RAW Ratings for July 29th 2013 – Super Late Edition

It may be a bit late, and by a bit late I mean almost four days late, but then again better late than never right? Even though this is going to be in the newsletter and all, I thought that it was worthwhile to rundown the RAW ratings, if only to keep the streak alive. RAW this week did a 2.9 rating and 3.77 million viewers, which was down from last week’s show. They showed what is now the usual pattern of a strong second hour, good third hour and weaker first hour, which isn’t a bad thing, but you would like a show like RAW to build viewers to a 23:00 creciendo. The first hour drew 3.66 million viewers (a 1.2 in the 18-49 demo, ninth for the night on cable behind the Big Bang Theory), the second hour drew 3.9 million viewers (a 1.3 in the 18-49 demo, sixth for the night on cable behind the 22:00 Big Bang Theory show), the third and final hour drew 3.75 million viewers (a 1.3, fifth for the night, behind the second hour). We already have the RAW segment by segment ratings, but we will be going through those in the newsletter this Sunday. The other RAW ratings related note to talk about was the rating for Total Divas with the RAW lead-in, which drew 1.53 million viewers, which wasn’t up all that much from the debut show on E! which drew 1.34 million viewers and was heavily publicized. Expect a drop-off of some kind next week for Total Divas.


In this week’s newsletter we are going to be looking at all the news coming out of the WWE house show tour of South Africa, including live thoughts from tonights show in Johannesburg. Plus more on RAW and the ratings leading into Summerslam, the G1 iPPV deal, and depending on how things fall, either a review of the first night of the G1, or iMPACT with Tito Ortiz of all people.



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  1. Nielsen

    A18-49 viewership:
    20:00-21:00: 1,536,000 (1.21)
    21:00-22:00: 1,632,000 (1.29)
    22:00-23:08: 1,599,000 (1.26)


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