had done a clean sweep of the building. He asked Madison Rayne about Earl Hebner. She was wondering if Borash had a crush on Hebner, because he kept asking about him. She reminded everyone that she was a two time Knockout’s Tag Champion and Three Time Knockout’s champion. Rayne said that she didn’t need anybody’s help. She said that Tessmacher couldn’t beat her and she was not worried. She blew Hebner a kiss and walked off.


3. TNA Television Championship Match

Devonvs. Kazarian


Devonran at Kazarian who quickly fled to the outside. He pulled him in off of the apron to start the match off. Devonwent after Kazarian on the outside, landing a shot with a water bottle. Kazarian attempted to escape numerous times threw the crowd, but he was halted by Devon. Kazarian was whipped up to the steps, almost slipped and came off the steps with a crossbody. However, he was caught with a big scoop slam on the outside. Kazarian offered the handshake, but he was pulled in with a big clothesline. Kazarian raked the eyes of Devonand landed a big clothesline. Kazarian was suddenly in control and landed some shots on the ground. The fans got behind Devon, but he was halted with both a clothesline and springboard dropkick. Devonworked back up to his feet again, but he was knocked down with a dropkick. Kazarian landed some boots and taunted the crowd. Devonunloaded with some shots, but Kazarian landed a thumb to the eye. Kaz landed some shots in the corner and yelled that he would be “the new world television champion of the world”. Kazarian was caught with a spear, which he took a really wacky bump for – pretty much standing on his head. Devonbegan to unload with clotheslines and landed a neckbreaker. He followed it with a standing diving headbutt to the delight of the crowd. Devonlanded two diving shoulder tackles for two, but Kazarian landed a jawbreaker. Devonmanaged to catch Kazarian with a huge hangman’s neckbreaker off of the ropes for two. He went for the spinebuster, but Kazarian got a crucifix for the near fall. Kazarian went for Fade to Black, but he was caught with the spinebuster for the win.
** ¾


4. Diva’s Championship Match

Miss Tessmacher vs. Madison Rayne


A goofy recap was shown of the Rayne/Hebner angle. Hebner pulled Rayne off of Tessmacher in the corner. Tessmacher got a backslide for the count of two and Rayne slid out to the outside. Rayne caught Tessmacher with an elbow and followed it with a big clothesline. Rayne strangled Tessmacher in the corner with her boot and landed some forearms. Tessmacher caught Rayne with a crossbody, but Rayne cut her off with a clothesline. Rayne landed a northern lights suplex for two and she rammed Tessmacher’s head into the mat with her knees. Rayne began to shout at Hebner asking “what’s a matter with you?” This allowed Tessmacher to come back with some clotheslines. She went for a back suplex, but Rayne raked the eyes. Rayne missed a shot in the corner and Tessmacher landed a faceplant with the hair. Tessmacher landed an elbow from the top. Rayne had her foot on the ropes legitimately. Tessmacher contested the issue, which led to Rayne getting the rollup with a hand on the rope for the win in 05:28. This was a pretty awful match, even counting for the fact that it was Tessmacher and Rayne.

* ¼


Borash stood backstage with Ray. Ray didn’t want to step into the light. He said that he normally wouldn’t care about Pope, but he said that they (The Aces & Eights) were coming for him. That was why he was keeping his back to the wall. He said when he went to his truck at his house the day before and there was an ace and eight lying on his windshield. He said he was tough, but you could only take care of so many people at the same time. He asked if they knew who he was. He said that he was the toughest “mofo” there, the guy with the biggest calves and chain. If they wanted to see him they could find him in the ring beating up three other men and putting them through tables. He would then be headed for the sun and would win the TNA World Championship. This was a very good promo from Ray – one of the best interviews in the company. A recap was shown of the entire Aces & Eights situation.


5. Tables Match For 20 Points In The BFG Series

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy vs. James Storm vs. Robbie E


Ray shouted at Hardy saying that he had known him for a long time, saying that they should both go up against Storm. Robbie E freaked out and said that everyone had to focus on him, but Ray slapped him really hard. Storm and Hardy threw E to the outside allowing Ray to land a double clothesline on both men. Ray shouted that he was sorry from the outside trying to play onNew YorkandNew Jersey. He got E to get him a table, but then knocked him off of the apron. Storm and Hardy began to beat Ray down, E attempted to move the table, Ray clipped the side which really wasn’t supposed to happen. Ray threw a table into the ring, but he was caught with a baseball slide from E, who brought the table into the ring. E elbowed Ray off of the apron on the other side of the ring and he landed some shots on Hardy. Hardy was placed on the table and the fans got behind him. He started to taunt, but he was clipped with an enzuigiri from Storm who perched E up on the top rope. Storm went for a superplex, Hardy moved the table and attempted to get a superplex tower through the table – Ray moved the table. Ray went for a back bodydrop through the table on Hardy, but this time Storm move the table out of the way. E sent Storm towards the table, but Hardy intercepted him with a clothesline. E was sent to the outside with a front suplex from Hardy. Hardy set a table up on the outside. E was rammed into the apron and Hardy placed him on the table landing shots. Hardy went to the top, Robbie T came down, but Hardy dove to catch T with a crossbody instead, which was odd. Hardy was placed on the table and E went for a legdrop. However, Hardy moved and E went crashing through the top portion of the table with a legdrop. Everyone tried to cover it up, with the announcers claiming that you had to go through the middle (which was preposterous) – it didn’t work.  Ray and Storm unloaded on each other in the ring. Ray shouted “screw you Storm” and caught him with a big clothesline. Ray did the spit spot, but Aces & Eights came down to ringside. This allowed Storm to land the superkick on Ray. The leader of the Aces & Eights gave Storm a thumbs up, but he shouted at them. Hardy attacked Storm from behind and landed the dropkick in the bottom turnbuckle. Hardy caught Storm with the Whisper in the Wind. Both men exchanged strikes, but Hardy countered the superkick and landed the twist of fate. Hardy positioned Storm for the Swanton, but The Aces & Eights interrupted allowing for Storm to land a superkick. Ray took advantage and powerbombed Hardy through the table in 13:46 for the twenty points. The fans seemed to really buy Storm’s involvement, which can only be a good thing, because if they didn’t the babyfaces would look like idiots.



Borash was backstage. He said that he didn’t know where the Aces & Eights came in and where they left. He brought in Aries and asked him his thoughts on the situation. Aries said there were more questions than answers. He said that he was focused on his match, but was prepared for the Aces & Eights. Aries answered a question from twitter asking why he accepted to give up his title shot. Aries said that a man that was concerned with a rematch clause is a man that needs one and he didn’t need one, because he was not a fluke. He was the greatest man that ever lived and although Roode was A level he wasn’t on the A double level.


