WWE SmackDown 11/7 2014 Review with Ben Carass

WWE SmackDown – November 7th 2014.

Times Union Centre: AlbanyNY.

Ben Carass.


WWE Tag Team Championship Cage Match: The Usos vs. Gold & Stardust (C) – Dusts retained in 7:48 (TV Time). Match was fine, but utterly unspectacular. If guys politely standing on the apron during street fights wasn’t stupid enough, they did the same here and basically had a regular tag match inside the cage. Dusts got the heat on Jimmy and rammed him into the cage a bunch of times. Jimmy tried to climb out but Goldie gave him an electric chair; Jimmy blocked a belly-to-back superplex and hit Goldust with a messy corkscrew moonsault for the lazy pre-hot tag double down. Jey ran wild on Stardust and got a near-fall with a superkick then he kicked out of Cody’s finish. For the finish, Jimmy gave Goldie a superplex and Jey followed up with a splash, however Cody jumped in and pinned Jey with an Oklahoma roll. – Gimmick matches for the sake of gimmick matches really get under my skin and this was no different. Not only did the cage stip not make any sense from a storyline standpoint, but they basically just had a regular SmackDown tag match inside a cage.

WWE SmackDown 11/7 Review

Kane came out for a promo and talked about the Authority making an example out of Randy Orton on Raw. He then booked himself against Dolph Ziggler in a cage match and was about to announce Orton’s replacement for Team Authority when Cesaro showed up and said if they wanted someone to swing Cena like a ragdoll then he was their man. Kane wasn’t sure and booked Cesaro in a try-out match against Ryback. It was the usual mess of unrealistic dialog, which for some reason when it is delivered by Kane just makes me want to vomit. I’m about at the end of my tether with these bush-league writers.


Ryback vs. Cesaro – Ryback via pinfall in 3:55 (TV Time). Cesaro got a little heat with several chinlocks, which was once the finish of a fabulous NXT match with Sami Zayn if you can believe that. Ryback took the ring post spot for no reason and Cesaro came off the top with an elbow for a near-fall. Ryback won with the shellshock. – Poor Cesaro. That interview he did for the Liverpool Echo website was clearly not taken kindly to by the higher ups in the company. If only WWE knew that people from Liverpool, or “scousers”, are only happy when you tell them what they want to hear, i.e. “the Beatles are the greatest band ever”, “Liverpool FC are the be-all and end-all of English football”, “don’t worry, your accent doesn’t sound stupid at all.”


R-Truth vs. Adam Rose – Truth won a nothing comedy match in 1:21. The Bunny got on the apron and danced, which distracted Rose and Truth rolled him up. Afterwards, Rose turned on the Bunny and shoved him over; you could almost hear Rose’s career ending as the Bunny hit the floor. Rose then partied to the back with the rest of his geeks.


Christian made an unadvertised appearance to host the Peep Show. Dean Ambrose was his guest and he cut a promo about how Bray Wyatt’s “mind games” would affect most people, but stated he was not afraid of Wyatt’s tricks. Bray showed up on the stage and talked about Ambrose being a fish out of water without the Shield behind him. Bray said he “healed” Harper and Rowan and told Ambrose he could do the same for him then brought up the terrible angle when Daniel Bryan joined the Family for two weeks and Wyatt said Bryan was “nowhere to be seen.” Bray talked about Ambrose’s father turning his back on him and sending him postcards from prison then the lights went out. When they came back on, Bray was stood behind Ambrose and told him to run, which spooked the badass “lunatic” then the lights went out again and Bray vanished. – So Bray wants to “heal” Ambrose? At least they have given us a reason for this feud, but it is a pretty wishy-washy one and I am also getting tired of Wyatt’s goofy magical powers; they were OK at first but ever since that singing child finish to his cage match with Cena I have had all I can stand with his hocus pocus. Also, that Daniel Bryan line was as stupid as any of the goofy crap they’ve had Bray do. There has been no mention of Bryan for months and all of a sudden he is brought up for no reason in a throwaway promo? I hate these writers.


AJ was with Renee in the back. Brie showed up and tried to apologise for the slap on Raw; Nikki jumped AJ from behind then told Brie she did a good job but needed to be more sincere.


Summer Rae vs. Natalya – Summer downed Nattie in 1:28. They showed a skit involving Tyson Kidd flirting with Summer Rae and Layla; Nattie showed up and dragged Kidd away from the sketels. Kidd was on commentary and was an amazing tool. Summer countered the sharpshooter and won with a roll-up. Kidd condescendingly patted Nattie on the head.


They announced John Cena vs. Ryback for Raw which will likely end in some wacky angle with Ryback joining Team Cena. Dolph Ziggler was with Renee. Triple H interrupted and told him that nobody was there to help him then said it wasn’t too late for Ziggler to change his mind. The Luke Harper, Salvador Dali inspired eye vignette rolled before the main event. There was a segment involving an injured veteran and an exosuit that helps paralysed people to walk again.


 Non-Title Cage Match: Dolph Ziggler (IC Champion) vs. Kane – Ziggler escaped the cage to win in 7:22 (TV Time). Just like the opener, it was a regular match inside a cage for no reason. Ziggler tried to escape and got planted with a chokeslam then Kane set up for a tombstone. Dolph countered and hit the Zig-zag for a near-fall then tried to escape through the door, which led to a strangely timed double-down. Finish saw Ziggler climb over Kane and over the top, but Kane opened the door and Ziggler fell stomach first on to it. Kane tried to walk out but Ziggler managed to swing the door into his face and Dolph dropped to the floor. The show closed with the announcers hyping Team Cena vs. Team Authority and they showed a graphic of the current members of each team, which were Cena and Ziggler for the faces and Rollins and Kane for the heels. Riveting. – Match was an absolute waste of time, although Ziggler getting a “win” was a good move. No doubt they will bury him again in the weeks to come because they can’t help themselves.


With half the crew already in Europe, this show was thin on major talent and positively anorexic when it came to entertainment. Nothing happened, the matches were passible at best and once again the scripting of certain characters was abysmal. Don’t watch this episode, unless you really enjoy basic matches inside a cage for no reason. At least SmackDown is moving to Thursday in January, which will not only give those of us that don’t DVR the show our Friday nights back but it should also motivate WWE to come up with better angles and stories for a night where they should, in theory, draw more viewers. We can only hope.


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