Cubed Circle Newsletter 241: PWO GWE Overview, Pro-Wres Digest, Mixed Bag & More!

Cubed Circle Newsletter 241 – Consistency is Hard


As many of probably noticed, we have been posting late and sporadically for the last month. This was, obviously, not our intention, but with the second semester eating into my free time, staying up to date is a tall order. Even without the newsletter itself seeing weekly publication the site has still remained up to date on a weekly basis, thanks primarily to co-author Ben Carass, as well as guest writers Paul Cooke and Leslie Lee III. But, the newsletter has survived for well over 241 weeks, and will hopefully thrive in the years to come. I have attempted to make provisions for publishing related tasks which should minimize the risk of major delays (obviously there will be some regular delays, as this late issue can attest), but we have some fail safes in place in order to keep this to a minimum.


With all of this said, we have a great issue for everyone this week with Paul Cooke discussing the Pro-Wrestling Only Greatest Wrestler Ever project and his personal experience with the poll, Ben covers the news including tons of results from Japan and the Lesnar USADA violation, the Mixed Bag returns with a look at comedy wrestling, Ricochet/Ospreay, and a potential WWE match of the year — plus Ben also looks at last Sunday’s Battleground show and the first RAW of the brand split (a very good show).


Also, for those unaware, we now have an official Twitter account @CubedCircleWres allowing the banger to unprecedented highs at @BenCarass and @RyanClingman.


Ryan Clingman, Cubed Circle Newsletter Editor



The Pro-Wres Digest for July 23-30 – Brock, WWE Earnings, Japan Results Galore, Mexico, PWG & Much More News.

Greatest Wrestler Ever – Final List Overview & Personal Experience

Mixed Bag Volume 7: Flips & Funnies – Kikutaro vs. Taylor, Reviewing Comedy Wrestling, Ricochet vs. Ospreay, Zayn & Owens Fight On & More!

WWE BattleGround 2016 Review – Owens & Zayn Tear it Down, Ambrose Retains on Fun Show.

WWE RAW Review July 25th 2016 – Great Start to New Era, Balor Made in One Night, Sasha Wins Title.

Photo credit the great Mikey Nolan (@Mikey__Nolan)

Photo credit the great Mikey Nolan (@Mikey__Nolan)

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