6. X Division Championship Match

Zema Ion vs. Kenny King


They played that really great video package from Impact again. King took Ion to the mat with a wrist lock and landed two stomps to the knee. Ion caught King with a knee to the gut, but King took advantage of an athletic exchange and locked in a side headlock. King got a cradle for two and followed it with another following the exchange. King moved out of the way of a spin kick attempt, knocked Ion to the outside, but he was taken to the outside before landing a springboard. King executed a perfect straight vertical leap onto the apron and landed a corkscrew plancha. Ion hung King up and landed a topé con giro. King caught Ion with a big shot, but Ion hung King up and landed a neckbreaker off the ropes. The fans got behind King who landed one or two shots to the gut, but Ion threw King into the turnbuckle landing some stomps. Ion strangled King in the ropes, King fought back with some shots, but he was knocked back down with a big knee to the gut. Ion got a modified cravat of some sort and landed a DDT for two. Ion springed to the top for a moonsault, but King got the knees up. King landed an atomic drop and began to land some clotheslines. King landed a big windmill kick for two and followed it with a huge single leg trap fisherman’s buster into the turnbuckle. This allowed King to land a big corkscrew topé on Ion. King came in with a springboard float over neckbreaker. Ion caught King with a slap, King got a sunset flip, Ion countered, but King got a single legBostoncrab. King dragged Ion to the middle of the ring, but Ion got out with an eye poke. King landed a boot to the head, but Ion ducked the enzuigiri. Ion got a facebuster for two and went to the top. King made it to his feet, dropped down with a back flip from the top turnbuckle and brought Ion down with a kick. King caught Ion with a big enzuigiri just as Ion went for the hairspray for two. King went for the sunset flip again, but he was caught with the Gory special for the win. This match was far better than I expected, in fact it made both men and the belt come off really well. King came off like somewhat of a star and Ion seems to have improved to some extent in the ring. Ion pinned King in 11:06.

*** ¼


Borash was backstage with Joe. Joe said that he was ready and said he would seal his place in the final four. He said he will take one step closer to regaining his title. Everyone else was shaking around backstage nervous, but he wasn’t worried about the Aces & Eights. He said because no country wins a war on two fronts. He said he would beat up everyone in the match and take his envelop along with the twenty points.


7. Ladder Match For 20 Points In The BFG Series

Kurt Angle vs.SamoaJoe vs. AJ Styles vs. Christopher Daniels


Styles went straight after Daniels as Angle and Joe looked on. Eventually Angle and Joe got their shots in too. Daniels went for a BME on Joe, but missed and Joe responded with an atomic drop and big back senton. Joe landed shots on Styles in the corner. He landed some on Angle too and caught him with a big enzuigiri. Joe got some face washes in on Angle. Daniels pulled Joe to the outside and went for a pescado, but he was caught. This led to Styles landing a pescado of his own onto both men. Styles landed some big kicks on Angle and went for a clothesline, but Daniels landed a big ladder shot to the leg of Styles. Daniels rammed the ladder into the chest of Joe and took a bow. He ran at Joe, but was caught with a completely unforgiving yuranagi on a ladder. Joe began to climb, Styles climbed back in, Joe landed some shots, but Styles took him down with a dropkick. Angle was back in and he landed some strikes of his own on Daniels. Angle landed an uppercut followed by a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker on Styles, but he was caught with a groin shot with the ladder thanks to Daniels. Daniels started to climb, but Joe picked him off and landed a big powerbomb in the corner. Joe started to climb, but he was caught by Angle who landed a huge belly to belly suplex. This led to a hugeUSAchant. Angle set the ladder up again, but as he turned around he was caught by Styles. Both men exchanged strikes, however Angle got the advantage stomping Styles on the mat. Styles pushed Angle into the ladder, Angle ducked, but he was pushed back in really hard by Styles. It looked really brutal. Styles caught Joe with a pelé and went to set the ladder up again. Daniels attempted to intervene, but Styles tore into Daniels. Styles landed some uppercuts in the corner on Daniels, but Joe came back in and he dropped Styles to the outside. Joe looked like he was going for a big face wash on Daniels, but he caught Styles with a topé suicida. Angle caught Joe with a belly to belly suplex on the outside, but he too was caught by Daniels who landed a double sledge. Joe took Daniels and Styles down in the ring and landed a belly to belly suplex throwing Daniels into the turnbuckle. He hung Styles up on the top turnbuckle and went for a muscle buster. Angle came in looking for a muscle buster, German suplex combo on Joe, but unfortunately Joe never kept his grip and Styles slid. Daniels took Angle down and began to climb. Angle pulled him off ankle first, Daniels tapped, but he used the ladder as leverage and threw Angle into the ladder again. Styles came flying in with a springboard forearm and he started to ascend. Daniels pushed Styles off of the ladder to the outside and he took a bow. Daniels began to climb the ladder, but Joe and Angle pushed the ladder down. Joe landed a release fisherman’s suplex and they both exchanged suplexes on Daniels. The exchange culminated in Daniels being sandwiched in between a ladder and Joe landed a kick. Joe landed some shots on Angle, but he was bridged to the floor. Daniels was pretty much planking in the middle of the ladder, but he grabbed Angle’s leg. Joe grabbed another ladder and took Angle down with some headbutts. Styles springboarded out of nowhere to steal the contract in 16:21.

*** ¾


Borash interviewed Roode. He asked if Roode was afraid of Aries. Roode said that he wasn’t afraid of anyone and most certainly not Aries. Because, his victory was nothing more than a fluke, it was time for him to live his life again. He said that he had been carrying the company on his back for a year and Aries’ reign would come to an end that night, because he would walk into Bound for Glory as champion.


8. TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match

Austin Aries vs. Bobby Roode


Roode shouted at Aries saying that he was the real world champion, but Aries spat water in his face. Aries went for the last chancery, but Roode slid to the outside. Aries was able to catch Roode with the last chancery, but Roode was able to make it to the ropes. Roode slid out of the ring once again. Roode finally made it back in, but slid out almost as soon as he made it in. Roode finally made it back in and he was caught with a dropkick in the corner. Aries went for the brainbuster, but Roode slid out holding his eye. He then said that he wasn’t going through with it. Aries reminded him that he only had one shot. Roode asked for a time out, but was forced to slide in. This allowed Aries to land two pescados to the outside. Back in the ring Aries landed a big chop to the chest of Roode. Aries caught Roode with a kick to the chest and Aries went for the double sledge, but he was hung up on the guardrail. Roode took advantage of this, ramming Aries into the barricade and apron. Roode covered Aries in the ring for the count of one and landed some stomps on Aries. Roode poked the eye of Aries and hung him up on the top rope with a front suplex. Roode followed it with a vertical suplex and boot to the chest for two. Roode locked in a reverse bearhug on the mat as the fans got behind Aries. Aries elbowed Roode in the head, but Aries was forced into the turnbuckle where Roode landed a shoulder block. Aries got a sunset flip for the count of two, but he was caught with a gutbuster for two. Roode stood on the chest of Aries, shouting that Aries was a fluke. Roode landed a big chop and shot to the face. Aries began to land a few shots, but he was cut off with a knee to the gut. Roode locked in a body scissors on Aries, wearing him down. Aries leaned back for the count of two, but Roode soon rolled to his side. The fans got behind Aries, who finally made it to his feet. However, Aries was powerslammed into the corner, where he was left in the tree of woe. Roode stomped Aries in the corner, but Aries was able to land a cutter. Both men lay fallen in the middle of the ring. Aries caught Roode with some big shots in the corner followed by an atomic drop and clothesline. Aries went for a topé, Roode moved, but Aries was able to catch Roode with an axe handle and big dropkick in a chair on the outside. Aries locked in a front facelock and landed some knees. He finally locked in the last chancery, but Roode clawed at the eyes of Aries. Aries resorted to using one of Roode’s submissions – the crossface. However, Roode fought out with a backbreaker. Roode caught Aries in a crossface of his own. Aries crawled his way to the ropes where Roode broke at four. The fans were behind Aries once again. Roode landed some shots in the corner, but Aries landed one of his own. Roode threw Aries onto the apron, but Aries landed a shoulder block and went to the top rope where he landed a missile dropkick. Aries caught Roode with a big dropkick in the corner and went for the brainbuster, but Roode caught Aries with a spinebuster for two. Roode wore Aries down with some more shots in the corner as both men were perched on the top rope. Roode went for a superplex, but Aries hit the ears of Roode and went for the 450 splash, Roode got the knees up. Roode went for a spear, but Aries moved and Roode collided with Brian Hebner. Roode landed a spear for the visual pin and kicked out at two with another referee in the ring. Roode went for a fisherman’s buster, but he was pushed off by Aries and Roode collided with the second referee. This allowed Aries to land a soccer kick and brainbuster for the visual pin, but Hebner made it in too late. Aries went up top again, but he was caught up. Roode caught Aries with a superplex from the top rope. Both men got a cradle at the 22:56 mark. Roode’s music played, but both referees argued. Roode slid out with the TNA title, but Earl Hebner took it out of his hands. The referees talked for a while, all the while the fans really got into Aries. The match was obviously restarted and Aries went for a topé suicida, but Roode caught him with a belt shot. Aries went limp, but he kicked out. Roode freaked out and Roode pushed Brian Hebner. Hebner pushed back. Roode brought him up again, but Aries got an awesome cradle for the win. The restart finish, although often times clunky when done wrong really worked well here and was a really good way to cap off a great match.

**** ¼


WWE RAW August 13th 2012

Dallas, Texas


Overall Show Thoughts


This show didn’t drag as much as other shows over the post few weeks, but it didn’t build very well to Summer Slam either. The three way is an extremely dull “mainevent” and the closing angle with Michaels was so hokey. It was fine from the point were Triple H ran in, but other than that it was completely wacky. There really wasn’t anything else of note on the show, there were some matches and segments, but none of them really meant anything in terms of building to Summer Slam.


1. CM Punk vs. Big Show


The very fact that CM Punk was the first on the show and the WWE championship match on Summer Slam is being treated as second rate still strikes me as odd. Not for any other reason other than it was specifically mentioned a few weeks ago by Punk. Plus having the triple threat match in some form or fashion every week really doesn’t help either. RAW normally doesn’t start with a match, so having this as an opener was a surprise and at least we didn’t get the same formulaic opening segment – it was in match form this week.


Big Show manhandled Punk knocking him to the ground and strangling him in the ropes. Punk landed a few shots, but he was taken back down with a big running shoulder block. Big Show continued to wear Punk down, stepping on the back and head of Punk, up until Punk landed a dropkick. Big Show wobbled a bit, but responded with a chop to the back and a big scoop slam – shouting “you can’t stop me!” Big Show stepped on the back of Punk, but Punk landed some leg kicks and a shoulder tackle which couldn’t knock Big Show off of his feet. Punk went for a whip, Show countered, but Punk landed a running knee and went for the bulldog. However Punk was caught with a spear and both men went down. All of a suddenBryan’s music hit to thunderous yes chants. He shouted that he deserved to be in the title match. Big Show landed a side slam for two, whileBryanwent nuts at ringside. Show went for the banzai drop, but Punk kicked the leg out from under Show and landed a springboard clothesline for two.Bryanran in and locked in the no lock to end the match.


Big Show landed an elbow on Punk, but Cena ran out and cleared the ring of both men. This led to Punk staring a hole through Cena and AJ coming out – skipping, smiling, happy. She commented thatBryanwas still dealing with his anger management issues, but he would still be active that night teaming up with Big Show to take on Punk and Cena. AJ skipped off. A graphic popped up for the Lesnar/Triple H contract signing.


JTG was talking to Kaitlyn backstage. He said that RAW was three hours, but he couldn’t get a match and it was crazy. The all seeing AJ skipped past and asked if he was calling her crazy, she said she had an opponent for him and instructed him to get to the ring – he was happy with this. AJ asked Kaitlyn if she thought that AJ was unstable, Kaitlyn had many words to describe AJ, but unstable wasn’t one of them. AJ smiled and then realized that the compliment was slightly back handed. Lawler commented how he “loves it how AJ makes matches on the fly like that” which was ridiculous.


2. JTG vs. Ryback


I don’t know what the deal was with JTG, since to my knowledge he was having some trouble with the company (which was evident from the match, but the entire situation seemed strange to me.). Ryback’s eyes were still bloodshot, but he had remixed music. Ryback pushed JTG from one side of the ring to the other, but JTG backed off. The crowd chanted “Goldberg”. JTG landed a few shots from the ground, but Ryback landed a belly to belly suplex after yelling “my turn”. Ryback took JTG to the ground with a boot to the chest and landed a big powerbomb. He did his “feed me more” shtick and the fans really got into it. He landed a stiff clothesline and marching Samoan drop for the win.


They announced that Piper would be on RAW hosting Piper’s Pit and the fans could choose who was going to be on the show. The options wereJericho, Ziggler and the Miz. The Summer Slam pre-show match was announced in the form of Santino Marella defending his US Title against Antonio Cesaro. I really hope that Cesaro gets the title, since Marella’s reign is becoming ridiculous.


Piper was backstage and said that he didn’t care who the fans picked. He turned to Michaels and asked who he was picking – he looked like he was deep in thought. Piper said that he would be intimidated too, if he was going to fight Lesnar. Michaels said that he wasn’t going to fight Lesnar. He phoned Triple H who wasn’t there yet. The excuse given was that he was on a commercial flight.


