Cubed Circle Newsletter #43: RAW 1002, SmackDown, Hardcore Justice Go-Home Show & More!

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I have decided not to cover the G1 for this week’s newsletter, since none of it has surfaced and I think a full report of all the results would serve far more useful. We cover RAW, the go-home Impact for Hardcore Justice and NXT this week, with Ben Carass covering SmackDown. The newsletter now has a slightly new format with the edition of Ben to the writing team and there might be some more changes to come in the next few weeks.


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WWE RAW August 6th 2012

San Antonio, Texas


Overall Show Thoughts


This was the first week where I really felt like I was watching three hours of programming. It wasn’t like anything in particular dragged, but as a whole the show was difficult to sit through. The Lesnar/Triple H/ Shawn Michaels segment was really disappointing for me and even though it was Shawn Michaels appreciation night, they could have still laid him out on the televised broadcast. Having Big Show lay out Cena and Punk will probably lead to what everyone is expecting and that is Cena standing victorious next week over a fallen Punk and Big Show. There were nine matches on the show, which was a lot even for a three hour show. Although, granted I would have rather have had long matches and less Sheamus segments. As a whole the show wasn’t a bad show, but it was a tiresome one and that is not something you want to experience during a time of leisure.


The show started off with a recap of last week week’s RAW and a new intro.  The new theme is by Kevin Rudolf, but sounds like Hollywood Undead and the like – I guess it is a step up from Nickleback, but only just. AJ was brought out, this week in a white suit.


She welcomed everyone to RAW and said that she had blockbuster matches in Big Show vs. Randy Orton and her ex fiancé Daniel Bryan would face John Cena for the first time ever on RAW. She had a major announcement, but she was cut off by Punk.


Punk said that he was a man that lives his life with no regrets and he was man enough to know when he made a mistake and was willing to right a wrong. He said that he did something last week that he wished that he could take back, but he could not (so much for no regrets then). He stepped out of line and lost his temper so he was out there to apologize to AJ. He said that it didn’t matter if he was right or wrong, someone in the position of GM didn’t deserve to be disrespected. Just like a WWE champion didn’t deserve to be disrespected, he said that he knew what it felt like. She accepted his apology. He said that she was bound to make numerous mistakes and he said that she made that kind of mistake last week by making a triple threat match. He asked her to cancel the match, because it was unfair to him. She said that she would make mistakes, but the triple threat match was not one of them and her decision stood. Punk asked if it was AJ getting back at him. Punk hoped that she wasn’t going to be the GM that picked on the guy that everyone liked (the crowd booed). He said that he wasn’t opposed to facing either man, he was even prepared for a new opponent. He was then interrupted by Cena.


Cena said that he was looking at Punk “like that” because he had became one of “those guys” and he was the last person that he would ever expect to demand respect every week. Cena said that you don’t demand respect you earn it every week, the fans dual chanted. Cena said that just because you have “one of those” doesn’t mean you earn respect, he had eleven of them and still didn’t get the respect of some of the people and he said that you could hear it that night. He fights each and every day for respect, so he said that the blame game was on Punk for the triple threat. Cena said that there was going to be one winner or one loser. Punk said Cena became the guy that turned his eye on fact; Punk said that Cena was the one that put his hands on him by flying over the desk. Punk said that he wouldn’t be disrespected by Cena, Big Show or anybody (moving his gaze to AJ). Punk said that he “saved Cena’s life”, because Show was going to land on Cena’s back. Cena said that after Summer Slam Punk probably wouldn’t be the. Punk said he beat Cena last year and Big Show came out.


AJ told everyone to stop it and she wouldn’t let things get out of hand. She said that Cena and Show should save their energy for the mainevent. Punk said that the champion didn’t have a match and that was wrong, he said that he should have been in the mainevent. AJ smirked and said that Punk was in a match against someone, Punk asked who, she said she didn’t know, she said that it was up to the fans and they would vote on twitter between Miz, Kane and Ret Mysterio. She said that the match was next. While Punk stood in the ring it was announced that Lesnar would be on the show.


This segment was your generic drawn out RAW opening segment. I don’t think that the fans reacted quite as planned. I think that a mixed reaction was expected. I didn’t really think that the twitter aspect was all that great either, with AJ just coming across as the same condescending GM as in the past. Also Cena saying that he had over ten championships and it didn’t earn him any respect really made no sense, as the championship in actuality should come with some amount of respect (at least in kayfabe, since that is the point to a large extent).


1. CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio


Mysterio only got 37% of the vote which was surprising. The dichotomy between Punk and the crowd was pretty strange this week as they chanted for Punk at the start of the match. Mysterio landed some kicks to the leg of Punk, but he went flying shoulder first into the turnbuckle for the count of two. Punk locked in a head scissors, but Mysterio fought out with shots to the leg. Punk caught Mysterio with a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker for two and followed it with a backsuplex. Punk went to the top rope, but he was caught with a dropkick which knocked him to the outside. Mysterio caught Punk with a seated senton off of the apron. Mysterio brought Punk to the top rope, but Punk capitalized and landed a superplex for the count of two. Punk locked in a body scissors and landed clubbing blows forcing Mysterio back in to the scissors. Punk threw Mysterio out to the outside, but he was caught with a shoulder block and seated senton from the top rope. Punk briefly halted Mysterio, but Mysterio got a sun set flip into a high kick for the count of two. Punk caught Mysterio in the GTS, but Mysterio fought out and landed the 619. Mysterio went for the frog splash, but Punk got the knees up. Punk then landed the GTS for the win.


Del Riowas shown entering the building in a black Ferrari. He told Ricardo to shut up and walked off. Del Rio some how made it into AJ’s office in seconds, he told her what a great job she was doing and said that she was doing a better job than Booker T. He said that they both knew that he didn’t need to compete up until Summer Slam.Del Riosaid that he didn’t have to worry about anything, because she wasn’t crazy. AJ was insulted by the comment and said that he was in a match next. I would have likedDel Rionot to compete until Summer Slam, but they probably needed some stuff to fill the show.


2. Christian vs. AlbertoDel Rio


Del Riocame down to the ring still taping his wrists and tying his boots. Christian landed some shots, but he was pulled to the outside where he was thrown into the ringpost and barricade.Del Riolanded some shots to the arm and locked in an arm hold whilst pulling the hair. He then landed an arm breaker, but Christian caught him with a shot to the face and the slingshot slap. He landed a crossbody for two and taunted for the kill switch, but he was caught with a kick to the arm.Del Riowent for the armbreaker, but Christian got a jackknife pin for two.Del Riomissed a top rope back senton and Christian went for the spear, butDel Riolanded a super kick. He went for the cross armbreaker, Christian countered into the unprettier,Del Riofought out. Christian went to the top, but he was distracted by Ricardo which allowedDel Rioto land a shot with his boot. This allowedDel Rioto lock in the cross armbreaker for the win.


