Return of the Newsletter & 2016 CCN Yearbook — The December Update

After several months of delays and uncertainty surrounding the Cubed Circle Newsletter I am pleased to announce that we are back in business! [There were several factors that contributed to this hiatus, most of which can be found in the October update].


It is very difficult to plan for hiatuses of this sort, because much like one of the primary causes of these delays – academic backlog – falling behind on a component of one’s regular schedule can happen quickly and go relatively unnoticed until it is too late. With this in mind we hope to prepare for the next year’s academic related delays best we can by producing more evergreen content, streamlining the editing and publication process, and so on.


Now that the crew is back together (it would be disingenuous to say that “we are back” given that Ben has been manning the ship, and doing a fantastic job with it, for the better part of six months!) and we have some big plans for the holidays, not the least of which is the 2016 CCN Yearbook. This year’s yearbook is set to be our biggest and best yet, with more comprehensive coverage and quality writers than our 2015 issue – over 20!


Toru Yano Wig
My current backlog is sizeable, as whilst I managed to fast-forward and eye-roll my way through all of the post-brand-split main roster WWE pay-per-views last week, I still need to finish the G1 and CWC before I can get to the better content producers of 2016’s first half (at least for my money) – Rev Pro, PWG, Big Japan, PROGRESS, and so on. With this said, there should be a new Mixed Bag looking at the soulless mess that has been the post-brand-split, as well as part of the G1.


From there I would like to delve into the August PROGRESS show, which I was at live and have yet to write about. Of course, a priority this weekend will be to cover one of the biggest injustices in the history of professional wrestling – Volk Han falling off of the 2017 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame ballot.


Here is a look at what you can expect over the next couple of weeks or so.


**Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame 2016 Coverage**

**A look at the August PROGRESS show from a live perspective**

**WWE and NJPW Mixed Bags**


This is in addition to the very best weekly pro-wrestling news summary around – The Pro-Wres Digest with Ben!


Thank you for your support, everyone. We hope to produce a Cubed Circle Newsletter that is better than ever heading into 2017! Perhaps we will even get back to that (uh, entirely unworked) weekly publication streak of 200+ issues.


— Cubed Circle Newsletter Editor, Ryan Clingman


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