Cubed Circle Newsletter 216 – CCN’s Best of 2015

Cubed Circle Newsletter – Best of 2015 Issue


With the 2015 Cubed Circle Yearbook and end of the year fast approaching, we have decided to put together a Cubed Circle Recap issue this week, encapsulating some of the best content the newsletter had to offer in 2015 ahead of our biggest issue of the year coming up in less than two weeks. This special issue will be released alongside the new, and hopefully improved,



The site has been made dramatically easier to navigate, and the content is far more organised, which should make for a better user experience. The site logo has also changed, as visitors of the website will quickly notice.


As always, any feedback is very much appreciated, particularly as far as the new website is concerned, as, realistically speaking, we should have some growing pains, although the old-site, one could argue, was the manifestation of three or so years of growing pains. But, for now, we hope you enjoy this special issue, and we will be back with another issue in approximately ten days – what will be, if not the biggest, hopefully the best issue we have ever published.

Merry Holidays and Happy New Year, everyone!



Ryan Clingman, Cubed Circle Newsletter Editor


For this week's newsletter as a PDF, click Akira Hokuto and Kensuke Sasaki above!

For this week’s newsletter as a PDF, click Akira Hokuto and Kensuke Sasaki above!


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