Sheamus appeared on the tron. He said that he was thinking about howDel Riosaid that Sheamus was beneath him. He saidDel Riowas right and he would start with his car, he was standing overDel Rio’s car. He said Ricardo left the keys inDel Rio’s bag and he would take it for a ride aroundSan Antonio. He drove off.


3. Randy Orton vs. Big Show


Big Show landed some shots to the gut of Orton, but Orton fired back with some big strikes. He began to unload on Big Show who landed a side slam. Big Show gained control of the match, stepping on the gut of Orton. Show said that Orton was in over his head and landed a headbutt. He said that it was too easy, Orton unloaded with some shots, but he was cut off by the Big Show who locked in a headlock. Orton fought out with some elbows, but he was pushed into the corner really hard. Orton responded with some clotheslines and finally brought Show down with a dropkick. Orton began to taunt for the RKO, but Big Show caught him with a chokeslam for the count of two. Big Show pulled Orton into the ring by his head, but he was hung up on the top rope and knocked to the outside with a shoulder block. Orton landed some shots on the outside, but he was caught with some shots by the Big Show and a slap on the barricade. Big Show rolled Orton back into the ring and went for another chokeslam, Orton fought out, but he was pushed to the outside. Big Show landed a slap on the announce table and went to lawn dart Orton into the post, but he was pushed into the post shoulder first. Big Show then caught Orton with a big spear for the double count out.


After the match Big Show went for the WMD, but he was caught with an RKO.


4. Ryback vs. Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins


They aired a small Ryback promo before the match and it was bad suffice to say. Reks landed some shots, but was soon dominated by Ryback. Reks landed a shot to the gut and tagged in Hawkins, but Ryback overpowered Hawkins. Ryback was caught with a series of big boots, but Ryback kicked out at two. Reks landed some knees and both men landed a double front suplex. Hawkins was big back bodydropped to the outside onto Reks. He was then dragged back in, where Ryback landed a spinebuster, stiff clothesline and marching Samoan Drop for the win.


5. Primo & Epico vs. Titus ‘O Neil & Darren Young


AW was back and he can consider himself lucky –people have been dropped for far less [Editor Note: This statement is pretty ironic]. ‘O Neil landed some shots to Primo and tagged in Young, which led to both of them landing double shoulder tackles. Primo landed some kicks out of the turnbuckle and a flying head scissors for two. However, Primo was brought back to the heel corner, where he was double teamed and stomped in the corner. ‘O Neil landed a front suplex on Young who landed on Primo, Young then locked in a camel clutch of some sort. Primo began to make a comeback, countering a backsuplex for two. Primo almost made the tag, but he was brought back in where Young landed a scoop slam. Primo rolled under a clothesline and tagged Epico in who ran wild. He dropkicked ‘O Neil off the apron and landed triple back suplexes on Young. ‘O Neil pulled Young out of the ring, they were going to flee, butKingstonand Truth came out which led to Epico and Primo pulling them back into the ring. Epico landed a backstabber on Young for the win.


A recap of last week’s beat down on Brodus Clay by Damien Sandown was shown. Sandow was asked about his attack on Clay, he said he was there to rid the WWE of anyone that engaged in a ridiculous activity such as dancing! He said it led to the spread of delinquency in society and told everyone “you are welcome”.


Clay came out for a match with Sandow, but he was attacked from behind by Sandow who clipped the leg and beat him down. Clay fought back, but sold the knee leading to Sandow clipping the leg again after diving onto Clay. Sandow continued to stomp of the leg of Clay until referees were brought out.


AJ was backstage staring atBryan, she said that the psychologist may have declared him sane, but he has anger management issues. He said it was because she left him at the altar. He said that he was glad that he was going to face Cena, because if he won then the match would be changed to a four way. However AJ said that he already had a match at Summer Slam against Kane. This led to both of them exchanging yes and no. Everyone knows that we need to see Kane and Bryan in a match again.


6. Kelly Kelly vs. Eve


Eve prepared to exit the ring, but she was pulled back in by Kelly who rammed Eve’s head into the turnbuckle landed some terrible kicks and a tumbling elbow in the corner. She landed the stinkface, but Eve left the ring. Kelly brought Eve back into the ring and she landed a crossbody for two. Kelly was thrown down to the mat by Eve who stomped Kelly. Cole proceeded to stutter saying that Eve had just won her blue belt in “Brazilian Scha-zi-tsu”. Kelly got a hurricanrana cover for the win.


Shawn Michael came out. The fans chanted HBK. Michaels said that he was out of shape and breathed hard. He thanked the fans for allowing him to be a part of history, because the 1000th episode was an historic event with the reunion of DX. He said that he was comfortable at his ranch, but when he heard that RAW was taking place in his hometown he couldn’t miss it. The more things change the more they stay the same, he said that there were a lot of people in the back that he didn’t recognize, but they were all talking about the confrontation at Summer Slam (wasn’t he there two weeks ago?). He was interrupted by Lesnar and Heyman.


Heyman said it wasn’t surprising that everyone wanted to know Michaels opinion on the match. He said that he was the greatest in ring entertainer in the history of the WWE, so they would also seek out his opinion, but not for that match. Because, Lesnar wasn’t there to be an entertainer, he wasn’t there to be the show stopper, he was showing up to fight and prove that he was the “baddest dude” on the planet today. Michaels said that he wasn’t there to argue the attributes of Lesnar. Michaels said any other time Lesnar would be your man, but they went somewhere that they shouldn’t have gone with Triple H – they made it personal. He said that he was going with Triple H, he believed it to his core, so much that he would be in Triple H’s corner and watch him defeat Lesnar. Heyman said this was the moment that they would play over and over when examining the end of Triple H’s career. Lesnar said it was bad enough that Triple H’s family was going to see him defeated (Heyman was interrupted by Lesnar). Lesnar said that he had never been in the ring with Lesnar until then, he walked towards Michaels, but Triple H interrupted.


Triple H didn’t take his eyes off of Lesnar on his way to the ring. Lesnar smiled and taunted leaving the ring, but he just said that he would see Triple H at Summer Slam. However he said that he would see Michaels before then.


They showed a tOut of Sheamus in the car, singing and having a good time. Chris Jericho was on commentary.