3. R-Truth vs. Heath Slater


Heath Slater came out saying that he was going to turn everything around, but he was interrupted by R-Truth.


Truth landed some shots in the corner followed by a big hip toss. He did the splits and went for the elbow drop, but Slater moved. Truth slapped Slater, but Slater responded with a neckbreaker. Slater did an air guitar and locked in a headlock. He was caught with some clotheslines from Truth and the inverted DDT for the win.


Truth’s victory celebration was cut short by the Prime Time Players, minus AW of course. Truth went after them, but they double teamed him and beat Truth down. ‘O Neil finished Truth off with a tree slam.


They showed some tOuts of Mark Henry at the Olympics. They were fine, but I would have liked Henry to have been a big surprise at some point. They said that their social media ambassador was Pauly D. They said that he was from theJerseyShoreand the crowd booed. I don’t know if I am out of touch, but I have no idea who this man is. A video package was shown for the World Title match at Summer Slam it was decent, but not havingDel Rioor Sheamus at the show was a stupid idea.


They aired a “ Exclusive” of Booker T’s reaction toDel Rio’s attack on Sheamus from SmackDown. He was asked if there were going to be repercussions. Booker responded by saying “damn right there are going to be repercussions”. He said thatDel Riocrossed the line and the Summer Slam match was off. Obviously impersonating police officers is a far worse crime than grand theft auto. They showed a tOut fromDel Rio, he said that they would meet at SmackDown, because no Manager was bigger than him. They asked for tOuts on people’s thoughts.


4. Sin Cara vs. Tensai


Cara went for a hurricanrana, but it was blocked and Tensai landed a big lariat. He went for the splash off the second rope, but it was countered and he was whipped into Sakamoto. Cara then landed a tornado DDT for the win clean. I felt bad for Bernard. Naturally he killed Sakamoto after the match.


Michaels was talking to someone backstage, asking him to tell him if he saw Lesnar. Lawler introduced Piper.


Piper said that he needed to be caught up, he commented on Ziggler callingJerichoa has-been, saying that they chose who was in Piper’s Pit and saying Miz was a movie star. Piper was confused, but Lawler said that they had the results. It wasJerichowith 55% of the vote. Piper commented on the fans cheeringJericho, saying that last time he saw Jericho Mickey Rourke punched his lights out.Jerichosaid the last time that he saw Piper was he punched Piper out, but Piper didn’t remember.Jerichoplayed almost a parody of a face thanking everyone for voting him in, Piper said that the fans were supportingJerichobecause Ziggler said thatJerichocouldn’t win the big one. Piper said that he knew howJerichofelt and commented thatJericho’s dad wasn’t a quitter and he won the big one. Cole and Lawler were snickering over it, which buried the entire segment, which wasn’t good to begin with. Piper said that he didn’t care what Ziggler orJerichohad to say, it was what the boy wearing the red in the audience had to say. Piper was interrupted by Vicky who brought Ziggler out. Ziggler looks like he had some sort of strange illness since he bleached his hair again last week.


Ziggler commented on how long Piper had been doing Piper’s Pit, saying that it wasn’t interesting, fun or nostalgic – it was sad. Piper commented on Ziggler’s pink attire saying that he was spending too much time with “the girls”. Ziggler toldJerichoto pay attention to Piper, because he would soon become deranged like him. He said thatJerichowould be finished after Summer Slam and he would be forced to hang up his jacket.Jerichocommented on Ziggler’s hair, calling it a bowl of spaghetti and he told Vicky to “shut the hell up”. The fans chanted Y2J.Jerichosaid that he hadn’t gotten the stench of Vicky’s perfume off his cheek since she slapped him last week.Jerichosaid that he could win the big one by defeating Ziggler at Summer Slam. This led to Miz coming out, basically making the fan’s choice invalid once again.


Piper commented that Miz’s movie sucked. Miz said that Ziggler and he had something in common; they couldn’t win the big ones. Miz had won the WWE Title and IC title and Ziggler won the Money in the Bank ladder match. Miz proclaimed that he was taking over the show. He said that Ziggler was his guest and he told Piper andJerichoto get out of his ring. This led toJerichoknocking down Ziggler and Miz and throwing them both out of the ring. This segment could have worked either way and was a decent way to build to their match at Summer Slam.


A CM Punk centric Summer Slam commercial was shown.


5. Chris Jericho vs. Dolf Ziggler vs. The Miz


After coming back from a break a small graphic containing a tweet from AJ was shown. She made the match between all three men and booked it how any responsible 2012 booker would book a match – on twitter.


Jerichowent after the Miz, Ziggler went afterJericho, butJerichomanaged to fend off both men.Jericholanded a dropkick on the Miz forcing him to the outside, allowing forJerichoto wear down Miz. He landed a vertical suplex on the Miz and got a cover for two.Jerichoslapped the chest of Miz and pandered to the crowd. Ziggler pulled the leg ofJerichoallowing for him to capitalize. Ziggler and Miz double teamedJericholanding shots to the gut and strangling him in the ropes. The fans got behindJerichowith “Y2J” chants, but he was cut off again. Ziggler dropped a couple of elbows and made the cover, but he was pulled off of the cover by Miz. This allowedJerichoto take advantage, dropping Miz and Ziggler to the outside.Jerichofollowed it with a pescado onto both men and he dropped the hood of the table onto Ziggler and Miz.Jerichokicked the Miz while standing on the apron, but the Miz was kicked off by Ziggler. After the break Miz was in control with a camel clutch onJericho.Jerichofought out with some elbow strikes to the gut, but he was cut off with a knee to the gut. Miz got a catapult onJerichoand he halted Ziggler from sliding back into the ring with some boots. Miz was able to get a two count and forcedJerichoback to the mat. Miz locked in a camel clutch again, but the fans got behindJerichowho fought out with some elbows and chops.Jerichomoved out of the way of the clothesline in the corner, which allowedJerichoto land some shoulder tackles and a springboard dropkick on Ziggler trying to make it back in the ring.Jericholanded a running bulldog followed by a lionsault on Miz for two, due to a run in from Ziggler. Miz was hung up on the top rope andJerichowent for a superplex, this resulted in the superplex tower spot from Ziggler.Jerichogot a rollup for two and Ziggler followed it with a fameasser for two in a great nearfall. Ziggler went for the Zig Zag, he was caught with the Skull Crushing Finale, but Miz broke it up. Miz landed a neckbreaker, butJerichoturned it into the Walls, however it too was countered. Ziggler knocked the Miz down, butJerichowas able to land the code breaker, however Vicky placed Ziggler’s foot on the rope. The distraction led to Miz attempting the skull crushing finale, butJerichomade it out and locked in the Walls of Jericho. However Vicky distracted the referee on the apron allowing for Ziggler to land the Zig Zag for the win in a very good TV match.


