Mid-South Wrestling (TV #128)

February 18th 1982

Irish McNeil Boys Club: Shreveport, LA.



Once again Boyd Pierce and Bill Watts were our hosts for the show; as usual Boyd ran down the card then Watts recapped the big Ernie Ladd/Skandor Akbar angle from two weeks ago. Watts said Ladd underwent surgery on his knee but there was no news on his condition and he also mentioned that Mike George suffered a back injury during the Akbar/Ladd deal and was also out of action.


Cocoa Samoa vs. Bill Ash. Cocoa over in 5:23. Ash was an amazing looking jobber. Picture a young Miz’s dad wearing a watermelon t-shirt and you won’t be far off at all. Basic enhancement match for Cocoa, who Boyd billed as the “South Pacific Champion” and Watts said Cocoa came from a different “tribe” than Afa & Sika, which was the explanation for Cocoa being a face I guess. Watts then talked about taking his kids to Mardi Gras, which explains a lot. Cocoa won with a splash off the second rope, because, as you know, moves off the top rope were illegal under Watts’ reign.




Non-Title: The Samoans (Mid-South Tag Team Champions) w/Skandor Akbar vs. Brian Blair & Frank Monte. – Total squash for the Samoans in 3:14, although, Blair did get a couple of shine spots in before being sent into the post for the cut off. Afa pinned Monte with the Samoan drop. Before the match, ring announcer Reeser Bowden interviewed Akbar, who stated that Ernie Ladd got rid of the Iron Sheik so he took the Samoans from Ladd. Akbar called Dusty Rhodes the “American Nightmare” and promised to get rid of him for good because 1982 was “Career ending time.”


Non-Title: Ted Dibiase (North American Heavyweight Champion) vs. Larry Higgens. Dibiase over at 3:23 of a complete mess of a match. Higgens had his tights pulled up to his nipples and was utterly atrocious. He couldn’t even take simple bumps or hit the ropes correctly. Dibiase completely outclassed him and won with the Figure Four. Watts put over the Dibiase/Roop & Orndorff feud and hyped the big Superdome show on May 1st.


Bob Roop vs. Rick Ferrara. Roop over in 3:30. This was a total one-man show from Roop, who basically gave himself an armdrag and put himself in a bunch of holds to make it look like Ferrara was on his level as an amateur wrestler. Roop then schooled Ferrara with some mat-work and got the win with his shoulder breaker. – Roop was so great here. He wasn’t the flashiest guy in the world, but my goodness could he have a credible wrestling match.




JYD (Louisiana Heavyweight Champion) & Mr Olympia (Mississippi Heavyweight Champion) vs. The Grappler & Bob Sweetan. JYD & Olympia over in 6:18. This was our first look at the Grappler & Sweetan, however Len Denton was no stranger to Mid-South as he beat Ted Dibiase for the North American title on September 19th 1980. Watts hyped a title rematch between Dibiase & the Grappler for next week. The heels bumped like bosses for JYD early on, especially the Grappler and Watts talked about the Grappler’s “controversial, orthopaedic boot”. Grappler went after Olympia’s mask, so Olympia returned the favour and went after Denton’s mask. Watts buried other territories for booking “out of shape” guys and said Mid-South promoted “real rugged athletes!” Olympia did all the heavy lifting in the match to hide JYD’s weaknesses. Olympia got Sweetan in the sleeper, so Sweetan tried to send Olympia into the Grappler’s loaded boot, however it backfired on the heels and JYD pinned Sweetan with the Thump. – There was some good action here. Mostly with Grappler & Sweetan bumping all over the place for JYD, although Olympia was very good too and carried more than his fair share of the match, at least from the babyface side.




Dusty Rhodes vs. Ed Wiskowski. Dusty over in 4:12. Reeser Bowden introduced Dusty as, “Mr Stardust”. Match wasn’t much at all and was a basic showcase for Dusty, although the crowd were super into the Dream. Dusty worked over the leg and dropped a bunch of elbows on the knee; Wiskowski raked Dusty’s eyes across the top rope and landed some fists for a little heat. Dusty got the flip, flop & fly in for a hope spot but Wiskowski cut him off with a bodyslam. Finish saw Wiskowski go for a splash but Dusty got his knees up and dropped an elbow to get the pin.




Paul Orndorff vs. Tony Torres. Orndorff over in 2:57. Watts put Orndorff over as an “unscrupulous” heel, who sent his own brother back to Florida in disgrace! Orndorff utterly smoked the geek, Torres and beat him up for fun. Orndorff applied the Figure Four, which Torres had no idea how to take so it looked very awkward, and got the easy victory. Watts put over the feud with Dibiase again and said it had to be settled at some point down the line.


Boyd & Watts signed off from the desk and hyped Ted Dibiase vs. The Grappler for next week, plus Dusty Rhodes on colour commentary, which makes me very sad that episode #129 is lost to history.


An enjoyable show for the most part; Dusty Rhodes coming to town is always fun. However it did feel somewhat of a “maintenance” episode, with guys like Roop & Orndorff looking strong in squashes, while their rival Dibiase did the same ahead of his title defence against the Grappler, who by the way also looked great. The Samoans are Skandor Akbar’s new hired mercenaries, which is cool I guess but I still miss Sheikie, and got a decisive victory. The best match was the main event of JYD & Mr Olympia vs. The Grappler & Sweetan, although it isn’t really worth hunting down. Again, next week we’ll be skipping ahead to March 11th for episode #131 due to the unfortunate gaps in the tape library. As we get further into the year, the pesky missing episodes become far less frequent so other than the occasional blip we’ve got pretty much the entire run of Mid-South TV to delve into.


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