Cubed Circle Newsletter Yearbook 2015

It’s here! Our biggest and best issue yet, the 2015 Cubed Circle Newsletter Yearbook!




cover_for_siteWe almost always offer a text-based version of the newsletter, however, with the amount of image-based and pre-formatted content in this yearbook, a text-based version simply wouldn’t do the publication justice, nor would it be a very pleasant formatting or viewing experience. 

A year ago, inspired by the Dr. Keith Presents Annuals of 2011 and 2012, we published the inaugural Cubed Circle Yearbook, attempting to encapsulate what was a pivotal year for professional wrestling in 2014. This year we hope to do the same, albeit for a year of a decidedly different sort.


2015 was dissimilar to 2014 in many respects. It didn’t see moments as grandiose as the end of the Undertaker’s Streak, Daniel Bryan’s WrestleMania victory, or the Guerrero-Atlantis mask match. When evaluated from afar 2015 may even appear stagnant in comparison, as did many of the world’s largest and most influential promotions during the year – WWE, NJPW, and CMLL in particular. But, upon closer inspection, the seemingly motionless landscape of 2015 wasn’t only very much alive, but both morose and vibrant, disheartening and emboldening.


The open wrestling fan of 2015 had more choice and freedom than perhaps ever before, with some ardent observers of the industry even abandoning Monday Night RAW for lack of faith in the lumbering weekly juggernaut. Some turned to Lucha Underground, a show that garnered considerable cult popularity. Others looked to alternative facets of the company such as NXT, which grew beyond what many considered its zenith at the end of 2014, harbouring one of the better years for American women’s wrestling in decades. AAA showed promise and ambition on several fronts, but was subject to unfortunate, and at times tragic, circumstances. NJPW was as repetitive creatively as it had been under the Kidani administration, but produced one of the best nights of wrestling of the last several years in WrestleKingdom 9 – made more readily available to an American audience than ever before. And for as cautious as they were creatively, New Japan was positively adventurous on its business front, with NJPW World only strengthening an already impressive catalogue of options for the internationally inclined wrestling fan. A catalogue further enhanced by a continued boom in the realm of podcasts, news sites, commentary, and analysis produced by those in and outside of the industry alike.



All of these stories and more contributed to the broader tale of a schizophrenic year. It is in this yearbook that we hope to investigate, discuss, and celebrate 2015; a year that was at times frustrating, but was a thrilling one in the wonderful world of professional wrestling regardless – particularly for those who knew where to look.


Ryan Clingman, Cubed Circle Newsletter Editor

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