Punk was backstage stretching when he was approached by Eve. She congratulated him, Punk was confused. She said it was for the new CM Punk. Punk remarked that he didn’t had a black hat on and wasn’t twirling on his moustache. He was a long running champion that needed respect. Eve said that no one believed it. Punk said that he would go tell them himself right then. A recap was shown of the opener. Michaels was backstage. He grabbed some water and was approached by Cena which caused him to flinch. Cena asked if he was okay, Michaels said that he was distracted and walked off. Cena asked if he had to follow Punk’s lead. Punk said that Cena had accused him of being “that guy” last week and he assumed that he meant a man that was only out for himself, cheats etc. he basically listed a whole bunch of heel traits. Punk said that the championship meant everything to him. He wasn’t going to be excited about the match, because he wasn’t happy about it. He wasn’t going to stab anyone in the back, because he wasn’t that guy. He said that he would defeat Cena and Big Show and make sure that it was all about him at the end of the night.


6. Layla & Kaitlyn vs. Beth Phoenix & Eve


Phoenixlifted Layla up in a gorilla press, Layla slipped down really sloppily, but she was sent into the corner and Eve was tagged in. This for some reason or another resulted in a “we want tables” chant. Layla got a few quick nearfalls and locked in a headlock. Layla did a wacky dance in the middle of the ring and landed a shot with her backside. Eve went after Kaitlyn who dropped off of the apron allowing Layla to get a rollup for two. Kaitlyn was tagged in and she landed a backbreaker for two. This resulted inPhoenixbegging for the tag. Eve landed a boot and some shots on the ground on Kaitlyn. This allowed Eve to grab a near fall and make the tag toPhoenix, which resulted in a “we want fire!” chant!Phoenixknocked Layla off of the apron, which allowed her and Eve to double team Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn attempted to make a comeback, butPhoenixhosted Kaitlyn up. Kaitlyn got off the shoulders ofPhoenix, knocked Eve off of the apron and got a sloppy looking rollup for the win.


A recap was shown of the Lesnar/Triple H angle, pretty much in its entirety. Lawler said that Triple H still hadn’t arrived.


7. CM Punk & John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan & Big Show


Big Show offered a hand toBryanbefore the match, the fans chanted “yes”, butBryanrefused. Cena and Bryan started the match off. CM Punk got the blind tag forcing Cena out of the ring andBryantagged in Big Show. Punk landed a hip toss onBryan, but Cena tagged himself in. Big Show wanted into the match, butBryanshouted “no!”. Bryan and Punk had an athletic exchange, but Big Show was tagged in and he landed some big shots on Cena. After the break Show was still in control landing a back splash in the corner. Show wouldn’t letBryanin, Cena began to make a comeback, but he was caught in a bearhug. This allowedBryanto make the tag.Bryanmissed the big dropkick in the corner, this led to Punk tagging himself in and landing a springboard clothesline, but Big Show broke the pin up. Cena was not on the apron, which allowedBryanto make a legitimate tag to the Big Show. Show landed some big shots to the gut and a shot on the ropes. Punk landed some forearm smashes, but Show responded by locking in a bearhug again. The crowd got behind Punk who landed some elbows to break free. However, he was halted again with a big back bodydrop from the Big Show. Show stepped on the back of Punk and taunted Cena. Punk attempted to make another comeback, but he was scoopslammed. Show taunted for the chokeslam, butBryantagged himself in, which again resulted in a cacophony of yes chants.Bryanlanded the no kicks on Punk, but Punk caughtBryanwith a highkick. Punk refused to tag Cena in and landed Cena’s own offense. But, when Punk went for the five knuckle shuffle Cena got the tag. Cena landed the knee in the corner and bulldog, Punk abandoned his position, but Cena landed the AA onBryanfor the win. Big Show slid into the ring, but Punk caught him with a belt shot. This resulted in a face off between Cena and Punk. Punk offered Cena the hand, but Cena hesitated for too long and Punk walked off.


Punk was walking backstage, when he was asked for an explanation from Josh Matthews. Punk explained that Cena went into the business for himself and that means that he didn’t care if the team won or lost. He said that Cena showed him the ultimate sign of disrespect by not shaking his hands. He ended by saying that he would teach everyone at Summer Slam about respect. Some pictures were shown of the WWE Asia tour and Paul Heyman and Lesnar were talking backstage.


8. Christian vs. Damien Sandow


Sandow landed a leg sweep and elbow drop on Christian. Christian caught Sandow with a dropkick and landed a couple of slaps. Sandow was knocked down with a shoulder block and caught with a slingshot open handed slap. Christian followed it with a splash, he went for the unprettier. Sandow rolled out of the ring as a result and rammed Christian’s head into the steps. Just as he threw Christian back into the ring, Clay’s music hit and he came down to the ring. Christian looked to capitalize with a rollup, but Sandow was able to land the neckbreaker for the win followed by a cartwheel of victory.


Michaels still moped about backstage full of melancholy, peaking around every corner when suddenly he walked smack-dab into Brock Lesnar. Michaels walked off and Lesnar chuckled.


Brock Lesnar and Heyman came down to the ring. Heyman introduced himself and said that he stood there with great humility as the advocate for “Brrrock Lesnar”. Heyman said that everyone expected them to complain about the flight delay, but he said that Lesnar believed it. Heyman said Triple H wanted it more than anything, even more than Lesnar, he said that it was the most personal fight of Triple H’s life. His dignity and his position as a man in his family would be challenged when he fights a man by the name of Brock Lesnar. Heyman revealed an agreement – Lesnar would not be held responsible for any damage to Triple H’s body. Heyman said that they wouldn’t get a clean athletic contest; they would see a man suffer and go down in a blaze of glory. Heyman admitted that not everyone agreed with him, like Michaels last week. Heyman asked Lesnar if he was there that evening, Lesnar got a grin again and said that he was. Heyman welcomed Michaels down to tell Lesnar what he thought of him again. Heyman proclaimed that there was no shame in being afraid of Brock Lesnar – coming into contact with “the beast incarnate”. Heyman said that just like everyone fromTexaswho has a yellow line running down their spine and Michaels came out.


Michaels leaned over the table and Heyman said that he would accept it. The fans chanted what sounded like “let’s go Lesnar”, but Triple H’s music hit and out he came. Triple H and Lesnar stared each other down and Triple H signed the contract. Triple H mouthed for Lesnar to sign it and Lesnar signed it as well. He then threw the contract at Hunter and left the ring. Lesnar then walked off. A recap was shown of the closing angle on SmackDown again.