7. Dolf Ziggler vs. Alex Riley


Ziggler tauntedJerichowhile in control of Riley. Riley fired back with shots, but he was caught with a dropkick. Ziggler dropped a standing elbow for two, Riley landed a couple of shots, but Ziggler caught him with some shots to the gut. Riley landed a hip toss, but he was sent into the ring post. Ziggler landed a neckbreaker and got a cover with one foot on the chest for two.Jerichoproceeded to tOut a video for Ziggler, which led to a distraction and Riley getting a roll up for the win. Your Money in the Bank briefcase winner everyone.


They showed a tOut of Sheamus dropping Mexican food inDel Rio’s car.


8. Kane vs. The Miz


Kane landed some shots in the corner, but he was hung up when he went for a big boot and Miz clipped the leg. Miz clipped the leg again and landed a DDT for the count of two. Kane landed an uppercut, but he was caught with a dropkick to the knee and a big boot on the ground for two. Kane fought out of a headlock and caught Miz with an uppercut, scoopslam and dropkick on the ground for two. Kane landed a clothesline in the corner, Miz went for the skull crushing finale, Kane countered, but he was sent head first into the top turnbuckle. Miz was thrown into the top turnbuckle and Kane landed a chokeslam for the win. The midcard titles mean less than nothing.


Sheamus brought back a muddy, dirty, food covered and smoking Ferrari.


9. Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena


Del Riowas shown freaking out and called Sheamus a bastard which was great. The fans exchanged chants.Bryansaid that it was all about him, but the crowd continued to chant yes. Cena locked in a head lock and tookBryanto the ground.Bryangot the arm of Cena and worked on it. Bryn ran out to the outside, Cena chased after him and he was caught with a baseball slide on the way in.Bryancame off of the apron with a flying knee and had a heated yes battle with a fan in the crowd.Bryanlanded a flying dropkick in the corner after a flurry of kicks.Bryanlanded stomps in the corner and Cena landed a big back bodydrop. However Bryan land a drop toe hold on Cena sending him into the bottom turnbuckle, allowing for him to land some kicks and lock on a hold on the arm. Cena gotBryanup for the AA, butBryangot off and landed a kick to the leg and knee to the head for the count of two. Cena landed some shoulder blocks and a spinout powerbomb. He then landed the five knuckle shuffle, butBryancountered the AA into guillotine on a standing Cena. Cena rammedBryaninto the turnbuckle, butBryanstill held on. He rammed him again andBryanlet go. Cena was kicked off of the STF andBryanlanded the buzzsaw kick for two.Bryanthen landed an amazing diving headbutt all the way across the ring for two.Bryancovered his mouth like he had just had an epiphany and began to kick the chest of Cena. Cena countered one of the kicks into the STF, butBryancountered it. He went for the no lock, but Cena countered it into the AA for the win.


CM Punk came out and raised the belt above his head; Cena threw Punk out of the way, because Big Show was on his way down to the ring. Cena went for the AA, but Punk halted him once again. Punk got on the headset; he said that it was his fault because he let people disrespect him. He said that he has been trying to make people happy, but he said that he will do what he does best. He said that RAW would end with Punk closing off the show with the belt above his head, because he is the best in the world. He went back into the ring to try lay Big Show out, but he was caught with a big right hand, leaving Big Show victorious in the middle of the ring. He then landed a fist on Cena and lifted the championship above his head.


WWE NXT August 8th 2012 (Taped: July 14th 2012)

Orlando, Florida


Overall Show Thoughts


This week’s show was fun, although the mainevent was a bit dull. I enjoyed the opener and the Ohno match was also an enjoyable edition to the show. Paige did a good job in her match, although it was really nothing special. I will be interested to see where they go with the NXT championship as a whole and I think that it will probably be seen as more prestigious than the IC and US titles, because NXT is its own entity. All in all this was another week of solid programming, with some decent wrestling and title progression.


The show opened with a recap of Dusty Rhode’s announcement from last week, with interviews included. It made the championship feel like a pretty big deal.


1. Gold Rush Tournament Match

Michael Mcgillicutty vs. Justin Gabriel


Mcgillicutty and Gabriel exchanged arm holds. Both men worked in and out of a wrist lock, Gabriel landed a shoulder tackle and locked in an armbar. Gabriel got a rollup for the count of two and went back to the arm. Gabriel got a crucifix pin for the count of two and both men went to an athletic exchange which resulted in Gabriel landing a vertical suplex into an abdominal stretch. After the break Mcgillicutty was back in control and got a quick cover for the count of two. Mcgillicutty landed a snapmare and locked in a headlock, but Gabriel fought out with a slap. Both men collided with a crossbody, which Gabriel followed with some kicks. Gabriel landed a windmill kick and a springboard crossbody for the count of two. Gabriel went for the 450 splash, Mcgillicutty moved, but Gabriel rolled through. Gabriel was able to land a powerbomb for two, but Mcgillicutty landed what looked like a chaos theory fisherman’s suplex for two. Gabriel took Mcgillicutty down and missed a springboard moonsault, which resulted in Mcgillicutty landing a very loose running neckbreaker for the win.


2. Kassius Ohno vs. CJ Parker


Parker attempted to take Ohno to the ground, but Ohno blocked. Parker clipped the leg of Ohno and got a rollup for two, which resulted in Ohno rolling to the outside. Ohno came in with a stomp and began to stomp on the back of Parker. Ohno landed a flying forearm in the corner for the count of two and followed it with a spinning back senton for two. Ohno locked in a cravat. Parker attempted a sunset flip, but was caught with a big boot. Ohno kept forcing Parker to the ground, which resulted in Parker being caught with a boot and landing a clothesline. He landed a few shots followed by a windmill kick for the count of two. Parker went for a knee but was caught with a huge boot to the face. Ohno proceeded to shove Parker’s face into the mat and land a roaring elbow to the back of the head for the win in a very fun squash match.


They aired a recap of Jason Jordan & Dalton’s victory from last week. They followed it with an interview from last week.DaltonandJordansaid that no one saw it coming because Camacho and Hunico are a team on SmackDown. They said that they were a team now and they would win every time. I guess this means that they are getting a push of some sort. A vignette was shown for the Ascension – it was well produced.


