WWE NXT March 4th 2015 Review

WWE NXT – March 4th 2015
Full Sail University: Winter Park, FL.
Ben Carass




A video package establishing the Kevin Owens/Finn Balor championship program opened the show and they showed Owens attacking Alex Riley last week. Riley was in William Regal’s office and he asked for a match against Owens. Regal told him he was a commentator now and reminded him of what happened when he faced Cesaro a couple of years ago. Riley said he was still in his prime and Regal replied that he could have the match with Owens but said Riley would have to choose between being a fulltime commentator or in-ring competitor. – I’m already not looking forward to this match and Riley wasn’t a very believable fighting babyface here. At least it will be a one-and-done deal for Owens to beat a “name”.


Adam Rose vs. Tyler Breeze. – Breeze over in 2:30. Basic affair. Rose played babyface; he can only dream of being as over on the main roster as he is in NXT. They did a couple of simple spots and Breeze won with the beauty shot. Breeze chased the Rosebuds with his selfie stick afterwards. – A complete nothing match, but the NXT fans love “their” guys so much that they ate it up, which highlights the problem of certain gimmicks, like Adam Rose, not translating well to the man roster. Well, that and the horrible booking awaiting new arrivals from the creative dunderheads.


Enzo Amore, Big Cass and Carmella were in the back. They cut a promo on Blake & Murphy, who last week hit on Carmella, and the Yankee’s didn’t take kindly to them propositioning their woman. Carmella called Blake & Murphy “pigs” then Enzo & Cass said they would “bring home the bacon” and beat them for the tag titles.


Backstage, Alexa Bliss was interviewed by the anonymous reporter. She talked about having some time off for a nose injury, which nobody ever bothered to mention before, then said she would be watching the women’s title match later. Bliss said she gunning for whoever won and closed by saying that somebody needed to show Sasha Banks who was really in charge.


Non-Title: Blake & Murphy (NXT Tag Team Champions) vs. Shoot Nation (Angelo Dawkins & Sawyer Fulton.) – Blake & Murphy via pinfall at 2:28. Shoot Nation guys are doing an amateur gimmick and Fulton wore the headgear. They tried to cram a traditional tag match into 2 minutes, with Fulton selling for the heat and Dawkins making the comeback, so it felt very rushed and inconsequential. Blake & Murphy used their suplex/frog splash combo for the finish.


Bayley wished Charlotte good luck in the locker room then Emma showed up and made fun of her for wanting to watch the championship match which she failed to qualify for. Emma said she went up to Raw and acted all nice and it got her nowhere then told Bayley to think about it. They aired a hype video of Rhyno with lots of old clips and even some of his promos from ECW circa 2000.


Baron Corbin vs. Tony Briggs. – Squash for Corbin in 1:05 . Kevin Owens showed up at the announce table and starred down Riley. Corbin won with his flatliner. Albert tried to stop Riley from doing anything but Owens poured a bottle of water over him and Albert had to hold Riley back. Fans unbelievably chanted, “Riley”; Owens just turned his back and slowly walked away looking sad that he didn’t get what he wanted.


A promo from Sami Zayn aired. He was in Montreal and talked about the landscape of NXT changing very quickly. Sami apologised to the fans for not being there live to celebrated his 13th anniversary in the business but explained that he didn’t have the confidence and needed to go back home to re-evaluate his situation. He said he had not watched the match with Owens back yet but when he finally did he might be able to figure out he would do to Owens when he returned to NXT.


CJ Parker was complaining to William Regal in the back. Alex Riley showed up, yelling so loud that he was distorting all the mics, and told Regal he quit as a commentator and wanted Owens. Regal said Riley would have to sign a “talent contract” (he should have just said he needed a wrestler’s licence) and would only get Owens when Regal decided he was ready. Parker chimed in and Riley challenged him to a match next week.


Solomon Crowe vs. Bull Dempsey. – Crowe over in 3:20. Bull took most of the match; Crowe got a body slam in. Finish saw Crowe avoid the diving headbutt and hit a goofy rebound splash off the ropes for the pin. – Geez, did they make Crowe look like just another geek here or what. Dempsey hasn’t been over since being slaughtered buy Baron Corbin and the fans didn’t buy him as the big badass he used to be.

During the main event they hyped Owens vs. Balor for March 25th.


NXT Women’s Championship: Sasha Banks (C) vs. Charlotte. – Sasha retained in 10:55 (TV Time). Good match. Sasha teased a walkout early but Charlotte drove her into the apron then put her in the figure-four. Sasha was in control after the break, so we missed the heat spot. Sasha used La Mistica into her facelock but Charlotte countered with a backpack stunner for a hope spot. Sasha got some more heat and worked over the back and badmouthed Charlotte while applying a wacky lucha submission. Charlotte fought to the ropes to break the Banks-statement then made her comeback and got a near-fall with a spear. Fans chanted, “Better than Reigns” – Funny. Charlotte did the figure-four around the ring post then went for Natural Selection off the top, but Sasha countered then got the pin with her feet on the ropes. – They didn’t come close to their TakeOver match, however this was still a solid TV main event and, as if I need to point this out, was better than any Divas match on the main roster since at least that Natalya/AJ match on Main Event. (***)


This show was pretty much a dud until the main event. They are telling the Owens/Riley story well, however I just cannot buy into Alex Riley: fighting babyface. Plus, hyping the Balor match and the promo from Zayn really made Owens feel like a top, monster heel that everyone wants a piece of. Rest of the show was a whole lot of nothing and Solomon Crowe’s debut match was handled terribly. Check out the main event if you have time for a good women’s match, if not then give this show a miss.


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