Daniel Bryan Neck Surgery Update – Situation Looking Up So Far

WWE.com has reported that the Daniel Bryan neck surgery, a cervical faraminotomy, that he underwent on Thursday was a success. The surgery was performed by frequent neurosurgeon to WWE talent, Bruno Sammartino, the Pittsburgh Steelers, among others, Dr. Joseph Maroon. The surgery was performed in order to decompress a nerve root, which was most likely the vague neck ailment that has been referenced many a time over the past week or so. No announcement was made as to when exactly Bryan would be returning, although from all indications the worst case estimate of 4-6 weeks still looks to still be the upper bound. There is a good chance that the announcement of Bryan’s recovery time will be made at the TV tapings for the May 19th edition of  RAW in London later this week — or perhaps the following week on a live RAW. As the situation currently stands it seems doubtful that Bryan will be vacating his WWE World Heavyweight championship.


Daniel Bryan Neck Surgery

credit: wwe.com




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