3. Paige & Tamina Snuka vs. Kaitlyn & Caylee Turner


 Turner slapped Snuka to start the match off. This resulted in Snuka pushing Turner into her corner. Kaitlyn was tagged in. Snuka landed a dropkick, but Turner was not on the apron for the tag. Snuka landed some armdrags and a crossbody for two. Paige was tagged in and she landed some shots in the corner. Paige took Kaitlyn to the ground with a headlock takedown. Kaitlyn knocked Paige to the mat with a clothesline and tagged in Turner. Paige landed a series of kicks and got a cover for the count of two. Snuka was tagged back in and she and Paige landed a double clothesline. Turner went for a sloppy rollup, but she was kicked in the face by Snuka, Turner got a rollup for two and tagged in Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn landed a few dropkicks for the count of two and tagged Turner back in. Turner locked in a headlock and took Snuka to the mat. Snuka landed a Samoan drop and made the tag to Paige. Paige landed some shoulder blocks and a fall away slam, but Kaitlyn broke it up with a baseball slide. Kaitlyn dropped Snuka to the outside for no reason, since Paige got the small package for the win seconds later. This was a perfectly fine Diva’s match.


Dallaswas backstage when he was approached by Derrick Bateman who congratulated him for qualifying. Bateman said that he wasn’t able to qualify andDallascaused them the loss in a tag match. Bateman said thatDallashad his support.


4. Gold Rush Tournament Match

Bo Dallas vs. Jinder Mahal


Regal mentioned Dara Singh before the match which was really nice to hear.Dallasgot the arm of Mahal and took him to the ground for the count of two. Mahal landed an elbow and some shots in the corner.Dallaslanded an elbow in the corner and took Mahal down with a forearm for two.Dallasgot a series of rollups for two and Mahal slid to the outside. After the break Mahal landed a big knee to the gut ofDallasfor the count of two. Mahal landed a neckbreaker and a leg sweep knockingDallasdown to the mat and allowing for some knee drops. Mahal coveredDallasfor the count of two following the knees.Dallasbegan to fight out of a corner, but he was beaten back down by Mahal. Mahal gotDallasin a cravat, butDallaslanded a chin breaker and countered a back suplex into a bodypress. He began to fight back with clotheslines and a slam for the count of two. Mahal blocked a German suplex attempt and landed a side slam in another pinfall attempt. Mahal missed a splash in the corner allowing for a bulldog fromDallas. Mahal beggedDallasfor mercy, Mahal took advantage, butDallasfought off and landed a boot. Mahal landed a strange looking hangman’s neckbreaker off the ropes followed by a faceplant and camel clutch for the submission.


TNA Impact August 8th 2012

Orlando Florida


Overall Show Thoughts


This was a decent go –home show for Hardcore Justice. The stipulation for the World Title match did come out of nowhere, but it added interest to the pay-per-view. They built pretty well to the fourways, reminding everyone that the matches would take place, multiple times. I really liked the Kenny King video package that they showed at some point during the show. So it’s too bad that it was only shown once. Sure, it added a lot to the X Division match, but I don’t know how much attention people paid if that was all that was shown. Lynch and the Aces & Eights were on the show, although they didn’t overwhelm it. However, I really think that a reveal is in order for the Aces & Eights, because it is starting to drag. The same can be said for the Lynch Angle, since both are stuck in a place that you don’t want to be – the audience knows that Styles and Storm are innocent.


Ray came down to the ring tweeting once again and he forced SoCal Val out of the ring. Ray said he was the leader of the Bully Nation and he said that his phone was his fire breathing Twitter machine. He gave Park credit and said that he learned that if there was enough evidence stacked up against someone they had to be guilty and that was the case with James Storm. He said that he would prove Storm’s guilt, but he would first beat Storm get his 7 or 10 points and then he would get 20 points at Hardcore Justice. Ray said that he had all the facts, but he was interrupted by Storm.


Storm told Ray to shut up and said that he didn’t here one fact (well, he did interrupt Ray). He said that he was sick and tired of people not believing him and sick and tired of being sick and tired. He said that he had nothing to do with what happened with the Aces & Eights, because he was more interested in winning back the TNA Heavyweight title. He said that in his neck of the woods they draw a line, the one crosses it and they kick the crap out of each other. He drew an imaginary line and he said Ray has three seconds. Strom and the crowd started counting, but Ray moved to the apron on the count of three. Storm said that the line was still there, so anyone that didn’t believe him could come and cross it.


They were interrupted by the Aces & Eights who appeared on screen, which was really very strange since they are supposed to be outsiders and having them appear on screen just comes across as odd. They said that they liked that Sting had balls and the world would see a lot from them, but it would be in their time and on their terms.


Ray freaked out and said that it was Storm, which led to a commercial break. After the break they aired a recap. Pope said that the BFG Series didn’t go how he expected, but he said that he would win that Sunday. I could have sworn that he was attempting to mimic Jimmy Valiant.Andersonwas on commentary.


1. Rob Van Dam vs. Magnus


Van Dam tripped avoiding a shoulder block from Magnus and he was clotheslined over the top rope. Van Dam was rammed back first into the apron and Magnus caught a crossbody attempt from Van Dam and landed a brainbuster for two. Van Dam landed a springboard kick on Magnus and landed some shots. Magnus blocked a windmill kick, but he was caught with a reverse drop toe hold for two. Magnus caught Van Dam with a clothesline for the count of two, but Van Dam caught him with a spin kick and landed the Five Star Frog Splash for the win.


Roode was interviewed backstage. He said that he was aware of the contract signing that night, but he warned that the match may not take place. He said there was some stuff in the contract that he wasn’t happy about and if the things weren’t changed his lawyers possibly wouldn’t allow it to happen. A recap was shown of the Lynch segment from last week.


2. TNA Tag Team Championship Match

Christopher Daniels & Kazarian vs. Garett Bischoff &Devon


Devonand Garett landed a double team on Kazarian and Garett got some offense in on Daniels.Devonlanded a legdrop and Garett was tagged back in landing a double hip toss. Kazarian distracted Garett and pulled the leg allowing for Daniels to land some shots on Garett and tag in Kazarian. Daniels did a little dance in the ring and the fans got behind Bischoff. Daniels went face first into the top turnbuckle, the tag was made toDevon– he ran wild.Devonthrew Daniels to the outside and landed a big spear on Kazarian. Daniels attempted to bring the belts in, he was halted by Bischoff, but he was thrown over the top rope and Kazarian landed a shot with the belt behind the referee’s back allowing for them to get the win.


A recap was shown of the Sting and Brooke segment from last week – it was still bad. Sting was backstage. He said that he never allowed Brooke there that night, because he made a promise to Hogan. He said that it was a new week and he challenged the Aces & Eights to come out. They aired a decent promo for Hardcore Justice with everyone in the Bound for Glory series talking about what they were going to do.


