Randy Orton Attack on WWE House Show South Africa

On the previous run of WWE South African house shows, Randy Orton didn’t have the easiest of times as his luggage, along with the luggage of many others, was stolen in Cape Town. Last night was the trigger for a second incident for Orton in Cape Town, this time at the hands (fists, to be more specific) of a low blow from a stray fan. The low-blow was of the variety that Ric Flair, & Triple H used to give, and while I doubt it did any serious damage, it was enough to knock Orton off of a turnbuckle that he had mounted after a match with Big E. Langston. This sent him crashing down to the mat. However, Orton was able to make it back up, and even laid in a stray kick or two before security hauled the fan off. There is obviously the idea that you have to teach fans who try to attack wrestlers a lesson, Bill Watt’s even had his notorious room that he used to haul fans off into, but Orton didn’t really get that kind of opportunity here, and I doubt that many people would have complained if more would have happened to him.


This may come from a place of baise, but I would lean less in the direction of blaming the country itself, and more for the lax security at the event, and bad organization. The fan who attacked Orton, as far as I know, is being held in police custody pending criminal charges. It really is a benign story, and I am sure everyone including Orton and the WWE views it as such, although that doesn’t erase the fact that charges will undoubtedly be pressed.


The WWE released the following statement:




“Tonight Randy Orton was violently attacked from behind by a South African fan, who is currently being held in jail pending criminal charges. The extent of Orton’s injuries are unknown at this time.”




TMZ Video:



Oh…and more importantly Gedo, and his bicycle!






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