Kenta Kobashi Retirement Announcement On December 9th NOAH Show

A big news story broke earlier in the week regarding the future of Pro Wrestling NOAH and arguably one of the greatest wrestlers of all time’s career. Kenta Kobashi announced that he would be retiring in 2013, which is obviously major news in the future of NOAH.


I may be reading too much into it, but this seems like a move from Kobashi to stop NOAH from crumbling; although he does admit that he was not forced into the retirement. I have not heard of any plans from Shiozaki, Akiyama and the others from changing their minds on their decision to leave, but you have to think that this would be a contributing factor.


This is a major news story in the sense that if everything goes as planned the final chapter will be written for Kobashi, an Observer Hall of Famer and a man that is almost certainly in the top ten wrestlers ever. This announcement came on NOAH’s show from Sunday December 9th.


We will have more on Kobashi’s retirement, future dates, his career and more in Sunday’s newsletter.


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