The fan submitted tOuts on Booker T’s decision were shown. They were bad – once again. The highlight out of all of them was a man that said in a lackadaisical voice “those actions ofDel Rio, I can’t live with them”.


Triple H and Michaels were talking backstage. Michaels said that he had to get something off of his chest, he said that he had been in the ring with a lot of men, but Lesnar was on a different level. Triple H said that he had him, but Michaels said that Triple H had to defeat him on his own. Michaels then walked into the distance.  A recap was shown of the mainevent match. Big Show was approached by Matt Striker. He said that it never changed the way that he felt about Summer Slam. There was a commotion; they switched to where Michaels had driven into Heyman. All of a sudden Brock jumped out of nowhere grabbing Michaels arm, Heyman proceeded to shout “I told you he was gonna getcha” and “you little weasel!” in the most amazing manner possible. Everything was black so you could only hear sound. A recap and a broken windshield were shown and everyone was freaking out over the car. Hunter approached everyone and he wanted to know what happened. AJ then said that Lesnar DRAGGED MICHAELS AWAY! Suddenly Lesnar walked into the arena with Michaels on his shoulders. He threw him into the ring and landed an F5 followed by the kimura. Triple H walked out, but Heyman said that Lesnar would break Michaels arm if he took another step. Triple H was split, but Lesnar “broke the arm” anyway. Triple H ran into the ring and Lesnar fled. Lesnar walked back but Triple H stared him down.


WWE SmackDown – August 17 2012

Frank Erwin Center  – Austin Texas.

Ben Carass.



The go-home SmackDown before SummerSlam kicked off this week with a video recap of the Sheamus/Alberto Del Rio feud; including:Del Riousing the hood of a car as a weapon, Sheamus stealing Alberto’s car, last week’s World title match set up and Booker T’s interview from, calling off the World title match at SummerSlam.


Inside the arena andDel Rio’s music started; out he came with Ricardo Rodriguez. Josh Matthews said Alberto wanted answers from Booker T.


Finally a Friday night without hearing that appalling Green Day song.


Del Riobegan his promo in the ring by saying he wants his World Heavyweight Championship match back and a peasant like Sheamus is rewarded for stealing his car. Alberto asked what kind of champion cries to the GM to get a match cancelled and what kind of GM is Booker T for giving in to Sheamus’ demands.Del Rioyelled: “I am the number one contender”; he then threatened not to leave the ring until his title shot was reinstated.

        Without a single second of hesitation, Booker T’s music hit; The Booker man appeared on the ramp and told Del Rio he has been a pain in his side ever since he became GM. Alberto said he made Sheamus pay for stealing his car, because: “that’s what a real man does”. Booker toldDel Rio: “real men don’t hire five goons dressed like cops to beat up one guy”, and that he would not tolerate that. Alberto replied by saying he earned the number one contender’s position a long time ago and had been speaking with his lawyers.

          Chris Jericho’s music interruptedDel Rioin mid-sentence and Y2J made his way into the ring.JerichotoldDel Rioto: “shut the hell up”, then informed Alberto nobody cared about all the things he was complaining about; saying he sounded like a: “chiwawa”.Del RiocalledJerichoa: “perro asqueroso”, to which Y2J replied by saying he could speak Spanish too and asked the crowd if they wanted to see him giveDel Rioa Spanish lesson. Jericho said: “tu de se yo soy perro, perro tu aliento fuelle a poo poo de perro”; which was a grammatically incorrect way of saying Del Rio’s breath smelled like dog poo. Y2J went on to say after he beat Dolph Ziggler at SummerSlam he would takeDel Rio’s spot against Sheamus; Alberto asked ifJerichowas “loco” saying: “one gringo asqueroso” already stole his car and he wasn’t going to let another steal his title match.  Booker said his word had been laid down and Sheamus will not compete at SummerSlam; instead he bookedJerichoandDel Rioin the main event of tonight’s show.


A puzzling opening segment; clearly the only intention here was to set up a main event for the end of the show, which is fine if SummerSlam wasn’t 48 hours away.  Del Rio threatening not to leave the ring had no time to make an impact because Booker came right out and killed any potential heat. Jericho’s broken Spanish was slightly amusing; I think at one point he said: “cierre el osito”, which means:”close the teddy bear.”



A graphic of Brock Lesnar with the Kimura on Shawn Michaels aired; Cole said there would be an update on Michaels later in the show.


A graphic hyping Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara vs. The Miz and Cody Rhodes rolled; Josh said it was the first time Sin Cara and Rey have ever teamed.


I guess the six man with Sheamus at Raw 1000 didn’t count.


Commercial Break.


Back in the arena; Rey Mysterio made his entrance and a graphic hyping Mysterio vs. The Miz for the Intercontinental title at SummerSlam aired


Hey, Mysterio’s pinfall over Miz last week did mean something


Sin Cara joined his partner in the ring; The Miz and Cody Rhodes were out next. Before entering the ring, Cody cut a promo saying; last week he tried to reveal the abomination that is Sin Cara’s face; he then told the children and old people with heart conditions to look away, because with the help of an artist he was going to show Sin Cara unmasked. A caricature appeared on the Tron; the cartoon had one large ear, grotesquely huge teeth and beady eyes.  Cole said: “that’s what he looks like; I’ve seen him”.


Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes & The Miz (Intercontinental Champion)


Sin Cara landed a handspring elbow seven seconds into the match, followed by a dropkick which sentRhodesout of the ring. Miz charged towards Sin Cara who moved and Rey pulled down the top rope, sending Miz flying to the floor. Mysterio came off the apron with a seated senton on The Miz, while Sin Cara flew through the ropes with a topé, taking outRhodes.

        Back in the ring and Sin Cara caught Cody with a springboard, corkscrew armdrag; Miz distracted the hooded wrestler and Cody delivered a clothesline. The heels got some heat and made frequent tags;Rhodeswent after the mask and Cole said: “I don’t quite know when this obsession with Sin Cara and the mask started with Cody”.


Last week Michael; he cut a big promo on the whole thing.


Sin Cara counteredRhodes’ offense with a snapmare and made the tag to Rey. Mysterio took Cody down with a tilt-o-whirl head scissors followed by a bulldog and made the cover, but The Miz broke up the pin attempt. Sin Cara came in and gave Miz a hurricanrana and a clothesline over the top; as he attempted to skin the cat, Cody went for Sin Cara’s mask again. Mysterio hit the 619 on the preoccupiedRhodesand came off the tope rope with a splash for the three count.


Rey Mysterio & Sin Cara defeated The Miz and Cody Rhodes, via pinfall; at 4:21.


After the match Miz attempted to jump Mysterio, but Rey saw it coming; dropkicking the IC champion’s knee and delivering a 619; Mysterio then held up the Intercontinental title belt.


