Bruno Sammartino Movie/ Bruno Sammartino Documentary + “Strong Like Bruno Sammartino”

Wrestling Observer Hall of Famer, former WWWF champion, soon to be WWE Hall of Famer and a true good person in pro-wrestling, Bruno Sammartino, has had quite the week, as Arnold Schwarzenegger has agreed to be the man to induct him into the the WWE Hall of Fame, and progress has been made on both the proposed Bruno Sammartino theatrical movie, which was been postponed many a time, due to Bruno wanting an honest true to life story out of Hollywood, and the documentary on his life, which has been in the works for quite some time.


While it was always clear that the documentary would be produced, the idea of the theatrical release was more of gamble, not because the life of Bruno Sammartino isn’t an interesting one, because it is one of the most interesting tales in pro-wrestling, but more due to the fact that Hollywood has approached Bruno numerous times and on each occasion wanting to modify some portion of his life. Whether it was the edition of a romantic sub-plot when it came to his mother, or dramatization of the perils of war time, Hollywood always attempts to make something out of nothing. While I don’t know if he will necessarily get what he wants out of this project, it does seem far more likely.


As for the documentary, it seems like they have completed the production process, so there is definitely something to look forward to there. We will have more on Bruno Sammartino, his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, movie and more in this week’s newsletter coming Sunday.


I’m Strong like Bruno Sammartino Music Video 



Bruno Sammartino Documentary Trailer 



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