Robbie E was in the ring with Robbie T. They had a table set up. E said that no one thought that he could win the BFG series and he said he had five points. He said that he would have twenty more points after he won his tables match. He said that he would put the same man through the table that he beat to get the five points, Jeff Hardy. They showed some clips of Robbie E beating Hardy via count out. E said that Hardy would never be on his level for five reasons. He never wore pink sweaters like E, he was about to list another point but Hardy came out. E taunted Hardy, which caused Hardy to turn back and run in. He landed a chinbreaker on T and a big slap on E. However, Hardy was attacked from behind by T who powerbombed him through the table.


Styles was backstage for an interview. He said that he had 18 hours to think about the pictures and asked how bad someone had to be at intercourse to not remember doing the act in the first place. He said that he doesn’t drink and he never remembered sleeping with her. He said that he was jetlagged and he had to get focused. Joe came out to the commentary desk. He said that he was the only man that was relevant. He said that Angle and Styles would be in the ring and he would beat them up. He said that Daniels was getting an appletini somewhere and he would beat him up too. He then walked off.


2. Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles


Clair Lynch was cheering for AJ in the crowd. Styles landed a big dropkick following an athletic exchange. He proceeded to land a pescado that only grazed Angle. After the break Angle landed a belly to belly suplex and locked in a headlock. Styles landed a kick to the knee, Styles ran into the turnbuckle, which allowed Angle to land a tilt-o-whirl backbreaker. Styles landed a few shots to the chest and both men collided with clotheslines. Styles landed a clothesline and a mule kick followed by a fireman’s carry backbreaker over the knee. Styles springboarded into the ring and began to land the rolling German suplexes. He landed all three and yelled “get up b*tch!” Styles caught Angle with a pelé for the count of two. Angle countered the Styles Clash and landed the Angle Slam in a great nearfall. Angle pulled down the straps and got the ankle lock, but Styles got out and landed some rolling German suplex of his own. Angle countered one of Style’s Germans into the ankle lock. Styles fought out and landed a springboard forearm and Styles Clash for the count of two in an awesome nearfall. Styles went to the top, but Angle caught him with a belly to belly suplex off of the top rope for two. Angle went to the top for the moonsault and of course, missed. Styles went for a springboard 450 splash, but Angle moved and landed the Angle slam for the win in a great TV match. After the match Lynch patted AJ on the back saying that he did a good job, but Styles just stared at her and walked off.


There was another Aces & Eights video. The leader (who had now taken his sunglasses off) said that “it” was a game and they loved playing the dead man’s hand. They said that Aries, Roode, Styles, Angle, Sting and even Brooke had been handed the Deadman’s Hand. They said that their next target was close and they would find out who it was that night.


Andersonwalked by Storm and said it was funny what Storm’s “boys” just said. Storm said that they weren’t his boys.Andersonsaid that it was the word on the street and if he was the victim they would have another discussion, but it would be different. Aries was backstage talking to someone about the contract. He was approached for an interview. He said he wanted Roode to be comfortable and they would handle it like men so that the mainevent took place.


3. Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher


Gail Kim took control of the match with some knees to the gut of Tessmacher. Tessmacher landed some elbows, but she was caught with a gutbuster from Kim. Kim landed an elbow and a spear in the corner as the fans got behind Tessmacher. Kim stood on Tessmacher in the corner and stood on the stomach of Tessmacher. Tessmacher took Kim down with a flying forearm and landed some shots to gut. Tessmacher was knocked back down to the ground again and Kim locked in a body scissors. Kim landed a boot to the gut and another gut buster. Tessmacher landed some shots to the gut of Kim and unloaded with some dropkicks. She came off of the top with a flying clothesline and a stinkface in the corner. Kim was caught with a wacky facebuster for the finish. It looked like it was going to a bulldog out of the corner, but it was countered in a very unexpected finish.


Madison Rayne came out after the match, but she just French kissed Earl Hebner who fell to the ground. Park was backstage talking about legal issues. He said that it brought him back to 2003, Alvarez vs. Mcgillicutty (Bryan Alvarez and Michael Mcgillicutty sounds like one hell of a court case). He said that it was one of his shining moments and he tried to warn Sting. He said the court case could be intense due to the animosity between Aries and Roode, but he ran off in search of another client. They showed a great video package for Kenny King which really built incredibly well to the X title match.


Sting came out and called the Aces & Eights out, but he said that they had a contract signing to get through. Roode and Aries were brought out. Sting wanted to know what was wrong with Roode’s attitude. Roode asked if Sting was stupid and said that the contract was his problem. He said that the contract stated that if he losed at Hardcore Justice he wouldn’t get another shot as long as Aries was champion. Roode said that Sting had always had a problem with him even after Aries’ “fluke” victory. Roode said that he was going to one up Sting, because he wouldn’t have a match for Sunday. Aries said that it was enough. Aries said that for a man that was so convinced of his victory he was really worried about a rematch clause, because Aries has Roode’s number. Aries said they didn’t need a contract; they could make a verbal agreement in front of the whole world. Aries said that if Roode lost he wouldn’t get another shot, but if he somehow won then Aries wouldn’t get a rematch, which meant that it would be winner takes all. Aries said that they had to shake and make it happen. Roode started to shout fluke and Sting asked them to shake. Both men shouted at each other and Roode finally offered the hand, they shook and then Roode threw water in Aries face and left the ring.


Chavo Guerrero and Kid Kash interviews were shown. Apparently there is going to be a tag match on the show, which is fine with me.


4. Bully Ray vs. James Storm


Ray landed some shots after stalling for a while and the fans got behind James Storm. Storm landed some short clotheslines, but he was caught with a big boot and thrown to the outside. Ray missed an elbow drop and locked in a leg lock. However, Storm countered into one of his own. Ray landed a clothesline for the count of two and some shots to the head of Storm. Ray missed a splash on Storm and Storm ran wild landing a neckbreaker, shoulder blocks and a big back body drop. Strom followed it with a kick to the back of the head, but Ray landed a yuranagi for two. Storm got a boot up and landed a crossbody for two. Storm was hung up on the top rope and caught with a slap to the chest from Ray. Ray went for a move off the top, but he was pushed off, Storm missed an elbow drop by miles and Ray landed a Bubba Bomb for two. Ray missed a big back senton and was caught with a code breaker. The crowd got behind Storm for the superkick, but Ray hid behind the referee. Storm got a roll up for two, but Ray caught him with a cutter for the win. After the match Ray grabbed a chain in preparation for the Aces & Eights. Ray asked for Storm to send for the Aces & Eights.


