WWE SmackDown – April 30th 2015.

Wireless Centre: Moline, IL.

Ben Carass.


Once again the main event program and WWE World title storyline was all based around the 48 year old, Glenn Jacobs. I know he’s a “company guy” that has earned his lifer spot with 20 years of loyal service to the McMahons, but come on. The Kane character is so stale that even the French would refuse to eat it and he has no business, nor does Creative booking him, as a main eventer in 2015. It is absolute madness. Even worse is that the booking team chowderheads seem to think that teasing and delivering a bunch of swerve turns for the Kane character is a good idea. It isn’t. Remember how much steam Randy Orton lost when he kept fake turning on Rollins before Mania, not to mention the millions of times Damien Mizdow turned on the Miz only to be back with him on the next show. This kind of booking is not only counterproductive, as is anything involving Kane in the main event picture, it also makes for horrendously predictable television.


Show started with Kane and Seth Rollins bickering backstage; Rollins blamed him for making the three-way with Orton & Reigns at Payback. Kane said he wanted to make a man out of Rollins and booked him against Dean Ambrose. Rollins told him he was a shell of the Kane from 20 years ago and dared him to do something out there tonight. So the opener was Kane vs. Roman Reigns and, I can’t believe I’m actually going to say this, it was a perfectly acceptable pro wrestling match, which has got to be the nicest thing I have said about a Kane match in years. The finish was lame, however, as Kane did the old walkout and Reigns won via count-out. Rollins told Renee he would never run away from a fight and claimed he would beat Orton & Reigns on his own. Ambrose & Rollins had a decent TV main event, nothing spectacular. Kane teased chokeslamming both Seth & Dean, but let go when the ref threatened to DQ him. Rollins got the pin with his new awful looking DDT and there was a post-match beat down of Ambrose by the entire Authority, including Kane. Roman Reigns ran down to help and cleaned house, taking out J&J Security and Kane with spears. Ambrose & Reigns stood tall while Rollins escaped up the ramp to close the show. – So expect a Reigns/Kane rematch on RAW or maybe a tag. Either way, it looks like Kane’s main event saga is not over yet, which is truly depressing.



Bray Wyatt laid out Ryback again with Sister Abigail. Ryback had just beaten Luke Harper in a ponderous match and Wyatt appeared in the ring after a lights-out spot. Bray also cut another pre-tape later on, rambling about this and that. – I’m going to give them a chance with this feud. It seems like a dumb idea on paper, but they’ve kept it simple and had the heel lay out the face twice, so let’s see what they follow up with. Bray really needs better logic for going after Ryback though; his usual incoherent ramblings don’t make any sense for this program.


Tons of Junk: Damien Sandow beat Cutis Axel in a nothing match. Sandow mimicked ring announcer, Jo-Jo and introduced Axel too. It was death. Why is he still doing this shadowing stuff if he is no longer a stunt double? I really don’t get it. We got a Tag title rematch from Extreme Rules. Match was good; Kidd & Cesaro were the faces and New Day were hated, as usual. They went and it was enjoyable, but once again the finish was poor as New Day were DQ’d when Xavier Woods interfered. Hey, at least this one sets up another title match down the road for Kidd & Cesaro. Backstage, Cameron & Summer Rae made fun of what Naomi did to Brie Bella on RAW; Nikki over heard them and challenged Cameron to a match, which was no good and Nikki won in . The only other thing worth noting on the show was the Tough Enough videos from fans. Amidst the reel of geeks was Scarlet Bordeaux, who has appeared as one of the Rosebuds before so I find it weird that she would submit a video for this thing. Maybe they have already cast her for the show and wanted to get her face out there, I doubt it though. I would assume she is not under an ROH contract as she does very little apart from paying timekeeper for them anymore, so if she wanted to be on the show I suppose she could. Jeez, imagine getting excited over the pretty ring announcer/time keeper for ROH appearing on screen for 3 seconds. Well, I’m afraid that is what SmackDown has come to these days.



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