RAW Ratings January 6th 2014 – Great Oldschool RAW Rating vs Strong Competition + VOW Poll

Old School RAW from Monday pulled an incredibly impressive rating going up against one of the most watched cable programs in history, the Auburn/Florida State football game, which drew 25.57 million viewers! RAW still drew 4.54 million viewers this week, up substantially from last week’s 4.12. What is also surprising about this show is that they had a strong first hour, dropped off in the second and came back in the third, which is a very different pattern from the usual build to the second hour from the weak first. The first hour drew 4.72 million viewers (a 1.6 in the 18-49 demo 7th for the day on cable behind Love & Hip Hop and all of the Bowl related programming). The second hour drew 4.43 million viewers, a substantial drop-off (a 1.6 in the 18-49 demo, 9th for the day on cable behind hour three). The third and final hour drew 4.46 million viewers (a 1.6 in the 18-49 demo, 8th for the day). The show ended up drawing a fantastic 3.2. You have to believe that nostalgia played a big part in how well this show did, especially against such strong competition. I can’t really comment on the pattern, as I don’t know how the Bowl game unfolded and how its viewership evolved along with it. It is with interesting ratings developments such as this when I really wish that we had the segment-by-segment viewership data again.

Voices of Wrestling have done a phenomenal job with their top 50 matches of the year poll, which was voted on by a number of wrestling writers, podcasters and bloggers, of which I was lucky to be a part. At the time of writing they have covered the honourable mentions and matches 50-26. For more head over to voicesofwrestling.com.


In this weeks newsletter we will be taking a look at the New Japan Tokyo Dome show in-depth, New Japan business coming out of the show, RAW, RAW ratings, NXT with Ben Carass, New Beginning show line-up, SmackDown and much more this Sunday!




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