WWE SmackDown – April 9th 2015.

American Airlines Centre: Dallas, TX

Ben Carass.


So SmackDown is moving to the USA Network in early 2016. Whoopie. I guess that means we’ve got another 10 months or so of the show being a complete waste of time, as it has been for at least 3 years since the end of the brand split. Even with the impending move, I just can’t see the WWE putting out another A level show like SmackDown used to be from 1999-2002. The creative chuckleheads can barely scramble together a 3 hour RAW script without at least 1/3 of it being absolutely atrocious, so the chances of them coming up with another two hours of “quality” (and I used that term VERY loosely) TV in 2015 is unthinkable.


That brings us to this week’s show which was, and hold onto your hats, a giant waste of time. For the second week in a row they changed the advertised main event. What was billed as a tag team match on RAW, Daniel Bryan & Dolph Ziggler vs. Bad News Barrett & Sheamus, turned into a six man with Big Show joining the heels and Roman Reigns teaming with the faces. It was set up by the usual opening segment with everyone coming out one by one. Reigns was the last guy out and the faces disposed of the heels after a quick brawl. The six man main event was a good, solid match but nothing you need to go out of your way to see. They built up to Reigns getting the hot tag really well and the people even chanted, “We want Roman”, however it was Texas so let’s not get carried away with claims that the Big Dog train is up and running again. Reigns pinned Barrett with the spear at 11:40 (TV Time). Everyone here seems to be pairing off at Extreme Rules: Bryan with Barrett, Ziggler with Sheamus and, unbelievably Reigns vs. Big Show seems to be the direction they are going. Which is just insane. Also, with Bryan & Ziggler working the SmackDown taping on Tuesday, as well as a couple of other guys that missed RAW, it is clear they didn’t send them over to Europe early and just decided to keep them off RAW for whatever reason.



Bray Wyatt beat Erick Rowan in 5:44 (TV Time). Match was dull. Imagine if they had done, you know, an actual breakup angle involving the Wyatts instead of them just no longer being together one day. Wyatt said he would destroy Rowan once and for all, but all he did was win a boring match with his finish.


Neville squashed Curtis Axel again, after Axel called him out for a rematch. Neville won with the Red Arrow in 2:12. Not much to it really.


Other Stuff That Nobody Cares About: Kidd & Cesaro (Tag Champions) w/Natalya beat the New Day in 6:51 (TV Time). Decent match. Beforehand, Big E cut a vaguely heel promo on the fans and told them to stand up and clap along with them which resulted in “New Day Sucks” chants. Renee interviewed Cameron, Alicia Fox & Natalya, but because all women hate each other, Nattie & Alicia started shoving each other and some referees had to pull them apart. That led to Natalya vs. Alicia Fox w/ Special Guest Referee, Cameron. That’s right: the woman who once tried to cover her opponent when they were on their stomach was given the responsibility of enforcing the rules. How the hell did she get a referee’s licence?! Oh wait, Texas. Nattie won with the sharpshooter in 3:33. – Sucked. Cameron wasn’t nearly as entertaining or hilariously bad as Taryn Tarrell used to be in TNA. Post-match, Cameron laid them both out with DDT’s to set up the women’s battle royal on RAW. – THIS THEY BUILD ANGLES FOR?! There was a Miz TV segment. Miz hyped his Marine 4 movie, which looked horrible. Summer Rae came out and he buried her for not being a real star. Damien Mizdow showed up and Miz said he would take him back if he apologised. Mizdow said he was sorry, sorry for not kicking Miz’s ass sooner and attacked him. Miz ran away then Mizdow kissed Summer Rae like a playa, which she sold by swooning like a 1940’s cartoon character.


And that’s your lot.



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