A decent little tag match. The heels got some heat on Sin Cara, but since Rey has a title match at SummerSlam, shouldn’t The Miz have got some heat on Mysterio? Rey even killed Miz’s attack after the bell; maybe this is a ploy to shock everyone when Miz pins Rey clean on Sunday.


A graphic hyping Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton aired.


Commercial Break.


After the break Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins strolled down to the ring, with no music, wearing black suits with red shirts and ties. When the two entered the ring, they proceeded to go into a horrendous striptease routine; when it was over Cole said: “that was interesting”.


Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins vs. Two Unnamed Jobbers



Reks and Hawkins beat up Jobber A, while doing some awkward dance moves. Jobber B didn’t do much better and ate a big boot from Reks. Cole said Reks and Hawkins made some: “interesting gyrations”.  Hawkins hit a big body slam on Jobber B, before a Val Venis-esque pelvic thrust. The strippers’ landed a running powerslam/neckbreaker combination for the victory; Cole no-sold the finish and carried on rambling.


Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins defeated two unnamed wrestlers; at 1:39, via pinfall.


I find it amusing that guys WWE have buried endlessly for weeks are given unnamed geeks to get over with. Jinder Mahal, last week and now this debacle. Terrible.


A graphic of CM Punk offering a handshake to John Cena, from Raw aired.


Commercial Break.


A video package hyping the triple-threat WWE title match at SummerSlam rolled; followed by a recap of Punk & Cena vs. Bryan & Big Show from Raw.


Eve appeared backstage; she bumped into William Regal. He wished her good luck in her match and she said she didn’t need it. Regal told Eve when he was the commissioner he thought he was the most powerful entity in the WWE and believed he was unstoppable. Suddenly a woman holding two garbage bags appeared and said: “William, I thought I told you to take out the trash; what do I pay you for?” Regal displayed the typical English “stiff upper-lip” and replied: “work is work”.


Is that supposed to be some kind of joke about NXT that I don’t get? Regal should have stretched that trash lady.


Commercial Break.


A Wade Barrett vignette aired.


Back at ringside and Teddy Long was sat next to the announce table; Cole acted like a complete turd sandwich, saying Teddy needed to smile more because he has a job again. Kaitlyn’s music began and she headed down the ramp.


I think Kaitlyn’s music might just be worse than AJ’s.


A video of Kaitlyn pinning Beth Phoenix from Raw aired. Eve came out next and got in the ring.



Kaitlyn vs. Eve; with the winner becoming Booker T’s assistant



The bell rang; Eve immediately took Kaitlyn down with a waistlock, floated over into a front facelock and applied a Fujiwara armbar.


Seriously; that’s what happened.


Kaitlyn fired back with a backdrop and a schoolboy for a two count; Eve sent Kaitlyn throat first into the second rope but was caught with an inside cradle for another two count. Eve dumped her opponent onto the apron, however Kaitlyn fired back with a forearm and went to the top turnbuckle; Josh said Chuck Norris was Kaitlyn’s life long hero. Cole, of course buried him for mentioning it. Eve yanked Kaitlyn off the top and hit a modified moonlight drive for the three count.


Eve defeated Kaitlyn, via pinfall; at 2:15, to become Booker T’s assistant.


After the match, Eve walked over to where Teddy was sitting and gloated.


 I am still in shock about Eve’s offense at the start of the match; maybe when Regal was finished taking out the garbage, he showed her some actual wrestling holds. What is the likelihood of Eve actually knowing who Yoshiaki Fujiwara is?


A graphic hyping Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton rolled.


Commercial Break.


Back from commercial and Booker T was standing in his office, then Eve walked in; Book said: “congratulations”. Eve replied by saying she learned so much from John Laurinaitis and had lots of ideas. Booker asked if Eve and Teddy could coexist; Eve told him they absolutely could. The Booker man told her she was: “welcome aboard”; Eve walked off to take a shower, leaving Booker with a peculiar expression on his face.


Daniel Bryan’s music hit in the arena and he emerged screaming: “No!” at everybody as he made his way into the ring. Randy Orton was out next; Josh talked about Orton’s: “anger management issues” and how they helped him win world titles, whereasBryan’s issues are a hindrance to him.


Daniel Bryan vs. Randy Orton


The two locked up and Orton grabbed a side headlock, before being shot off the ropes; hittingBryanwith a shoulder tackle. The pair repeated the spot which causedBryanto go for a Greco-Roman knucklelock; having control of one hand,Bryankicked Orton in the stomach and delivered some right hands. Orton reversed an Irish-whip into the turnbuckle; leading toBryan’s back-flip spot, followed by a dropkick from Orton for a one count.Bryanrolled out of the ring and began a shouting match with a fan; trading: “Yes” and “No” screams.

          Back in the ring and Orton landed a backdrop, but missed a kneedrop;Bryanhit a dropkick to the knee of is opponent, then went straight to work on the leg. Orton tried to fight back, only to take a big European uppercut and a single-leg takedown, which led toBryanworking over the injured knee again. Orton tried to fight back and was shutdown with a kick right to the knee;Bryantook his opponent over with a front facelock suplex then went to the top rope. Orton sold his leg, however The Viper managed to cutBryanoff and hit a superplex; Orton sold the knee before making the cover for a two count.


Commercial Break.


After the break, the duo traded shots untilBryanshot for a single-leg again, proceeded by a leg wrench and a further assault on the knee.Bryantied Orton’s leg in the ropes and scored with a dropkick to the knee; Orton avoided a shoulder block, causing his opponent’s shoulder to collide with the ring post and the Viper rolled upBryanfor a near fall. Orton began to make a comeback with clotheslines, followed by a powerslam;Bryanescaped the hangman’s DDT by dropping to the floor, but was sent into the barricade by Orton. After being tossed back in the ring,Bryanquickly rolled out again, sending Orton into the steel steps; Cole said that Orton’s injured knee hit the steps. With both men back in the ring,Bryanwent for a cover and got a two count; Cole mentioned thatBryanhooked Orton’s injured leg.


I can’t believe Michael Cole actually put over some psychology in a wrestling match.

Bryandrilled Orton with some kicks, only to miss a head shot and take an inverted headlock backbreaker for a near fall. After being whipped into the buckle,Bryanwent up to the second rope, where he was cut off and took a hangman’s DDT from the second turnbuckle. Orton went for an RKO, but Bryan countered with an attempted “No” lock; The Viper tried to fight out, which caused Bryan to stand on the back of Orton’s injured knee and lock in the hold.

          Suddenly Kane’s in-ring pyro went off, the lights turned red and The Big Red Machine’s music played; making Bryan let go of the submission and jump out of the ring. When the lights came back on,Bryanrolled back in the ring and was caught with an RKO for the three count.


