WWE NXT – May 13th 2015

Full Sail University: Winter Park, FL.

Ben Carass


Well Hideo Itami is out for a long time and will not be working Takeover, however this go-home show was taped last month, before Itami’s injury, and unfortunately Itami worked the main event of this show, so unless they shoot an angle on the Takeover pre-show, or the live show itself then I guess they will just announce that Itami can’t compete. Likewise, the status of Sami Zayn is unclear after his shoulder injury. He’s been taken off the Philadelphia shows at the ECW Arena this week and he cut a cryptic promo on this show which didn’t really answer if he would be cleared for Takeover.


Show opened with a recap of Sami Zayn vs. John Cena from last weeks’ RAW which played up the dislocated shoulder big time and also made Sami look like the biggest star ever.


Solomon Crowe vs. Baron Corbin. – Corbin killed Crowe like a total geek and won with his goofy downward spiral in 2:14. Fans tuned on Corbin a little with chants of, “boring” and “Baron’s gonna bore you.” Rhyno came out and got into a brawl with Corbin; some geeks ran down for a pull apart and Rhyno ended up goring a couple of them. Angle was OK, Crowe looked like a chump.


Byron Saxton interviewed Finn Balor and asked who he would like to face if he won the #1 contenders’ match at Takeover. Balor said he would definitely win and it didn’t matter who he faced and said the Demon wouldn’t be far behind him.


Saxton was then with Tyler Breeze and asked him the same question. Breeze said the exact same thing as Balor and said it didn’t matter who the champion would be.


Non-Title Match: Sasha Banks (NXT Women’s Champion) vs. KC Cassidy. Sasha cut a promo on Becky Lynch beforehand. The fans chanted “Let’s go black trunks” for the KC, but she wasn’t as over as Blue Pants. Sasha won a total squash with the Banks Statement in 2:30.


Charlotte and Bayley were with Devin in the back; they challenged Emma and Dana Brooke to a tag match at Takeover.


The Uhaa Nation vignette aired and they STILL haven’t given him a name.


Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss. – This was a disaster. Both girls looked awkward and when they weren’t blowing spots they were executing everything at quarter speed to ensure they got it right. Blake and Murphy showed up to watch. Bliss won with her goofy splash off the top at 3:50. Post-match Blake cut a promo and dissed Big Cass & Enzo. Carmella told them, in an hysterically fake manner that her “Boys” would beat them at Takeover and called them SAWF. – Carmella’s boys are nowhere near as awesome as Dalton Castle’s.


Crack Journalist, Bryon Saxton asked Hideo Itami the same hard hitting question: “Who would you rather face for the NXT title?” Itami hilariously said, “Good question” then actually gave a real answer and said he wanted to face Kevin Owens because he didn’t respect him.


Devin was with Dana Brooke and Emma. They accepted the tag match with Charlotte & Bayley; Brooke insisted she was not “Jelly” of Charlotte.


Fin Balor & Hideo Itami Tyler Breeze & Adam Rose. – Breeze & Itami over in 9:15. Ray, biggest babyface in the company, Leppan didn’t even come out with the Rosebuds. This poor guy. Balor & Itami teased some tension early but worked together and took out the heels. Balor sold for the heat; fans were into it for the most part. Rose used a spinebuster into a lion tamer which he hasn’t done for years. Itami made the comeback but Balor made a blind tag and took over. The two IDIOT babyfaces argued over the blind tag and Breeze rolled up Itami for the finish. Breeze laid out Itami & Balor with a pair of beauty shots then gave Rose a supermodel kick for good measure. – What a ridiculous finish. Itami & Balor looked like complete boneheads here.



They showed an interview with Sami Zayn after the match with John Cena. Sami claimed his shoulder never actually popped out, but said he was in a lot of pain. He talked about it being surreal performing in his hometown and suffering such a freak injury. It didn’t really answer any questions about his heath regarding the Takeover show.


Main Event segment was the RAW special, Face-Off between Sami Zayn & Kevin Owens. They actually had Sami do post-production lines about him hurting his shoulder against Cena while they showed a shot of Owens. Sami then demanded to know the real story behind Owens stabbing him in the back to win the NXT title. Owens didn’t say anything then Sami asked if it was about his son wearing a Sami Zayn shirt to school instead of a KO one. Owens walked out of the ring without saying a word. Sami flipped out and demanded an answer. Owens stood on the ramp with his back turned and calmly explained that it was him that injured Sami and put him out for a month then said he knew exactly what the injury was and told Sami he would injury him again at Takeover. – Both guys were great here, especially Owens, who’s realistic delivery is sorely missed on RAW. It’s a little strange they haven’t made an announcement about the MAIN EVENT of Takeover and whether Sami will be able to go. I guess they’ll just see if he is ready on the night and deal with the consequences if he isn’t.


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