The Aces & Eights appeared on the screen and said that Ray would see more of them at the pay-per-view.


WWE SmackDown Report By Ben Carass

August 10 2012 – Houston, Texas: Toyota Center.



SmackDown began this week with Josh Matthews hyping the twenty-fifth anniversary of SummerSlam, a week from Sunday.


A graphic aired which informed us Chris Jericho’s Highlight Reel would be returning, with special guests Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero later in the show.


Lilian Garcia introduced new SmackDown General Manager Booker T; who curiously came out wearing a tuxedo. Josh absurdly claimed Booker had been at the WWE headquarters inStamford,Connecticutall week setting up his office. Booker pulled out a spin-a-roonie, suspenders and all, then said: “Houstonwe have a problem.”  Footage from last Monday’s Raw rolled, showing Sheamus stealing and vandalizing Alberto Del Rio’s Ferrari. Booker laughed at the grand larceny committed by Sheamus; the GM followed up by saying Sheamus had crossed the line, and the World Heavyweight Champion must apologise toDel Rio. Cole buried Josh for justifying Grand Theft Auto.


 Sheamus’ music hit and the champion of the world headed to the ring. The Great White explained he stole Alberto’s car becauseDel Riotried to take away his dignity, by claiming Sheamus didn’t have enough class to be the World Heavyweight Champion. Amazingly, Sheamus then apologised to: Booker, the WWE Universe and even his rival,Del Rio. The GM and the champion shook hands, only to be interrupted by Alberto and Ricardo Rodriguez.


The number one contender for the world title got in the ring and called Sheamus: “a peasant, a thief, a thug and a criminal”.Del Riothen claimed he filed a report with theSan Antoniopolice department and said Sheamus was going to pay. Booker was quick to point out there would be no title match if the champion was behind bars; Alberto declared he didn’t care and demanded Booker to take action against Sheamus, as the World Champion’s actions reflected badly on the GM. The Great White replied by proposing the two don’t wait until SummerSlam and offered to defend his belt later in the show. Apparently general managers are not concerned about protecting a big match for an upcoming pay-per-view, because Booker T loved the idea and askedDel Rioif he was in. Alberto told Sheamus that his head was telling him to wait for SummerSlam, butDel Riosaid: “to hell with that; let’s do it tonight, pero”. Booker got in his: “Now can you dig that…” line, and the title match was booked. Cole put over the match as: “the first world championship match of the Booker T era”.


A less than riveting opening segment to say the least; does the creative team see Sheamus as a rugged brawler, who has a fixation with apologising? I don’t ever remember Steve Austin showing repentance for legitimately destroying Mr. McMahon or The Rock’s car. How many times did we see Austin carried out of the arena in handcuffs? Furthermore, Sheamus apologised to John Laurinaitis just a few months ago, which I found ridiculous; this however, just defied logic.


A graphic hyping Sin Cara vs. Cody Rhodes rolled.


Commercial Break.


Back from commercial and Sin Cara made his way to the ring. Josh peculiarly described Sin Cara as: “astounding and breathtaking”. Cody Rhodes’ music hit and he made his way onto the stage with a mic in hand.Rhodessaid he is no stranger to wearing a mask and accused Sin Cara of wearing the hood because he is ugly. Cody continued to state there was: “nothing special whatsoever” about Sin Cara without it. Cole absurdly claimed there was “locker room rumours about the looks of Sin Cara.”


Sin Cara vs Cody Rhodes


The bell rang and the two circled each other for a moment; Cody shot for a single-leg and backed Sin Cara into the corner. Charles Robinson called for a clean break, but the dastardlyRhodesshoved his masked opponent. Sin Cara fired back with a forearm and caught Cody with a modified victory roll for a one count; followed up by a hurricanrana which sentRhodesto the outside. Cody avoided a baseball slide attempt and tried to remove the mask of Sin Cara.

       Back in the ring and Sin Cara went for a springboard cross-body off the second rope, only to take a dropkick fromRhodes; Cody then began to get some heat on the masked man. Rhodes applied a modified Gory special, while simultaneously going after the mask of his opponent; Sin Cara got a hope spot in, with an armdrag out of the hold, but was quickly shut down byRhodes. Without building any more heat, Sin Cara started his comeback by nailing Cody with a handspring elbow and a springboard, corkscrew armdrag. After not going for a cover, Sin Cara was dumped onto the apron, but fought back with a kick to Cody’s face; succeeded by a cross-body off the top rope for a two count. Rhodes shut down the offence with a forearm and shot Sin Cara off the ropes, which was countered into a roll up attempt; Cody went after the mask once again but ate a couple of kicks. Sin Cara then hookedRhodesin a limp inside cradle for the three count. Cole nonsensically said the babyface Sin Cara “stole” the victory.


Sin Cara defeated Cody Rhodes at 3:43, via pinfall.


The match contained very little psychology in terms of heel/babyface momentum; that said, for a match that didn’t see four minutes; there was at least a basic story to the bout. Cody’s promo prior to the contest helped moderately with the unmasking attempts, however without the chance of getting some serious heat on Sin Cara, it never felt like he was in any real jeopardy of losing his mask. I expect a feud to build from here; with any luck creative will come up with something a little more engaging than: Cody used to wear a mask, so let’s have him go after the least over hooded wrestler we have.


Daniel Bryan appeared backstage, yelling: “No!” at anyone he came across.


Commercial Break.


A Wade Barrett vignette aired; supposedly Barrett “had gone soft”, so he grew a beard and returned to his bare-knuckle fighting roots.


A video package of Daniel Bryan looking crazy aired, which included: The Rock insulting him, losing the title at WrestleMania, getting left at the altar by AJ, the attack on Little Jimmy, a Charlie Sheen cameo and Kane’s horrible B-movie: “anger management therapist” line.


Back in the arena and Daniel Bryan’s music played; he headed down the ramp shouting “No!” at the people. In the ring,Bryantold the fans to stop chanting “Yes”; perturbed by the crowd’s persistence, he crouched into a squat and announced he is more than just a catchphrase.Bryansaid he is a former world champion and should be in the WWE title match at SummerSlam, but instead the “callous” AJ booked him against Kane.Bryanthen called his former fiancé a: “skipping, Chuck’s wearing broad in a power suit”, and labeled Kane as her: “overgrown Frankenstein boy-toy”. This caused Kane to use his telekinetic skills by setting off his pyro, before the Big Red Machine meandered to the ring. Kane circled and stared downBryanfor a moment, when AJ’s music started. That’s right; we get to see her on Friday’s as well. She toldBryanshe booked the match at SummerSlam because they are both “incredible athletes”, but insisted the two couldn’t attack the fans or each other every week.


