Mid-South Wrestling (TV #127)

February 11th 1982

Irish McNeil Boys Club: Shreveport, LA.



Boyd Pierce and the devious Skandor Akbar opened the show from the announce table. Boyd called Akbar a, “Gangster!” for stealing the contracts of the Samoans away from Ernie Ladd. Akbar stated that Ladd was responsible for the “disappearance” of the Iron Sheik from Mid-South and he got his revenge by luring the Samoans away from Ladd. They showed the fantastic angle from last week with One Man Gang coming out to “break” Ladd’s leg; Boyd asked about the identity of Gang, however Akbar once again refused to divulge that information, although Akbar did refer to Gang as a, “One Man Wrecking Crew.” Boyd played the straight-laced announcer tremendously and called Akbar out on how the Samoans won the Tag Team titles then they showed the footage from last week with Akbar throwing fire at JYD. Akbar talked about building an army with HIS Samoans and One Man Wrecking Crew and Boyd Pierce heaped sympathy on former Tag champ Mike George, by stating that he was injured and could not make any money to feed his family! – This was a rare, long promo open for Mid-South TV and it took up the entire opening segment, although it was a smart idea recapping the big angle and title switch from last week.




Non-Title Match: The Samoans (Mid-South Tag Team Champs) w/Skandor Akbar vs. Rick Ferrara & Bill Ash. – Total squash for the Samoans in 2:24. The champs killed Ash and once again Boyd Pierce, who was now on his own on commentary, talked about Akbar taking food off George’s plate. Sika pinned Ferrara with the Samoan drop.


Paul Orndorff vs. Brian Blair. – Orndorff over in 6:30. Boyd informed us that these two guys were old friends from their time in Florida and the usually deceitful Orndorff actually shook hands with Blair at the start of the match. Story of the match was simple: It started out as a fair athletic contest between two guys that respected each other, however the face, Blair, got the better of the exchanges and eventually Orndorff resorted to a punch to the stomach to get the advantage. Both men spilled over the top, which didn’t really result in anything other than I guess teasing a DQ. Finish saw Orndorff get the pin after a Tenzan-style Calf Branding knee off the ropes to the arm of Blair.


Louisiana Heavyweight Championship: JYD (C) vs. Bob Roop.JYD retained in about 6 minutes of TV time. JYD was all fired up after what happened last week and threw a bunch of punches which Roop wanted no part of and he took a break on the floor. Boyd covered for the Dog’s terrible in-ring work by saying he got the job done even though it didn’t look pretty. Roop got his foot tangled up in the ropes and they paused for a commercial break. Afterwards, we were back at the desk with Boyd and he said the match ended during the break! They rolled the footage of the finish and Paul Orndorff ran down to interfere, however he nailed his buddy Roop by accident. JYD hit the Big Thump on Roop then slammed Orndorff onto Roop; Bob Orton Jr. then hit the ring but the Dog press slammed him over the top onto Orndorff then pinned Roop with a forearm smash. – This was so wacky. It was like the few times WWE had a couple of nothing matches end during commercial breaks on RAW as a way to push the App exclusive content, however this was a main event featuring the biggest name in the territory! On the plus side, JYD looked like Superman by foiling the heels plan to screw him out of the title.




Back with Boyd, who talked about Mr Olympia winning the Mississippi title from Bob Orton Jr. and the Samoans capturing the Tag belts last week. Boyd pointed out that JYD had put an end to the streak of champions losing and titles changing hands on TV.


Ted Dibiase (North American Heavyweight Champ) & Mr Olympia (Mississippi Heavyweight Champ) vs. Ed Wiskowski & Bob Orton Jr. Dibiase & Olympia over in 4:48. The two babyface champions school the heels with some teamwork early on. Orton grabbed Dibiase’s hair to get a brief advantage, however the faces worked together again to get back on top. It broke down with all four men brawling in the ring; Olympia put Wiskowski out with the Sleeper and Dibiase countered Orton’s piledriver then sent him over the top behind the referee’s back and leaped on the unconscious Wiskowski to get the pin. – The finish looked all kinds of wacky in 2015, but it worked here in 1982 and the fans went nuts for the triumphant faces. Wrestling used to be so much simpler.




Ron Cheatham vs. Frank Monte. – TV time limit draw in 2:50. This was a stand-by jobber match and even Boyd Pierce wasn’t really interested, as he spent the entire time hyping Dusty Rhodes and Dick Murdoch for next week’s show. Either Boyd was mistaken or something went wrong, because Murdoch was not in fact on next week’s show at all. The geeks did stuff; nobody cared at all. Boyd rambled until the time was up, but at least he recapped what happened on the show.


After last week’s exception storytelling and booking, this show was completely weak in comparison. The best thing was probably the JYD match and that is saying something, but Dog was booked like a real top babyface, so at least that was good. Things pick up a little next week with Dusty Rhodes, who never fails to entertain in one way or another, and a shockingly decent tag match with JYD & Mr Olympia vs. The Grappler & Bob Sweetan! I should probably note that once again there is a gap in the Mid-South archives and after next week’s show we’ll be skipping ahead two weeks to March 11th. I’m not exactly sure what the deal is with the missing episodes, but since the Universal Wrestling Archive doesn’t have any of them for sale I’m guessing they are lost forever, or at least until the transmission from 1982 travels far enough out into space that another intelligent life form is able to record them and bring them to Earth as a peace offering. I wouldn’t hold your breath though.



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