Barrett vs Rooney Tag Match at WrestleMania 31 – Not Going to Happen, Clearly

WazzaMania is Running Wild.

Ben Carass.

Rooney vs Barrett


Some wacky and frivolous “news” arose from the most unlikely of places this week and combined two of my major interests in a way I could have never imagined. The “story” starts with Manchester United beating Preston North End in the FA Cup Fifth Round 3-1 on Monday night. Now hold on, before you click off the page thinking we have gone legit and started covering “real” sports, this does, believe it or not, involve pro-wrestling. Not just pro-wrestling, but the WWE and the Intercontinental Champion, Wade Barrett. You see, Barrett is an ardent Preston North End fan and he took to Twitter in order to accuse the Manchester United and England captain, Wayne Rooney, of diving, or over-selling, in order to win a penalty kick, or PK in Shibata-speak. Rooney responded and the two tweeted back and forth with a series of light-hearted promos. Rooney, or “Wazza” in English hooliganese, brought Steve Austin into the equation and Barrett responded by tweeting that himself and Preston North End striker, Kevin Davies should work a match against Rooney and Austin at WrestleMania. Davies jumped on board and tweeted that he was in, so Rooney replied with typically awful footballer banter and threw in one of Austin’s catchphrases for good measure. When someone commented that Rooney would have a tough time getting over with Austin because the United skipper underwent a hair transplant in 2011, Austin threw his two cents in and presumably brought the whole campy situation to a close with a Tweet that simply read: “Embrace the baldness. And that’s the bottom line…”

Rooney Barrett Wrestling

I don’t need to tell any of you that there will be no such tag match at WrestleMania, but still the “story” has gotten quite a bit of publicity in the UK tabloids and online which can only be good for the WWE at this time of year. Even ran a story about it. The UK is the second strongest market for the WWE and given that indoctrination to football clubs is pretty much ordained at birth in England, the fact that the captain of the national team and its most successful domestic club drew heat from the Intercontinental champion and managed to get arguably the biggest star in the history of the business to play along is a little bit of whimsy I just had to comment on.


Rooney Barrett Wrestling


It’s just a shame that TNA doesn’t have the exposure that WWE has and isn’t, you know, TNA, because with MVP rocking a Manchester United singlet on the UK tour and Samoa Joe leaving the company, there is a spot in the BDC that I’m sure Rooney could fit right into. Just picture it: MVP, Low-Ki, Kenny King and Wazza running wild. Hell, TNA would probably put the world title on him and shoot him to the moon. Sarcasm aside, Rooney is currently on a £250,000 ($385,700) a week contract at United so the idea of any pro-wrestling company ponying up enough money to bring him in is laughable. Still, I got a kick out of the “story”, I promise that wasn’t intended to be some kind of football relate pun, and was entertained by the absurdity of the entire scenario.


Rooney Barrett Wrestling


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