Because that would make no sense on a pro wrestling show.


AJ told Kane she appreciated his “sweetness” and “understanding” at a time when other people treated her miserably.


Didn’t Kane ditch AJ because she was too crazy even for him?!


The Raw GM toldBryanto prove he wasn’t mentally unbalanced by shaking the monster’s hand. A reluctantBryanfinally agreed and stuck out his hand, at which point AJ left the ring and attempted to wink at Kane. The coordination of pulling off such a difficult task proved too much for the Raw GM as she botched the simplest of tasks, however Kane knew what his queue was and drilled the unsuspectingBryan. The two had a short back and forth exchange beforeBryanrolled out of the ring and fled through the crowd; AJ dropped to her knees on the stage, laughing and said: “that was great”. Kane cocked his head like a dog and Kevin Dunn ensured we got the message, as multiple cuts between a confused Kane and an ecstatic AJ were made.


So Kane is AJ’s instrument of destruction now? AJ must have forgotten being rejected by Kane and it was CM Punk that was the kindest to her during the angle a few months ago. Remember when Kane didn’t speak and the head tilt actually meant something?


Booker T and Teddy Long were interrupted backstage by Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins. Reks asked Booker for an opportunity but the Booker man told the pair to “step it up” and he is only interested in: “A+ talent”. Reks then made an obscure reference to his “old job”; we learned he was good at it, but never found out what it actually was.


If Reks shows up next week with a new gimmick to impress Booker, I guess that will explain this weird segment.


A video hyping the fact Rey Mysterio will be in action later aired.


Commercial Break.


Back in the arena and Jinder Mahal was putting his turban into its special box; an inset promo from Mahal aired. He told Ryback to watch closely as he will defeat two men faster than Ryback could imagine.


Jinder Mahal vs. Two Unnamed Jobbers. 


Mahal hit Jobber A with a clothesline, a spinebuster; then applied the camel clutch for the victory.


Jinder Mahal defeated two unnamed wrestlers at 0.40.


After the match Jinder applied a double camel clutch to the enhancement guys, which brought out Ryback. The man with the perennially bloodshot eye hit the ring and Mahal backed out; Cole said Jinder had: “nothing to prove”. Ryback then hit the poor jobbers with a double running Samoan drop.


The only thing worse than a pointless Damian Sandow/Brodus Clay feud, is an even more pointless Ryback/Jinder Mahal feud. I don’t mind undercard guys having angles but does anyone believe for one second that Jinder Mahal is a serious threat to Ryback?


A graphic hyping the Highlight Reel aired. Josh said it is the first time in two and a half yearsJericho’s show would be on SmackDown.


Commercial Break.


Back to the show and Chris Jericho was in the ring and he welcomed everyone to the Highlight Reel; Vickie Guerrero cut him off with her: “excuse me” gimmick. Vickie toldJerichothat Dolph Ziggler would not be appearing on the show, but told Jericho Dolph can: “win the big one” and is: “a future World Heavyweight Champion”.Jerichosaid he had no problem interviewing Ziggler’s mother instead. Vickie andJerichotraded: “excuse me” spots, withJerichotaking advantage of his heavy metal falsetto. The host of the Highlight Reel then asked Vickie why she is always angry and followed up by showing footage of Ziggler losing to Alex Riley from Raw, on the: “insanely expensive Jeritron 6000”. Vickie explained that allJerichohad was footage and Dolph was only interested in facts; she continued by saying Ziggler would proveJerichohad lost his touch when the two face each other at SummerSlam.Jerichoconceded his record in 2012 was lackluster, which forced him to revert back to the Y2J character; he accepted the challenge and said he would “never, eeeeever lose his touch again”.

     Ziggler then made a run-in from behind butJerichoavoided the attack; Y2J briefly took care of Dolph and turned his attention to Vickie. She screamed and slappedJericho, which caused enough of a distraction for Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag;Jerichomade it to his feet only to be drilled with Ziggler’s briefcase. Vickie laughed and said: “who’s your mother now?” Y2J was left laid out on the canvas. Cole said he agreed with Vickie and Dolph, then spouted some tired old clichés: “when push comes to shove I think Dolph Ziggler is right” and: “Jerichois in a world of trouble”. Top draw announcing.


This was a decent little segment. If Jericho is going back to full on Y2J, then I sincerely hope Vickie acts in the Stephanie McMahon role and takes insult after insult from Jericho. This would get Jericho over with new fans, as they would love to see Vickie buried every week, where as longtime fans would get a kick out of the nod to a bygone era. Dolph looked like a million dollars thanks to Jericho and came across as too much for the aging Y2J to deal with.


 Kofi Kingston and R-Truth joined the commentators; Josh announced a number one contender’s match for the tag team titles was coming up next.


Commercial Break.


Back at the announce table and Cole called Little Jimmy a: “sniveling brat”; Truth told Cole to respect Jimmy because he is over with the fans.


The newly fired AW came out and introduced Titus and Darren Young.


Can you believe they took over a week to fire him and chose to do it just hours before the show actually aired on television?


Primo and Epico came out next; sadlyRosawas still absent due to her recent troubles, which meant we didn’t get to see her jiggle.


Bad times.



Prime Time Players w/ AW vs. Epico & Primo – Number one contenders match for the WWE Tag Team Championships.


The match broke down early when all four guys entered the ring. Cole buried Kofi on commentary for his babyface mentality of wanting to face the best team. AW threw some water at Truth and Kofi; the tag champs chased the heel manager into the ring and began a brawl with The Prime Time Players, causing a disqualification.


Prime Time Players defeated Primo & Epico via disqualification at 1:41.


It will be interesting to see what happens with the tag belts now Titus and Darren have lost their mouthpiece. Maybe they could hire Rosa to jiggle for them; that should distract people from the incredibly green Titus.


An image of Big Show holding the WWE title over a fallen CM Punk and John Cena aired.


Commercial Break.


After the break Antonio Cesaro made his way down the ramp, accompanied by Aksana. Lilian Garcia announced Antonio wanted to speak in five different languages. Cesaro said: “victory” in: Swiss, Italian, German, French and English; then he and Aksana kissed. Christian’s music hit and Captain Charisma was billed as Cesaro’s opponent.


Antonio Cesaro vs. Christian.


Cesaro was sent flying over the top rope, after a short in-ring exchange; Christian missed a baseball slide and was sent into the steel steps, before being rolled back in the ring for a two count.