Randy Orton defeated Daniel Bryan, via pinfall; at 14:29.


After the bout, Kane came out on to the stage and smiled atBryan.


What a match; there was more psychology here than in the complete works of Carl Jung. Absolutely everything Bryan did made sense and meant something and as a result, everything Orton did meant something; even Michael Cole picked up on the storytelling. I hope somebody notices Bryan consistently has the best match on any show he is on, however I fear he will fall into the same trappings as most great workers and be used to get other people over. This man should not lose to Kane on Sunday.


A graphic hypingJerichovs.Del Rioaired.


Commercial Break.


Back at ringside and Santino Marella joined the announcers; Cole asked where the Cobra was and Santino told him: “some place safe”.


Antonio Cesaro’s music played; he came out with Aksana and the couple got in the ring. The crowd began the ubiquitous: “USA” chant as Cesaro did his five languages gimmick; this time he said: “loser” and looked at Santino. Zack Ryder came out, looking unusually pale to face Cesaro.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Zack Ryder


Antonio hit a gut-wrench suplex right away and delivered some headbutts while controlling Ryder’s arms with a double over-hook. Zack got in some offense, including the Broski Boot. Cesaro nailed Ryder with a shot to the stomach and from a standing fireman’s carry position delivered a hotshot, followed by the neutralizer for the victory.


Antonio Cesaro defeated Zack Ryder, at 1:31; via pinfall.


After his triumph Cesaro walked over to Santino and shoved Marella over the announcers table.


Maybe Zack thinks if he doesn’t get a spray tan, he won’t get jobbed out on TV every week. I will be logging onto YouTube for the US title match on Sunday; normally I don’t watch the pre-shows but I want to see if Cesaro gets the strap or Santino beats him in four minutes with The Cobra. If the latter takes place, then I fully expect Cesaro to squash Marella Monday on Raw, because this is WWE we are talking about here.


The same graphic of Lesnar with Michaels in the Kimura aired.


Commercial Break.


A Triple H/Brock Lesnar video package aired, recapping their feud; followed by a SummerSlam graphic hyping the match. Cole listed a bunch of gimmick injuries that Brock caused Shawn and said Michaels would not be at SummerSlam.


We were then treated to some tweets from fans and a few jobbers, talking about how Triple H would destroy Lesnar for crippling his best friend. My favorite read: “Can’t wait till Sunday, Brock Lesnar is going to feel the full force of Triple H. especially after attacking #HBK.”


Who is posting all these kayfabe tweets and touts?!


Lilian Garcia introduced Ricardo Rodriguez and Alberto Del Rio walked down the ramp.


A shot of Chris Jericho walking in the back rolled;Jerichowas nailed from by Dolph Ziggler with the Money in the Bank briefcase. Ziggler rammed some steel equipment shelving intoJerichoand yelled: “you can’t win the big one” and: “I’m too good to be overlooked”. Booker T and some referees ran in to check on Y2J; Booker said: “somebody get me the trainer”.


Commercial Break.


A replay of Ziggler’s attack onJerichoaired after the break.


Del Riostood in the ring laughing, he said: “it looks likeJerichocan’t compete tonight, so the winner by forfeit is…” Ricardo chimed in with: “Alberto Del Rio!”  Alberto said he wanted Booker T to reinstate his match with Sheamus at SummerSlam, whenJericho’s music hit. Y2J came out selling his ribs and when he got in the ring Scott Armstrong askedJerichoif he was okay to compete;Jerichosaid: “ring the bell”.


Alberto Del Rio vs. Chris Jericho


Del Riogot right inJericho’s face after the bell, saying: “what are you going to do”; Y2J fired off some shots but was cut off with a knee to the ribs.Del Riogot some heat;Jerichotried to start a comeback but was shut down by another knee to the ribs and a basement dropkick. Alberto went for the cross armbreaker but his opponent escaped;Jerichothen hit an enzuigiri and dumpedDel Rioonto the apron. On the floor, Y2J avoided Alberto and sent him into the announce table.


Commercial Break.


Back from commercial;Jerichowas caught in a rear chinlock with a body scissors. He tried to fight out, however the babyface was cut off with a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Y2J began to make his comeback, landing shots and a couple of shoulder tackles; culminating with a lionsault for a near fall.Del Rioregained control momentarily; going for a double knee armbreaker, which was countered into the Walls of Jericho. Alberto fought out with kicks to the injured ribs; sending Y2J into the ropes. At which point Dolph Ziggler ran down and low-bridgedJerichoover the top rope; with the referee distracted by Ricardo, Ziggler rolled the injured Y2J back into the ring.Del Riolanded an enzuigiri for the victory.


Alberto Del Rio defeated Chris Jericho, via pinfall; at 11:20.


After the matchDel Riolocked on the cross armbreaker, while Ziggler badmouthed the helplessJericho. Sheamus’ music hit and the Heavyweight Champion of the world ran in for the save; The Great White pounded onDel Rio, before Alberto hit a kick to the injured arm of the champion.Del Riomanaged to escape through the crowd; Booker T then came out onto the stage. The GM asked Sheamus what he was doing there; the World Champion said he wanted the title match at SummerSlam reinstated. Book said he couldn’t do that due to the injured arm of Sheamus; The Champion said he would faceDel Rio, even if his arm had been ripped off. The Booker man reiterated that the World Championship would be on the line; Sheamus replied by saying: “the only person that wants this match more than Alberto Del Rio is me”. Booker said: “you got it”, and booked the match for Sunday.


The show went off the air with an obviously overdubbed ADR line from Josh, hyping the match for SummerSlam, while Sheamus looked intense andDel Rioapplauded at the prospect of facing an injured Sheamus.



For a go-home show, it was a little flat. Bryan vs. Orton was tremendous; I know it’s hardly a groundbreaking observation: Bryan is a fantastic pro wrestler, but this match was special. Neither guy put a step wrong, and the storytelling was pro wrestling 101. Working on a body part is timeless, and as is frequently the case; the classics are often the best.

       Some opponents at SummerSlam did interact with each other, however the heat between some adversaries came across as a little weak: Rey took care of The Miz far too easily and Cesaro made Santino look like a complete fool. Why is Daniel Bryan afraid of Kane all of a sudden? I’m sure he announced he wasn’t scared of Kane just a few weeks ago. I also don’t see the advantage of calling off the World title match, only to book the match again at the end of the show. Maybe if the heel Del Rio was champion and Sheamus was chasing, you could make an argument that it would create a greater interest for the fans; as the babyface would have had his title shot taken away and Del Rio would have come across as ducking the challenge.

       On the plus side, Ziggler looked stronger than ever before and with an injured World Champion, we could see the Money in the Bank briefcase come into play at SummerSlam; if only as a tease.


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