     Cesaro got some heat on Christian in the form of a chinlock and cut off the comeback with European uppercuts and a gutwrench suplex. Antonio went back to getting the heat and followed up by coming off the second rope, when he was caught by Christian’s boot. Captain Charisma started another comeback and went for the Killswitch but Cesaro countered into aDeath Valleydriver position; Christian also escaped and hit a sunset flip off the second turnbuckle for a two count. Cesaro blocked a crossbody and hit a beautiful tabletop suplex with a bridge for another near fall.

      Antonio attempted a second gutwrench suplex, which Christian turned into a reverse DDT; the two almost had a botchamania moment in the transition but managed to barley hold it together. Christian set up his opponent for the spear, which was turned into a flapjack, European uppercut combination by Cesaro for a nice false finish, which the people totally bought. Antonio went for the neutraliser; Christian escaped and hit the spear for the victory.


Christian defeated Antonio Cesaro, via pinfall at 4:19.        


After the match, Cesaro jumped Christian from behind and sent him crashing into the security rail on the outside. Christian did an awesome job of selling what looked like a devastating move. Antonio did his peculiar fist pumping gimmick, then left with Aksana.


Now that was a four minute match with some psychology. Cesaro got the advantage through heelish actions, Christian got in some hope spots and was cut off, Antonio looked competitive and a real threat, but was ultimately out wrestled by the babyface. Cesaro even got his heat back by jumping the victorious Christian after the bell. I was impressed with what these guys did in such a short time; here’s hoping Cesaro gets the US title and has a programme with Christian. The title would be elevated to almost meaningless status and Christian seems like a perfect opponent to get Cesaro over.


The same Rey Mysterio package aired as before.


Commercial Break.


A Raw rebound video package aired.


Eve stood in Booker T’s office; she asked Book for a job but the GM eloquently told her: “we aint got no jobs”. Teddy walked in with Kaitlyn, who said she had been thinking Booker could use an assistant. To Eve’s dismay, Book agreed to hire Kaitlyn; Eve threatened to go to the board of directors, on the grounds of discrimination. In the interest of fairness Booker T then booked a match for next week between the divas, with the winner getting the job.


It irritates me when talent threaten to go to the board of directors; why would a bunch of kayfabe suits in Titan Tower care about what the heels do to the babyfaces, or vice versa; and how is having two women fight over a job a way of keeping them satisfied?


Back in the arena and Rey Mysterio’s music hit. Josh said Rey will take on the: “most must see champion in WWE history, The Miz”, after the break.


What actually qualifies The Miz as “the most must see champion ever”? I think I missed the 5.2 ratings he drew every week when he had the belt.


 Commercial Break.


After the commercials The Miz made his way to the ring.


 Rey Mysterio vs. The Miz (Intercontinental Champion).


Mysterio caught Miz with a tilt-o-whirl head-scissors early in the contest. The awesome one was unable to get the better of Rey, until he blocked a springboard moonsault attempt by Mysterio and delivered a reverse DDT-backbreaker. Miz got a little heat on Rey and connected with his running clothesline in the corner spot. Mysterio’s hope spot came in the form of a seated senton off the top; the comeback was short-lived as The Miz cut off Rey on the top rope. Mysterio seemed to go for a sunset-flip off the top, which Miz countered with a right hand. It appeared The Miz didn’t know where to go from the position he was in and descended from the second rope, to deliver a boot to Rey; meaning nothing came of the previous spot. Mysterio dodged another boot from Miz and set him up for the 619; the Intercontinental Champion caught his opponent and went for the skull crushing finale. Rey reversed the hold into a modified victory roll for the three count.


Rey Mysterio defeated The Miz, via pinfall at: 4:42.


  The match was fine; again the guys didn’t have much time to work with and did the best they could. Did Miz even mention he was hot at Mysterio for winning the vote to face Punk on Raw? Cole tried to put over this as the reason for the match; at least they tried to give the match some meaning. Maybe Rey will go after the IC title, or maybe this entire situation will be forgotten by Monday.


A split screen shot of Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio walking in the back aired. Cole hyped the world title match, which he said will happen next.


A video package for SummerSlam rolled. It focused on Triple H and Brock Lesnar.


At the moment, I am feeling largely underwhelmed with the build towards SummerSlam. 


Commercial Break.


A vomit inducing B.A star video aired.


Back in the arena and Lilian Garcia announced the world title match. Alberto Del Rio’s music hit and out came the nephew of Mil Mascaras, wearing his Uncle’s signature black and gold colours. Sheamus followed, and with both participants in the ring, the introductions were made by Ricardo and Lilian.

       Just before the bell was about to ring, out came some indy wrestlers dressed as cops.Del Rioscreamed: “No! I never filed that report, I want my title match”. The “cops” stopped on the apron at the instruction ofDel Rio; Alberto then smiled and yelled: “Go!” at which point the indy cops did absolutely nothing except wait to get beaten up by Sheamus.Del Riothen charged the World Champion into the corner and Ricardo jumped on Sheamus’ back; causing enough of a distraction for the phony cops to jump The Great White.Del Rio’s hired goons then held the World Champion in position long enough for Alberto to hit a running enzuigiri and with Sheamus laid out;Del Rioapplied the cross arm breaker to the helpless champion. The show went off the air withDel Riostanding victoriously over the fallen Sheamus.


When the match was booked at the start of the show, I genuinely believed Sheamus would go over in some fashion and Randy Orton would be added to the title match at SummerSlam. It appears The Viper will have to find something else to do at the PPV because Del Rio played the old scheming heel card, which I though was a tremendous way of getting heat on Alberto. That being said I can’t get my head around the logic of the booking. How did Del Rio know Sheamus would offer to put his belt on the line? This angle could have worked just as well without the pretence of a title match; the cops could have simply shown up at any point in the show to apprehend Sheamus and then beat him down.


The show was not great by anybody’s standards. A two hour programme with only 14 minutes and 25 seconds of wrestling is always going to draw criticism, especially from pro wrestling fans. The best match on the card was by far Christian vs. Cesaro, which in the grand scheme of things is pretty insignificant, compared to what is going down at what is supposedly the second biggest show of the year.

      The highlight of the entire show might very well have been the Ziggler/Jericho altercation; personally I am looking forward to their match more than any of the main events at SummerSlam. With any luck they will get a good 15 minutes to paint a picture in their match. Del Rio’s underhanded, cunning swerve on Sheamus was a good move, despite the logical plot flaws. Other than that, I would not go out of your way to see this show; if you are hoping for pro wrestling matches and a heavy build towards a PPV then you will be sadly disappointed.


Ben Carass. 


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